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Seashore Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
The Thames and the Houses of Parliament (20"X24")
A Bay with Cliffs (20"X24")
A Boating Party (20"X24")
A Calm Sea, Mentone (20"X24")
A Cloudy Day on a Fjord (20"X24")
A Cluster of Grapes (20"X24")
A Coign of Vantage (20"X24")
A Difference of Opinion 20 (20"X24")
A Favorite Spot (20"X24")
A Fimale Figure Resting (20"X24")
A Fishing Boat in Dieppe Harbour (20"X24")
A Good Haul (20"X24")
A Good One (20"X24")
A Harvest Festival (20"X24")
A Mermaid (20"X24")
A Nile Sunset (20"X24")
A Norwegian Fjord (20"X24")
A Quite Pool on a Sunny Day (20"X24")
A Rocky Coastal Scene (20"X24")
A Sloop at a Wharf Gloucester (20"X24")
A Snowy Harbor View (20"X24")
A Squall from the Northwest (20"X24")
A Three Masted Ship in Port (20"X24")
A Venetian Canal Scene (20"X24")
A View of Mousehole (20"X24")
A View of Santa Maria Della Salute Venice (20"X24")
A View of Venice 33 (20"X24")
A View of Venice, The Grand Canal (20"X24")
A View on the Stour near Dedham (20"X24")
A Voice from the Cliffs (20"X24")
A Walk on the Cliffs at Pourville (20"X24")
A Windmill near Zaandam (20"X24")
Above Lake Garda at San Vigilio (20"X24")
Actaea, the Nymph of the Shore (20"X24")
After a Shower, Nahant, Massachusetts (20"X24")
After the Hurricane (20"X24")
After the Rain 47 (20"X24")
After the Rain in Chioggia (20"X24")
Afternoon by the See (20"X24")
Afternoon by the Shore (20"X24")
Afternoon Calm (20"X24")
Along the Seine 16 (20"X24")
Along the Seine River 77 (20"X24")
Amalfi Coast 14 (20"X24")
An Adirondack Lake (20"X24")
An Island in the Sea (20"X24")
An October Day (20"X24")
Arctic Invaders (20"X24")
Argenteuil 10 (20"X24")
Argenteuil 84 (20"X24")
Argenteuil 88 (20"X24")
Ashore on Salisbury Beach (20"X24")
Ask Me No More (20"X24")
At Low Tide (20"X24")
At Narragansett Pier (20"X24")
At Scarborough (20"X24")
At the Seaside (20"X24")
At The Shore (20"X24")
At the South End (20"X24")
Aurora Borealis (20"X24")
Autumn Colors (20"X24")
Bahama Cove (20"X24")
Bailey (20"X24")
Banks of the Seine at Champrosay (20"X24")
Barques Sur La Plage (Fishing Boats) (20"X24")
Bathing at Bellport (20"X24")
Battersea Reach (20"X24")
Bay from Mount Desert Island (20"X24")
Bay of Monterey (20"X24")
Beach At Etretat (20"X24")
Beach at Honfleux 80 (20"X24")
Beach at Honfleux 99 (20"X24")
Beach at Nassau (20"X24")
Beach at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
Beach at Trouville (20"X24")
Beach at Valencia (20"X24")
Beach Scene at Trouville (20"X24")
Beach Scene, Trouville (20"X24")
Blankenberg (20"X24")
Blue Point, Long Island (20"X24")
Blue Seascape (20"X24")
Boat in Harbour, Brittany (20"X24")
Boat wth The Golden Sail San Vigilio (20"X24")
Boats Ashore at Sunset (20"X24")
Boats at Etretat (20"X24")
Boats at Landing (20"X24")
Boats in Harbour, South of France (20"X24")
Boats in the Harbour at Evening (20"X24")
Boats Near the Shore of Normandy (20"X24")
Boys Fishing (20"X24")
Bracing The Boats (20"X24")
Brighton Beach with Colliers (20"X24")
Bringing home the catch (20"X24")
Bringing in the Catch (20"X24")
Brittany Coast (20"X24")
Brittany Girl Overlooking Stream (20"X24")
Buffel Headed Duck (20"X24")
By the Lake 03 (20"X24")
Cadaques 65 (20"X24")
Calais Pier with French Poissards (20"X24")
California (20"X24")
California Coast 28 (20"X24")
