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1.25 Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Baby Hunter with Two Spaniels (20"X24")
A Baptism of Flowers (20"X24")
A Basket of Roses on a Ledge (20"X24")
A Bay with Cliffs (20"X24")
A Black and Tan Toy Spaniel (20"X24")
A Boat Passing a Lock (20"X24")
A Breed (20"X24")
a careful stitch (20"X24")
A Cavalier watering his Mount (20"X24")
A Change of Team (20"X24")
A Childhood Idyll (20"X24")
A Chinese Beauty Pouring Tea (20"X24")
A Church Porch (20"X24")
A Cloudy Day on a Fjord (20"X24")
A Coconut Grove (20"X24")
A Coign of Vantage (20"X24")
A Convalescent (20"X24")
A Conversation (20"X24")
A Cottage in a Cornfield (20"X24")
A Cottage with Sunflowers At Peaslake (20"X24")
A Court in the Alhambra in the Time of the Moors (20"X24")
A Cow a Sheep and a Donkey (20"X24")
A Cup of Coffee (20"X24")
A Danish Pointer (20"X24")
A Day in June 00 (20"X24")
A Day in June 46 (20"X24")
A Day of Sporting (20"X24")
A Day On The River (20"X24")
A Delicate Balance (20"X24")
A Deserted Farm (20"X24")
A Discussion Between Two Young Ladies (20"X24")
A Dream of the Past Sir Isumbras at the Ford (20"X24")
A Fair at the Hermitage near Pontoise (20"X24")
A Fancy Pigeon (20"X24")
A farmer at Rest with His Stock (20"X24")
A farmer at Rest with His Stock (22"X26")
A Farmer Tending His Animals (20"X24")
A Farmyard In Normandy (20"X24")
A Favorite Spot (20"X24")
A Field of Flowers (20"X24")
A Fishing Boat in Dieppe Harbour (20"X24")
A Flood (20"X24")
A Foxhound, Ringwod (20"X24")
A Game of Bowls (20"X24")
A Gathering in the Asture (20"X24")
A Goat in a Meadow (20"X24")
A Golden Beam (20"X24")
A Golden Eagle (20"X24")
A Gondola On A Venetian Backwater Canal (20"X24")
A Greenland or Gyr Falcon (20"X24")
A Grey Arab Stallion in a Wooded Landscape (20"X24")
A Harvest Festival (20"X24")
A Hat with a Pin (20"X24")
A Highland Breakfast (20"X24")
A Horse Drinking at a Stream (20"X24")
A House (20"X24")
A Hunting Morn (20"X24")
A Kiss for Baby Anne (20"X24")
A Kitchen in Tuscany (20"X24")
A Kitchen in Tuscany (36"X48")
A Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman (20"X24")
A Lady Drinking and a Gentleman (20"X24")
A Lady Writing a Letter (20"X24")
A Lake Scene Effect of a Storm (20"X24")
A Landscape Study at San Viglio, Lake of Garda (20"X24")
A Landseer Newfoundland (20"X24")
A Lane In Headingley, Leeds (20"X24")
A Lane of Plain Trees (20"X24")
A Leisurely Afternoon (20"X24")
A Little Girl and her Sheltie (20"X24")
A Little Nimrod (20"X24")
A Lovely Thought (20"X24")
A Lunch on Grass (20"X24")
A Luncheon (20"X24")
A Maid Asleep (20"X24")
A Maid in Her Garden (20"X24")
A Male Bobcat (20"X24")
A Manor House in Autumn (20"X24")
A Mans Talbe Reversed (20"X24")
A Mat Weaver in Samoa (20"X24")
A Meadow Flower (20"X24")
A Moorish Interior (20"X24")
A Mother and Child Entering Cottage (20"X24")
A Mountain Stream, Tyrol (20"X24")
A Mountain Torrent (20"X24")
A Music Party (20"X24")
A Nepalese Black Headed (20"X24")
A Norwegian Fjord (20"X24")
A Pair of Boots (20"X24")
A Parisian Flower Market (20"X24")
A Passing Conversation (20"X24")
A Passing Shower (20"X24")
A Passing Storm (20"X24")
A Pensive Moment (20"X24")
A Plate of Oysters (20"X24")
A Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt (20"X24")
A Request (20"X24")
A Road near Arras (20"X24")
A Rocky Coastal Scene (20"X24")
A Rooster (20"X24")
