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Gay, Walter, America 1856 to 1937 Oil Paintings

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Walter Gay was born in Hingham, Massachusetts.His painting depicts interiors, particularly those of eighteenth-century French buildings. His style was traditional, and he ignored the influences of modernist paintings he saw while studying in Paris beginning 1876. He remained in Europe the rest of his life.
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November by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: CL-4518-KA)

Chateau Du Breau a Fontainebleau

Chateau Du Breau a Fontainebleau by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: CM-0810-KA)
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Quite Twilight

Quite Twilight by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: CM-0811-KA)

Lavender poppies

Lavender poppies by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: SL-0096-KA)

La Robertsau

La Robertsau by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: SL-1026-KA)

The Schoolroom

The Schoolroom by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: SL-1029-KA)


Vasel by  Walter Gay (Painting ID: SL-2055-KA)