Canoes (20"X24")
Cape Cod Pier (20"X24")
Capri 35 (20"X24")
Caribbean Beach (20"X24")
Caribbean Coast 35 (20"X24")
Caribbean Coast 95 (20"X24")
Celia Thaxters Garden (20"X24")
Chalk Cliffs on Rugen (20"X24")
Chicago River (20"X24")
Child at the Beach (20"X24")
Children at the Seashore (20"X24")
Children on the Sea Shore (20"X24")
Children Playing on the Beach (20"X24")
Claude Monet Painting on His Studio Boat (20"X24")
Cleaning Nets (20"X24")
Cliffs at Dana (20"X24")
Cliffs Near Dieppe (20"X24")
Coal Schooner Unloading (20"X24")
Coast of Newfoundland (20"X24")
Coast of Sorrento (20"X24")
Coast Scene (20"X24")
Coast Scene (20"X24")
Coastal Cliffs (20"X24")
Coastal Scene (20"X24")
Coastal Scene with Lighthouse 74 (20"X24")
Coastal Scene with Lighthouse 91 (20"X24")
Common Eider Ducks (20"X24")
Coquille (20"X24")
Costa del Sol (20"X24")
Country Road 54 (20"X24")
Courtship 17 (20"X24")
Courtship The Proposal (20"X24")
Crashing Waves (20"X24")
Cumulus Clouds East River (20"X24")
Dancing on the Beach (20"X24")
De Oude de Val Van Icarus (20"X24")
Docks at Den Haag (20"X24")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (20"X24")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (24"X36")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (36"X48")
Drifting 09 (20"X24")
Drying Nets Treboul Harbour (20"X24")
Dutch Ships in Distress Off A Rocky Coast (20"X24")
Dutch Ships in the Roadstead of Texel (20"X24")
Egyptian Nile (20"X24")
El Bano del Caballo (20"X24")
Entering New York Harbor (20"X24")
Entrance to the Port of Trouville (20"X24")
Escena En La Playa (20"X24")
Etretat (20"X24")
Etretat the End of the Day (20"X24")
Evening at Scituate during Low Tide (20"X24")
Evening Mood (20"X24")
Evening on a Pleasure Boat (20"X24")
Evening, Whitby Harbour, North Yorkshire (20"X24")
Expectations (20"X24")
Eyes on the Horizon (20"X24")
Falconara (20"X24")
Falmouth Harbour Cornwall (20"X24")
Far Rockaway Beach (20"X24")
Farralon Islands, California (20"X24")
Figures in a Coastal Landscape at Sunset (20"X24")
Fish Market, Monterey (20"X24")
Fish Weirs At Veules Les Roses (20"X24")
Fisherman - Nahant (20"X24")
Fisherman and Mermaid 34 (20"X24")
Fisherman by The Bay of Naples (20"X24")
Fisherman on the Shore (20"X24")
Fisherman Setting Out (20"X24")
Fishing Boats and Coasting Vessel in Rough Weather (20"X24")
Fishing Boats on the Deauville Beach (20"X24")
Fishing in Spring (20"X24")
Fjord and Skap (20"X24")
Floes under the Midnight Sun (20"X24")
Fog off Mount Desert (20"X24")
Fog Rainbow 38 (20"X24")
Fog Rainbow 60 (20"X24")
Forty Two Kids (20"X24")
Frenchman s Bay, Mt. Desert Island (20"X24")
Funeral of a Mummy (20"X24")
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri River (20"X24")
Gathering Shells (20"X24")
Geneva View of Part of the City (20"X24")
Gloucester Harbor (20"X24")
God Speed 13 (20"X24")
Going to the Beach (20"X24")
Golden Hawaiian Sunset (20"X24")
Great Bustards (20"X24")
Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by the Sea (20"X24")
Green Mountain, Mount Desert (20"X24")
Greenock (20"X24")
Gull Rock and Whitehead (20"X24")
Halcyone (20"X24")
Harbor of Trieste (20"X24")
Harwich Lighthouse (20"X24")
Hauling a Ship (20"X24")
Her eyes are with her thoughts... (20"X24")
Honfleur Calvary on the Cote de Grace (20"X24")
Hopeful (20"X24")
Horsemen on the Beach 32 (20"X24")
Horsemen on the Beach 34 (20"X24")
