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Zorn, Anders, Sweden 1860 to 1920 Oil Paintings

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Anders Leonard Zorn was born in Yvraden, Sweden in 1860 and died in 1920. He was an internationally successful Swedish painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Zorn was raised on a farm owned by his grandparents, which is where his love for nature sprang from. For five years he studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm. After graduation he traveled often to London, Paris, Italy, Spain, and the United States. During his thorough travels his fame as an internationally acclaimed artist grew. HIs early work consisted of bright, luminescent subjects painted in watercolor, but eventually he switched to oils as a richer, full bodied medium. Zorn favors portraits and figurative work, but also painted a wide range of landscapes depicting rustic life and customs.
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Misses Solomon

Misses Solomon by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0500-KA)

The Algal Port

The Algal Port by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0502-KA)

In The Studio Wikstroms

In The Studio Wikstroms by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0504-KA)

Night Effect

Night Effect by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0506-KA)

Nude Under A Fir

Nude Under A Fir by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0508-KA)


Vallkulla by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0510-KA)

Woman Dressing 12

Woman Dressing 12 by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: ED-0512-KA)

Impressions of London

Impressions of London by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: LA-1748-KA)

White Lilies 86

White Lilies 86 by  Anders Zorn (Painting ID: SL-0286-KA)