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Brunery, Francois, Italy 1849 to 1906 Oil Paintings

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Francois Brunery, also known as Francesco Brunery was born in Turin, Italy in 1849 and died in 1926. He was an Italian academic painter whose work typified scenes from the wealthy class. After studying in Paris, he moved to Rome was an Italian academic painter. There it's assumed he learned the skill of history painting while studying under so many masters that came before him. Brunery and his family then moved back to Paris where he exhibited his works in the Paris Salon. Becoming one of the leaders of the Cardinal School of Painters, Brunery strayed away from religious sujbect matter, and instead painted scenes with a highly detailed style, vivid use of colors, and lavish technique; which was the catalyst that sparked a surge in this type of genre painting in Europe.
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A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0309-KA)

Admiring the Baby

Admiring the Baby by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0311-KA)

An Amusing Retort

An Amusing Retort by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0313-KA)

Naughty Maids

Naughty Maids by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0315-KA)

Red To Move

Red To Move by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0317-KA)

The Conversation

The Conversation by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0319-KA)

The Musical Interlude

The Musical Interlude by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0321-KA)

The Proposal

The Proposal by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0323-KA)

Up A Tree

Up A Tree by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0325-KA)

Vanity 27

Vanity 27 by  Francois Brunery (Painting ID: ED-0327-KA)