House of Gold (20"X24")
Houses of Parliament Early Evening (20"X24")
Humber Docks, Hull (20"X24")
Icebergs and Wreck in Sunset (20"X24")
Ile Pointeaux (20"X24")
In the Water (20"X24")
Indian Rock, Narragansett (20"X24")
Investing on Boats in a Dutch Port (20"X24")
Iron-Bound, Coast of Main (20"X24")
Jaffa (20"X24")
Jamaican Beach 88 (20"X24")
Jamaican Beach 89 (20"X24")
Kew Bridge (20"X24")
La Grenouillere (20"X24")
La Porte D Amount Etretat (20"X24")
Lacroix Island Rouen in Fog (20"X24")
Lady and Her Maid (20"X24")
Lago Maggiore 28 (20"X24")
Lago Maggiore 29 (20"X24")
Laguna Beach 22 (20"X24")
Laguna Beach 52 (20"X24")
Laguna Cove (20"X24")
Lair of the Sea Serpent (20"X24")
Lancaster Sands (20"X24")
Landing at Westminster Bridge (20"X24")
Landscape at Beaulieu (20"X24")
Landscape with a River (20"X24")
Le Ondine (20"X24")
Le Quai des Paquis Geneva (20"X24")
Leland (20"X24")
Lighthouse 90 (20"X24")
Lighthouse 95 (20"X24")
Lighthouse Coast (20"X24")
Lobster Fisherman (20"X24")
Longing (20"X24")
Love 11 (20"X24")
Love 28 (20"X24")
Low Tide (20"X24")
Low Tide at Bailey (20"X24")
Low Tide at Sunset (20"X24")
Lower Manhattan (20"X24")
Lucerne (20"X24")
Luglio (20"X24")
Mahone Bay (20"X24")
Marina 9 (20"X24")
Marina Piccola, Capri (20"X24")
Marine Les Equilleurs (20"X24")
Marketplace for Apollinary (20"X24")
Marlow on the Thames (20"X24")
Mediterranean Villas (20"X24")
Message from the Sea (20"X24")
Miranda the Tempest (20"X24")
Misty Day Gowanus Bay (20"X24")
Montego Bay 61 (20"X24")
Montego Bay 62 (20"X24")
Moonlight a Stody at Millbank (20"X24")
Moonrise by the Sea (20"X24")
Moored Along the Cliffs (20"X24")
Moored Shipping by a Lighthouse (20"X24")
Morning Overcast Weather Rouen (20"X24")
Motio Du Lac Du Garda (20"X24")
Mussel Collectors at Berneval (20"X24")
Muttra (20"X24")
Natural Arch at Capri (20"X24")
Naval battle in the Gulf of Naples (20"X24")
New York Harbor (20"X24")
Night Eruption of Vesuvius (20"X24")
Nocturne Blue and Silver Chelsea (20"X24")
Nu Sur La Plage (20"X24")
Ocean Breeze (20"X24")
On the Terrace (20"X24")
On the Adriatic (20"X24")
On the Beach 08 (20"X24")
On the Beach 21 (20"X24")
On the Beach 52 (20"X24")
On the Beach at Boulogne (20"X24")
On The Beach at Trouville (20"X24")
On the Beach, Dieppe (20"X24")
On the Beach, Trouville (20"X24")
On the Beach, Valencia (20"X24")
On The Coast (20"X24")
On the Coast of Capri (20"X24")
On the Coast of Holland (20"X24")
On the Coast of Picardy (20"X24")
On the Sand, Valencia Beach (20"X24")
On the Thames 42 (20"X24")
Oyster Boats, North River (20"X24")
Oyster Gatherers of Cancale (20"X24")
Oyster Sloop (20"X24")
Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice (20"X24")
Palm Bay (20"X24")
Palm Beach (20"X24")
Pandora 68 (20"X24")
Paradise Point (20"X24")
Piazzetta San Marco in Venedig (20"X24")
Pintail Teal and Wigeon on the Seashore (20"X24")
Playa (20"X24")
Playa de Valencia Pescadoras 49 (20"X24")
Playa de Valencia Pescadoras 50 (20"X24")
Playing on the Beach 07 (20"X24")
Port by Moonlight (20"X24")
Port St. Jean (20"X24")
Portofino bay (20"X24")
Promenade 11 (20"X24")
Psamathe (20"X24")
Red and Gold Brixham (20"X24")
Regatta at Argenteuil (20"X24")
Regattas at Molesey (20"X24")
Rhodes (20"X24")
Riviera Villas 03 (20"X24")
Rocks at Javea (20"X24")
Rocks in Amalfi (20"X24")
Rocky Shore, Nantasket NY (20"X24")
