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Wood, Grant, America 1891 to 1942 Oil Paintings

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Grant Wood was an American painter who was born in Iowa in 1891 and died in 1942. He is famous for his scenes depicting rural American culture in the midwest. His most famous painting is said to be "American Gothic" feature an old woman and man standing in front of a house holding a pitch fork. In 1913 he moved to Chicago to study at the Art Institute there, while there he worked as a silversmith. He traveled to Europe to study impressionist and post-impressionist work, but later found that the most influential artist to his style would be the 15th century Dutch painter, Jan vanEyck. In 1932 Wood founded the Stone City Art Colony which helped artists suffering from the devastating Great Depression that hit America at that time. In 1934 Wood became a fine art professor at the University of Iowa. During that time he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died the day before his 51st birthday.
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The Appraisal

The Appraisal by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: AN-1554-KA)

American Gothic

American Gothic by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: ED-1200-KA)

Daughters of the Revolution

Daughters of the Revolution by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: ED-1202-KA)

Woman with Plants

Woman with Plants by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: ED-1204-KA)


Haying by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2826-KA)

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2828-KA)

Near Sundown

Near Sundown by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2830-KA)

New Road

New Road by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2832-KA)


Plowing by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2834-KA)

Sheaves of Corn

Sheaves of Corn by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2836-KA)

Spring Plowing

Spring Plowing by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2838-KA)

Spring Turning

Spring Turning by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2840-KA)

Spring in Town

Spring in Town by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2842-KA)

Spring in the Country

Spring in the Country by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2844-KA)

Stone City, Iowa

Stone City, Iowa by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2846-KA)

Young Corn

Young Corn by  Grant Wood (Painting ID: LA-2848-KA)