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Wachtel, Elmer, America 1864 to 1929 Oil Paintings

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Elmer Wachtel was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1864 and died in 1929. He was an American landscape painter. At age 18 he moved to San Gabriel, California to pursue a career in music. He was a self-taught violinist and in 1888 was invited to be the first violinist on the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. It wasn't until 1900, at age 36, that Wachtel realize his talent for visual arts and was accepted into the Art Student League in New York. He returned to LA and make a living as a violinist, but continued to build his artistic portfolio and teach painting at the same time. Marion Kavanaugh, one of his students, eventually became his wife. They avoided competition by using different mediums: oils and watercolors. These two became the most renowned names in the art community of California.
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Boats Drawn up to Shore

Boats Drawn up to Shore by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3494-KA)

California Mission

California Mission by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3496-KA)

Convict Lake

Convict Lake by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3498-KA)

Desert, River, Mountains

Desert, River, Mountains by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3500-KA)

Glacier Meadows

Glacier Meadows by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3502-KA)

Golden Autumn, Cajon Pass

Golden Autumn, Cajon Pass by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3504-KA)

In the Shadow of the Cliffs of San Juan

In the Shadow of the Cliffs of San Juan by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3506-KA)

Lake George, Sierra Nevada

Lake George, Sierra Nevada by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3508-KA)

Santa Paula Valley

Santa Paula Valley by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3510-KA)

Secluded Mission, Santa Barbara

Secluded Mission, Santa Barbara by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3512-KA)

Spring Landscape 14

Spring Landscape 14 by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3514-KA)

Sunset 16

Sunset 16 by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3516-KA)

Valley Afternoon

Valley Afternoon by  Elmer Wachtel (Painting ID: LA-3518-KA)