Roman Boat Race (20"X24")
Romantic Bellagio 11 (20"X24")
Rouen (20"X24")
Rough Sea at Etretat (20"X24")
Safe Harbour (20"X24")
Safe Passage 84 (20"X24")
Safe Passage 86 (20"X24")
Safe Port (20"X24")
Sail in Jamaica (20"X24")
Sailboats (20"X24")
Sailing at Argenteuil (20"X24")
Sailing at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
Sailing off the Coast (20"X24")
Sailing on the Fjord (20"X24")
Sailing Vessels on a Breezy Day, Valencia (20"X24")
San Francisco Sand Dunes and Lake merced (20"X24")
Santorini 50 (20"X24")
Scene de Halage sur le Nil (20"X24")
Scene on the Lower East Side (20"X24")
Seaport (20"X24")
Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Deleware River (20"X24")
Sheds and Schonor Gloucester (20"X24")
Shipping (20"X24")
Shipping off Newlyn Harbour (20"X24")
Ships Running Aground in a Storm (20"X24")
Shipwrecked (20"X24")
Shipyard in Honfleur (20"X24")
Shore House 27 (20"X24")
Shore House 68 (20"X24")
Silver Favorites (20"X24")
Silver Favorites (20"X30")
Silver Favourites (20"X24")
Something in the Air (20"X24")
Sorting the Fish (20"X24")
Starting Out After Rail (20"X24")
Steamboat on the Ohio 35 (20"X24")
Steamboat on the Ohio 36 (20"X24")
Steamboats in the Port of Rouen (20"X24")
Storm Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps (20"X24")
Stormy Day Bath Beach (20"X24")
Summer Day at Grand Manan (20"X24")
Summer Shower (20"X24")
Summer Surf (20"X24")
Sun Rising through Vagour Fishermen Cleaning (20"X24")
Sunny Day at the Beach (20"X24")
Sunny Day in Shinnecock (20"X24")
Sunset 11 (20"X24")
Sunset at Sea with a Thunder Storm (20"X24")
Sunset Glow (20"X24")
Sunset on Lake Leman (20"X24")
Sunset Over A Mountain Lake (20"X24")
Symphony in Grey and Green the Ocean (20"X24")
Taking up the Net (20"X24")
Tantalizing Nude (20"X24")
Tantalizing Nude (24"X36")
Taradevi (20"X24")
Terrace at St Adresse (20"X24")
The Algal Port (20"X24")
The Balloon (20"X24")
The Banks of the Oise (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ 66 (20"X24")
The Bathers 25 (20"X24")
The Bathers 59 (20"X24")
The Bathers 83 (20"X24")
The Bay of Fourmis (20"X24")
The Bay of Naples 99 (20"X24")
The Beach at Biarritz (20"X24")
The Beach at Etretat (20"X24")
The Beach at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
The Beach at Trouville (20"X24")
The Beach at Villerville (20"X24")
The Big Dory 52 (20"X24")
The Biglin Brothers Racing (20"X24")
The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake (20"X24")
The Birth of Venus 01 (20"X24")
The Birth of Venus 63 (20"X24")
The Blue Pool (20"X24")
The Boatmen (20"X24")
The Boats Regatta at Argenteui (20"X24")
The Boieldiieu Bridge at Rouen (20"X24")
The Cape Martin (20"X24")
The Cave of the Storm Nymphs (20"X24")
The Chain Pier Brighton (20"X24")
The Childhood of Walter Raleigh (20"X24")
The Cliff at Etretat After the Storm (20"X24")
The Danty Chair (20"X24")
The Dead Sea (20"X24")
The Drive (20"X24")
The Fighting Temeraire 95 (20"X24")
The Fighting Temeraire 95 (24"X36")
The Fishermens Departure (20"X24")
The Fisherwoman (20"X24")
The Fishing Fleet (20"X24")
The Fjord (20"X24")
The Game of Croquet (20"X24")
The Golden Gate (20"X24")
The Grand Canal, Venice 45 (20"X24")
The Grand Dock at Le Havre (20"X24")
The Harbor of Antibes (20"X24")
The Headland of the Heve at Low Tide (20"X24")
The Icebergs (20"X24")
The Inlet at Berck (20"X24")
