Crivelli, Carlo, Italy 1435 to 1495 Oil Paintings

Crivelli, Carlo, Italy 1435 to 1495 Oil Paintings
Carlo Crivelli was born to a group of painters in Venice, Italy, in 1435 and kicked the bucket in 1495. He was an Italian painter of the Gothic/Renaissance time. He concentrated in the Veneto region at the school of Vivarini. In 1458, he left the spot he was so acquainted with and proceeded to build up his style in Padua and later in the March of Ancona. Even though he stayed away forever to Venice's old neighborhood, he published his legacy through his mark: "Carolus Crivellus Venetos," Carlo Crivelli of Venice. Crivelli was moderate in his style and painted uniquely with gum-based paint regardless of the incline of oil paints in his day.

His work can be portrayed as elegant, late Gothic, yet metropolitan in setting and more exact than prior Renaissance work. His topic comprises rigid material painted with intricate and symbolic detail.
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