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Emms, John, England 1841 to 1912 Oil Paintings

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John Emms was born England and .He developed a direct and rapid style using a limited palette. Emms was able to portray animals, especially hounds,with an appearance of vitality that reveals their personality.His hunting scenes are amongst his best works,and are a lively portrayal of traditional rural life. He was also an avid hunter and became famous for equine and canine paintings (particularly foxhounds and terriers) and exhibited his paintings several times at the Royal Academy. His paintings are signed “Jno Emms”.Emms is considered a painter of great ability,according to the American Kennel Club
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Clumber Spaniels

Clumber Spaniels by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0365-KA)

Good Companions

Good Companions by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0367-KA)

Hounds and a Jack Russell In a Stable

Hounds and a Jack Russell In a Stable by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0369-KA)

Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel

Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0371-KA)

On the Scent 99

On the Scent 99 by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0399-KA)

Gone to Earth

Gone to Earth by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-2182-KA)

Gone to Ground

Gone to Ground by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-2183-KA)