The Jetty at le Havre Bad Weather (20"X24")
The Jolly Flatboatmen (20"X24")
The Kiss 25 (20"X24")
The Landing at Anzac (20"X24")
The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing 13 (20"X24")
The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing 15 (20"X24")
The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing 15 (24"X36")
The Light of Peace (20"X24")
The Lighthouse at Scarborough (20"X24")
The Lobster Pot (20"X24")
The Machine at Marly (20"X24")
The Matyr of the Solway (20"X24")
The Morning After (20"X24")
The Old Slip (20"X24")
The Red Boats Argenteuil (20"X24")
The Red Canoe (20"X24")
The Riverbank at Gennevilliers (20"X24")
The Rocks near Pourville at Ebb Tide (20"X24")
The Sea at Fecamp (20"X24")
The Sea from Capri (20"X24")
The Seine at Asnieres (20"X24")
The Seine at Lavacourt (20"X24")
The Seine at Rouen (20"X24")
The Seine Below Rouen (20"X24")
The Seine Estuary at Honfluer (20"X24")
The Seine River (20"X24")
The Shore of the Turquoise Sea (20"X24")
The Siene with the Pont de la Grande Jatte (20"X24")
The St. Martin Canal in Paris (20"X24")
The Steamship (20"X24")
The Stormy Sea or the Wave (20"X24")
The Stranded Boat (20"X24")
The Studio Boat 06 (20"X24")
The Studio Boat 07 (20"X24")
The Team on the Shore in Amsterdam (20"X24")
The Thames Below London Bridge (20"X24")
The Thames in Ice (20"X24")
The Thames in London in 1882 (20"X24")
The Trollhattan Cases (20"X24")
The Wave (20"X24")
The Way Home (20"X24")
The Wreck (20"X24")
The Young Amphibians (20"X24")
Tropical Breeze (20"X24")
Tropical Port (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 54 (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 56 (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 60 (20"X24")
Tug A.C. Cheney Towing Barges Past Bear Mountain (20"X24")
Valencia s Port (20"X24")
Valencian Fisherman (20"X24")
Valparaiso Harbor (20"X24")
Venetian Fisherman with a Distant View of San Marco (20"X24")
Venetian Lagoon (20"X24")
Venice 44 (20"X24")
Venice 46 (20"X24")
Venice 47 (20"X24")
Venice 61 (20"X24")
Venice View of the Navy Arsenal (20"X24")
Venise (Venice) (20"X24")
Venus Disrobing for the Bath (20"X24")
Vetheuil In Summer (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 02 (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 07 (20"X24")
View at Riva Italian Tyrol (20"X24")
View from the Mussel Pier in Amsterdam (20"X24")
View of a Fjord (20"X24")
View of Amsterdam with Ships (20"X24")
View of the Ducal Palace (20"X24")
View of Venice 33 (20"X24")
View of Venice 43 (20"X24")
View of Venice 50 (20"X24")
View Over the Bay from Palermo (20"X24")
View to St. Marks Square Venice (20"X24")
View to the Bay 04 (20"X24")
View to the Bay 6 (20"X24")
View to the Mediterranean 19 (20"X24")
Villas a Trouville (20"X24")
Virginia Water (20"X24")
Vista Riviera 15 (20"X24")
Vista Riviera 15 (24"X36")
Voyage of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay (20"X24")
Walk on the Beach (20"X24")
Walkway by the Bay 34 (20"X24")
Washerwomen on Etretat (20"X24")
Waterbaby (20"X24")
What (20"X24")
Whitby Docks, North Yorkshire (20"X24")
Whitby from Scotch Head, North Yorkshire (20"X24")
Wind Swept Sands Shinnecock Long Island (20"X24")
Windsurfing (20"X24")
Woman by the Sea (20"X24")
Woman in a Boat (20"X24")
Woman on the Beach of Rugen (20"X24")
Woodcock Nesting on a Beach (20"X24")
York Watergate (20"X24")