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Flower Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Basket of Roses on a Ledge (20"X24")
A Flower Still Life (20"X24")
A Magnolia on Red Velvet (20"X24")
A Selection of Flowers from Mount Wellington (20"X24")
A Still Life with Flowers (20"X24")
A Still Life with Honeysuckle (20"X24")
A Vase of Asters (20"X24")
A Vase of Corn Lilies and Heliotrope (20"X24")
Acacia Armata (20"X24")
Alpenblumenstilleben mit Erdbeeren (20"X24")
Alstroemeria Ligtu (20"X24")
Amazons (24"X36")
An Offering to Venus (20"X24")
Ananas (20"X24")
Anemones (20"X24")
Anemones and Buttercups (20"X24")
Anemones and Daffodils 92 (20"X24")
Anemones and Daffodils 94 (20"X24")
Anemones and Poppies in a Vase (20"X24")
Anemones in a Chinese Vase (20"X24")
Anthericum Milleflorum (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms Lilac Violas Cornflowers (20"X24")
Arum and Conservatory Plants (20"X24")
Asters and Fruit on a Table (20"X24")
At the Shrine (20"X24")
Begonia in a Pot (20"X24")
Belamcanda (20"X24")
Bird of Paradise (20"X24")
Blue Iris (20"X24")
Blue Water Lilies (20"X24")
Blumenstilleben (20"X24")
Bouquet (20"X24")
Bouquet in Front of a Mirror (20"X24")
Bouquet of Crysanthemums (20"X24")
Bouquet of Diverse Flowers (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 09 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 69 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 80 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers with a Window (20"X24")
Bouquet of Mimosas on the Table (20"X24")
Bouquet of Peonies and Iris (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses 09 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses 66 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses and other Flowers (20"X24")
Bowl of Roses (20"X24")
Branches of Almond Tree in Bloom St. Remy (20"X24")
Calla Lilly Vendors (20"X24")
Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds (20"X24")
Chateau of Flower (20"X24")
Cherokee Roses in a Glass (20"X24")
Cherokee Roses on a Light Gray Cloth (20"X24")
Choosing (20"X24")
Chrysanthemums (20"X24")
Chrysanthemums in a Chinese Vase (20"X24")
Chrysanthemus (20"X24")
Cinderella 01 (20"X24")
Cinderella 01 (24"X36")
Country Garden with Sunflowers (20"X24")
Crimson Flowers (20"X24")
Dahlias and Larkspur (20"X24")
Deux Jeunes (20"X24")
F Champenois Imprimeur Editeur (20"X24")
Farmhouse with Birch Trees 16 (20"X24")
Field of Flowers by the Mountains (20"X24")
Florentine Roses (20"X24")
Florentine Wild Anemones (20"X24")
Flores (20"X24")
Flower Border (20"X24")
Flower by Mucha (20"X24")
Flowerblooms with Fruit (20"X24")
Flowerblooms with Fruit (24"X36")
Flowering Apple Tree Branch (20"X24")
Flowering Field (20"X24")
Flowers 15 (20"X24")
Flowers 15 (36"X48")
Flowers 19 (20"X24")
Flowers 30 (20"X24")
Flowers 36 (20"X24")
Flowers 40 (20"X24")
Flowers 45 (20"X24")
Flowers 45 (36"X48")
Flowers 46 (20"X24")
Flowers 50 (20"X24")
Flowers 76 (20"X24")
Flowers 76 (36"X48")
Flowers 77 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (36"X48")
Flowers 92 (20"X24")
Flowers 94 (20"X24")
Flowers 95 (20"X24")
Flowers and a Wall (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit 53 (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit 90 (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower (20"X24")
Flowers Fruit and Vase 20 (20"X24")
Flowers Fruit and Vase 20 (36"X48")
Flowers in a Blue Vase (20"X24")
Flowers in a Bowl (20"X24")
Flowers in a Crystal Vase (20"X24")
Flowers in a Crystal Vase 1882 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Roman Carafe 90 (20"X24")
Flowers In a Vase 07 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 16 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 18 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 20 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 28 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 28 (36"X48")
Flowers in a Vase 5 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 50 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 70 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 71 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 72 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 74 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 75 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Yellow Vase 33 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Yellow Vase 33 (36"X48")
Flowers in the Field (20"X24")
Flowers in the Fog (20"X24")
Flowers of May (20"X24")
Flowers with Two Leaves (20"X24")
Four Cut Sunflowers (20"X24")
Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase (20"X24")
Fruit and Flowers in a Basket 18 (20"X24")
Fruit and Flowers on Aledge in a Landscape (20"X24")
Garden Path with Irises (20"X24")
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (20"X24")
Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Clotth (20"X24")
Girl with Flowers (20"X24")
Girl with Poppies (20"X24")
Girl with Rhododendrons (20"X24")
Giverny Church at Sunset (20"X24")
Gladiolas and Roses (20"X24")
Gladiolus Laccatus (20"X24")
Great Lily (20"X24")
Group of Flowers (20"X24")
Holly Hocks (20"X24")
Hollyhocks (20"X24")
Hummingbird (20"X24")
Hummingbird and Apple Blossoms (20"X24")
Hummingbird and Passionflowers (20"X24")
Hydrangias Cloves and Two Pots of Pansies (20"X24")
Imperial Crown Fritillaria in a Copper Vase (20"X24")
Irises in the Garden (20"X24")
Irises62 (20"X24")
Italian Grotto (20"X24")
Ixora and Orchids (20"X24")
June (20"X24")
Large Vase of Flowers (20"X24")
Lavender poppies (20"X24")
Le Corsage (20"X24")
Leaf insects and Stick Insects (20"X24")
Les Iris 10 (20"X24")
Les Iris 12 (20"X24")
Lilac 12 (20"X24")
Lilac 86 (20"X24")
Lilac Bush (20"X24")
Lilacs 01 (20"X24")
Lilacs in a Window (20"X24")
Lilium Superbum (20"X24")
Majolica Jar with Branches of Oleander (20"X24")
Mand Met Viooltjes op in Tafel (20"X24")
Maranta Arundinacea (20"X24")
Maud Adams as Joan of Arc (20"X24")
Mixed Flowers (20"X24")
Mixed Flowers In An Earthenware Pot (20"X24")
Mixed Spring Flowers (20"X24")
Morning in the Garden at Vauxcresso (20"X24")
Moss Roses in a Vase (20"X24")
My Sweet Rose (20"X24")
Nepenthes Northiana (20"X24")
North Beauties of the Swamps (20"X24")
Oleander (20"X24")
Olearia Argophylla (20"X24")
Orchids and HummingBird (20"X24")
Pansies (20"X24")
Park (20"X24")
Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds (20"X24")
Pea Blossoms (20"X24")
Pear Tree (20"X24")
Peasant (20"X24")
Peonies 07 (20"X24")
Peonies 22 (20"X24")
Peonies, Paris (20"X24")
Playtime 07 (24"X36")
Pomegranates (20"X24")
Poppies 30 (20"X24")
Poppies 66 (20"X24")
Poppies 97 (20"X24")
Poppies in France (20"X24")
Poppy Field 13 (20"X24")
Poppy Field 50 (20"X24")
Poppy Field 60 (20"X24")
Purple Poppies (20"X24")
Red Flowers and Leaves of Begonia in a Basket (20"X24")
Rhododendron Falconeri (20"X24")
Rhododendron Granden (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (36"X48")
Rosa Bengale The Hymenes (20"X24")
Rosa Bifera Macrocarpa (20"X24")
Rosa Damasse (20"X24")
Rosa Jaune and Rosa Bengale (20"X24")
Rosa Lindica (20"X24")
Roses 02 (20"X24")
Roses 03 (20"X24")
Roses 04 (20"X24")
Roses 28 (20"X24")
Roses 28 (24"X36")
Roses 79 (20"X24")
Roses and Anemnes (20"X24")
Roses and Jasmin in a Delft Vase (20"X24")
Roses and Other Flowers (20"X24")
Roses And Persimmons (20"X24")
Roses Before the Blue Curtain (20"X24")
Roses in a Pink Vase (20"X24")
Roses in a Vase (20"X24")
Sanseviera Carnea (20"X24")
Sisyrinchium Collinum (20"X24")
Spring Flowers 63 (20"X24")
Spring Flowers 92 (20"X24")
Stil Life with Omega Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life 28 (20"X24")
Still Life 51 (20"X24")
Still Life Chrysanthemums and Grapes (20"X24")
Still Life Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life no.2 (20"X24")
Still Life of Dahlias in a Vase (20"X24")
Still Life of Roses (20"X24")
Still Life Roses (20"X24")
Still Life with Apple Blossoms in a Nautilus Shell (20"X24")
Still Life with Cornflowers (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers and Watch (20"X24")
Still LIfe with Leda (20"X24")
Still Life with Mandolin (20"X24")
Still Life with Pink Red and White Poppies (20"X24")
Still Life with Stag Cushion and Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life with Sweet Peas (20"X24")
Still Life with Three Lemons (20"X24")
Strolling in the Garden (16"X20")
Strolling in the Garden (20"X24")
Strolling in the Garden (24"X36")
Study of a Fig Tree (20"X24")
Summer Flowers (20"X24")
Summer Offering (20"X24")
Sunflowers 01 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 04 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 10 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 94 (20"X24")
Tamaraind (20"X24")
The Awakening Desert (20"X24")
The Bethrothal Still Life (20"X24")
The Bunch of Violets (20"X24")
The Florentine Girl (20"X24")
The Flower Shop (22"X26")
The Rose Garden (20"X24")
The White Parasol (20"X24")
Trees at Gertz (20"X24")
Tulips and Statuettes (20"X24")
Two Orchids in a Mountain Landscape (20"X24")
Two Roses on a Tablecloth (20"X24")
Vase of Chrysanthemums (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers 05 (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers 55 (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers with Pocket Watch (20"X24")
Vase of Peonies (20"X24")
Vase with Daisies and Anemones (20"X24")
Vase with Flowers 88 (20"X24")
White and Purple Lilacs Camellia (20"X24")
White Carnations (20"X24")
White Lilies 86 (20"X24")
Wild Flowers in a Field (20"X24")
Wild Orchids (20"X24")
Wildflowers (20"X24")
Window Still Life (20"X24")
Wisteria Mt. Fuji (20"X24")
Yellow Pink Roses in a Glass Vase (20"X24")