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Webb, James, England 1825 to 1895 Oil Paintings

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James R. Webb was born in England in 1825 and died 70 years later in 1895. He was a British painter who specialized in landscapes, seascapes, and even cityscapes, which often have a grand romantic and even oriental feel. He grew up and lived in Chelsea, London where his father Archibald Webb and his brother Byron Webb were also noted painters. In London he attended school and exhibited his work at the Royal Academy and the British Institute. Many of Webb's works still hang in the Tate Gallery, and in many other notable collections around the world.
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Notre Dame from the River Seine

Notre Dame from the River Seine by  James Webb (Painting ID: CI-0234-KA)

Rotterdam, Holland

Rotterdam, Holland by  James Webb (Painting ID: CI-0236-KA)

A Mediterranean Landscape with Villagers

A Mediterranean Landscape with Villagers by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0826-KA)


Birkhamstead by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0828-KA)

Chateau Namur Belgium

Chateau Namur Belgium by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0830-KA)

In The Mediterranean

In The Mediterranean   by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0832-KA)


Ischia by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0834-KA)

Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0836-KA)

On The Coast

On The Coast by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0838-KA)

On the Coast of Holland

On the Coast of Holland by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0840-KA)

On the Thames 42

On the Thames 42 by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0842-KA)


Shipwrecked by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0844-KA)

The Catch

The Catch by  James Webb (Painting ID: LA-0846-KA)