Normann, Adelsteen, Norway 1848 to 1918 Oil Paintings

Normann, Adelsteen, Norway 1848 to 1918 Oil Paintings
Adelsteen Normann was a scene painter brought into the world in Norway in 1848 and kicked the bucket in 1918. From 1869 to 1872, he learned at the Kunstakademie (Dusseldorf Academy of Art), his artistic creations presently have a place with the school. In 1883, at 35 years old, he got comfortable in Berlin. His artworks are pragmatist scenes of numerous Norwegian and German scenes. It's prominent that his works of art of Norway's fjords expanded the travel industry to the zone.

Norman was a colleague of the acclaimed painter Edvard Munich and kept in touch with him in the mid-1890s, requesting that he display his work with him in Berlin. Munich cheerfully acknowledged the offer, and the two became companions. This is why Normann is given some kudos for Munich's well-known painting "The Scream''; Munich painted this in Berlin. Adelsteen Normann's compositions can be seen today in numerous exhibitions remembering those for Bergen, Cincinnati, Cologne, Dresden, Leeds, Liverpool, and Stockholm.
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