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Family Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Convalescent (20"X24")
A Day On The River (20"X24")
A Flood (20"X24")
A Kiss for Baby Anne (20"X24")
A Little Nimrod (20"X24")
A Reading (20"X24")
A Request (20"X24")
A Roman Family (20"X24")
A Special Prize (20"X24")
A Welcome For Daddy (20"X24")
Abbe Complaisant (20"X24")
African Sisters (20"X24")
Afternoon by the See (20"X24")
Always Welcome (20"X24")
An Apple Gathering (20"X24")
An Early Paradise (20"X24")
And the sea gave up the dead which were in it (20"X24")
At Scarborough (20"X24")
Autrefois (20"X24")
Autumn Leaves (20"X24")
Beggar Boys Eating Grapes and Melon (20"X24")
Belleli Family (20"X24")
Biblical Scene (20"X24")
Birdsong (20"X24")
Boys Playing (20"X24")
Brother and Sister (20"X24")
By the Thames at Richmond (20"X24")
Charity 66 (20"X24")
Children by Swan Lake (20"X24")
Children on the Beach of Guernesey (20"X24")
Children Playing with a Cat (20"X24")
Coming Storm (20"X24")
Crocheting (20"X24")
David Copperfield (20"X24")
Death Crowning Innocence (20"X24")
Distracting the ba (20"X24")
Dressing Up (20"X24")
Family Group (48"X60")
Family Life on the Frontier (20"X24")
Four Figures (20"X24")
Gabrielle with Renoir (20"X24")
Girls in a Boat (20"X24")
Going to the Beach (20"X24")
Good News 80 (20"X24")
Hazelnuts (20"X24")
Hearts are Trumps (20"X24")
Helene de Septeuil (20"X24")
Helene Fourment with Two of Her Children (20"X24")
Hide and Seek (20"X24")
His First Birthday (20"X24")
Holy Family 98 (20"X24")
I am Going to See Grandma (20"X24")
In the Garden (20"X24")
In the Mowing (20"X24")
In the Rowing Boat (20"X24")
In the Springtime 92 (20"X24")
In the Sunshine (20"X24")
Jacob Blessing the Children of Joseph (20"X24")
Knitting (20"X24")
La Begique (20"X24")
La Reine Marie-Antoinette et Sa Fille (20"X24")
La Toilette (20"X24")
Landscape in Berneval with People (20"X24")
Laurense and Anna Alma Tadema (20"X24")
Le Chemin De Fer The Railroad (20"X24")
Le Gouter Des Enfants (20"X24")
Leisure Hours (20"X24")
Les Captives (20"X24")
Les confitures (20"X24")
Lilacs 94 (20"X24")
Love 12 (20"X24")
Luglio (20"X24")
Madame Charpentier with her Daughters (20"X24")
Madonna 07 (20"X24")
Maidens (20"X24")
Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI in the Garden (20"X24")
May i have one too (20"X24")
Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy (20"X24")
Miracle (20"X24")
Mother About to Wash Her Sleepy Child (20"X24")
Mother and Child 05 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 06 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 07 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 30 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 31 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 4 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 46 (20"X24")
Mother and child 58 (20"X24")
Motherly Love (20"X24")
Music Lesson 32 (20"X24")
My Family (20"X24")
Nurse and Child (20"X24")
Off to the Fair (20"X24")
Old Woman with a Basket of Coal (20"X24")
On the Dunes (20"X24")
Orphan (20"X24")
Pardon Mama (20"X24")
Portrait of a mother and daughter (20"X24")
Portrait of Mrs. James Wyatt (20"X24")
Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter (20"X24")
Portrait of Wyatt (20"X24")
Raja and Rani (20"X24")
Reapers 01 (20"X24")
Return of the Dove (20"X24")
Rubens his wife Helena Fourment and their Son (20"X24")
Ruling Passion (20"X24")
See Saw Margery Day (20"X24")
Sleepy Baby (20"X24")
Spring (detail 1) (20"X24")
Spring (detail 2) (20"X24")
Spring 30 (20"X24")
Stringing Onions (20"X24")
Summertime in Gloucestershire (20"X24")
Sunday Outing (20"X24")
Temptation (20"X24")
The Afternoon Meal (20"X24")
The Balcony 48 (20"X24")
The Concert 56 (20"X24")
The Confession (20"X24")
The Confidence at the Admision (20"X24")
The Contest For The Bouquet (20"X24")
The Emigrants Departure (20"X24")
The Fairy of the Christmas Tree (20"X24")
The Family (20"X24")
The Family of the Artist (20"X24")
The Farm Prarie Dell (20"X24")
The Garden Bench (20"X24")
The Garland 59 (20"X24")
The Holy Family 97 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with Angels 96 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with St. Anne 23 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with the Basket 26 (20"X24")
The hunted Cellar (who s Afraid) (20"X24")
The Knitting Lesson (20"X24")
The Luncheon 04 (20"X24")
The Luncheon 08 (20"X24")
The Luncheon 08 (36"X48")
The Message (20"X24")
The Milliner (The Morning) (20"X24")
The New Arrival (20"X24")
The Open Air Breakfast (20"X24")
The Picnic 82 (20"X24")
The Playground (20"X24")
The Potato Eaters (20"X24")
The Return of the Prodigal Son 87 (20"X24")
The Sacrifice of Abraham (20"X24")
The Schuffenecker Family (20"X24")
The Story of Ruth and Boaz (20"X24")
The Swing 18 (20"X24")
The Table (20"X24")
The Walk (20"X24")
The Walk (24"X36")
The Walk (36"X48")
Two Sisters on the Terrace (20"X24")
Two Women at a Window (20"X24")
Virgin and Child 63 (20"X24")
Virgin in Adoration before the Christ Child (20"X24")
Waiting for the Ferry (20"X24")
Wedding (20"X24")
Winding the Skein (20"X24")
Young Girls (20"X24")
Young Mother Sewing (20"X24")