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This is the sitemap section of our website. From here you can see all our oil paintings organized by subjects, artists and styles. Click a link to see specific list of oil paintings.

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Sport Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Hurdle Race (20"X24")
A Prize Fight (20"X24")
A Stag at Sharkeys (20"X24")
Baseball Players Practicing (20"X24")
Between Rounds (20"X24")
Breton Wrestling (20"X24")
Bronco Riding (20"X24")
Bronco Riding (24"X36")
Bull Riding (20"X24")
Bull Riding (24"X36")
Card Players (20"X24")
Casting in the Falls (20"X24")
Children Playing Parlor Croquet (20"X24")
Club Night (20"X24")
Croquet (20"X24")
Crowd at the Polo Game (20"X24")
Curve (20"X24")
Dempsey and Firpo (20"X24")
Going Along at a Slapping Pace (20"X24")
Golf Bogey (20"X24")
Golf Playing Through (20"X24")
Golf Playing Through (24"X36")
Golf Playing Through (36"X48")
Golf Sunday on The Green (20"X24")
Golf Sunday on The Green (24"X36")
Greek Girls Playing at Ball (20"X24")
Hilton Head Royal Golf Club SC (20"X24")
Horse Races in Rome (20"X24")
Hot Air Baloons (20"X24")
John Biglin in A single Scull (20"X24")
La Partie de Billard (20"X24")
Le Billard (20"X24")
Les Perissoires (20"X24")
Man Fishing (20"X24")
Mississippi Fisherman (20"X24")
Naked Women Playing Checkers (20"X24")
Plaza de Toros The Entry of the Bull (20"X24")
Poker (20"X24")
Polo at Lakewood (20"X24")
Racetrack Near Paris (20"X24")
Racing (20"X24")
Sailboats Racing on the Deleware (20"X24")
Soccer (20"X24")
Symphony in Yellow (20"X24")
Taking the Count (20"X24")
Tennis Players (20"X24")
The Biglin Brothers Racing (20"X24")
The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake (20"X24")
The Cardsharps (20"X24")
The Chess Game (20"X24")
The Chess Players (20"X24")
The Commanders Feast (20"X24")
The Commons Racing (20"X24")
The Epsom Derby (20"X24")
The Finish of the Two Thousand Guineas at Newmarket (20"X24")
The Football Players (20"X24")
The Grouse Shoot (20"X24")
The High Mettled Racer (20"X24")
The Ironworker s Noontime (20"X24")
The Pair Oared Shell (20"X24")
The Picador (20"X24")
The Quorn Hunt, The Meet (20"X24")
THe Unfair Game (20"X24")
The Wrestlers 10 (20"X24")
The Wrestlers 21 (20"X24")
They Are Both the Members of the Club (20"X24")
Tightrope Walker (20"X24")
Tour de France 97 (20"X24")
Tour de France 98 (20"X24")
Tour de France 99 (20"X24")