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Mixed technique Oil Paintings

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The Delphic Sibyl (detail)

The Delphic Sibyl (detail) by  Buonarroti Michelangelo (Painting ID: DA-2107-A)
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Roman Bath

Roman Bath  (Painting ID: EI-1057-A)
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Naked Woman 65

Naked Woman 65  (Painting ID: EI-1165-A)
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Nude 86

Nude 86  (Painting ID: EI-1186-KA)
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Mother and Child 54

Mother and Child 54  (Painting ID: GE-0054-KA)

African Sisters

African Sisters  (Painting ID: GE-0059-KA)

Lady with a Hat

Lady with a Hat  (Painting ID: GE-0069-KA)