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Blinks, Thomas, England 1860 to 1912 Oil Paintings

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Thomas Blinks was a Victorian painter in London whose specialty was hunting paintings , especially with dogs and horses, Thomas Blinks exhibited his paintings regularly at the Royal Academy from 1883 to 1910, and did hunting paintings commissioned by from King George V. Blinks stated that he learned horse anatomy by watching horse races at Tattersalls. His painting talent was discouraged by his parents, and he spent some time apprenticed to a tailor.
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Two Setters in a Landscape

Two Setters in a Landscape by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-0395-KA)

Steady 97

Steady 97 by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-0397-KA)

Two Pointers in a Landscape 01

Two Pointers in a Landscape 01 by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-0401-KA)

In the Field Shooting

In the Field Shooting by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-0403-KA)

Full Cry 85

Full Cry 85 by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-2185-KA)

Over the Fence

Over the Fence by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-2195-KA)

Over The Hedge

Over The Hedge by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-2196-KA)

Ware Away The Cattistock

Ware Away The Cattistock by  Thomas Blinks (Painting ID: AN-2197-KA)