A Saddled Race Horse Tied to a Fence (20"X24")
A Scottish Terrier (20"X24")
A Setter and A Pug (20"X24")
A Shady Resting Place (20"X24")
A Shepherd and His Flock on a Path in Winter (20"X24")
A Showrey Day Grand Canyon (20"X24")
A Singer (20"X24")
A Sloop at a Wharf Gloucester (20"X24")
A Small Canal in Venice (20"X24")
A Snow Covered Forest with a Bridge Across a Stream (20"X24")
A Snowy Harbor View (20"X24")
A Souvenir of Velasquez (20"X24")
A Special Pleader (20"X24")
A Special Prize (20"X24")
A Stag at Sharkeys (20"X24")
A Starry Night (20"X24")
A Still Life with Flowers (20"X24")
A Still Life with Grapes and Wine (20"X24")
A Still Life with Honeysuckle (20"X24")
A Storm in the Rocky Mountains (20"X24")
A Street (20"X24")
A Street in Ikao (20"X24")
A Street in Venice (20"X24")
A Street Scene in Venice (20"X24")
A Study of Architecture Florence (20"X24")
A Study of Cats (20"X24")
A Summer Night (20"X24")
A Summer-s Folly (20"X24")
A Tender Moment In The Garden (20"X24")
A Thatched Cottage (20"X24")
A Three-Masted Ship off Dover (20"X24")
A Tyrolese Crucifix (20"X24")
A Vase of Asters (20"X24")
A Vase of Corn Lilies and Heliotrope (20"X24")
A View in Venice Rio S Marina (20"X24")
A View of Como (20"X24")
A View of Posilippo Naples (20"X24")
A Village in Galilee Hills (20"X24")
A Village in Judean Hills (20"X24")
A Visit (20"X24")
A Walk 91 (20"X24")
A Walk on the Cliffs at Pourville (20"X24")
A Windmill in Montmartre (20"X24")
A Window in the Vatican (20"X24")
A Wintry Moon (20"X24")
A Wistful Look (20"X24")
A Woman Playing the Guitar (20"X24")
A Woman Reading (20"X24")
A Woman with a Dog (20"X24")
A Woodland Stream (20"X24")
A Wreath of Flowers (20"X24")
A Young Girl With Roses (20"X24")
Abbe Complaisant (20"X24")
Abbeville, Street and the Church of Saint Folfran (20"X24")
Abbey of St. Berlin, Near St. Ome (20"X24")
Abend in Murnau (20"X24")
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Absinthe (20"X24")
Abstract 9 (20"X24")
Abstraction (20"X24")
Ace Up (20"X24")
Acrobatic Cat 16 (20"X24")
Across the Valley (20"X24")
Adam and Eve 73 (20"X24")
Admiring the Baby (20"X24")
Adonis Led By Cupids to Venus (Detail) (20"X24")
Adoration of the Golden Calf (20"X24")
Adoration of the Magi 32 (20"X24")
Adoration of the Magi 55 (20"X24")
Adoration of the Magi 71 (20"X24")
Adoration of the Shepherds (20"X24")
African Dress (20"X24")
African Queen (20"X24")
African Scene (20"X24")
African Sisters (20"X24")
After a Shower, Nahant, Massachusetts (20"X24")
After bath (20"X24")
After Hours 20 (20"X24")
After Prayer (20"X24")
After Supper (20"X24")
After the Bath Woman Drying Herself (20"X24")
After The Battle of Trafalgar 78 (20"X24")
After The Battle of Trafalgar 78 (36"X48")
After the Concert (20"X24")
After the Hunt (20"X24")
After the Meal (20"X24")
After the Rain 47 (20"X24")
After The Rain 86 (20"X24")
Afterglow (20"X24")
Afternoon Rehearsal (20"X24")
Afternoon Shadows, Grez, France (20"X24")
Agony (20"X24")
Agostina Segatori in the Cafe de Tambourin (20"X24")
Aktonic Katze (20"X24")
Alhambra Courtyard (20"X24")
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (20"X24")
All Sails Set (20"X24")
Allegorical Portrait of Philip IV (20"X24")
Allegory (The Knight s Dream) (20"X24")
Allegory of Faith (20"X24")
Allegory of Faith (36"X48")
Allegory of Fall of the November Uprising (20"X24")
Allies Day (20"X24")
Along the Ghats Mathura (20"X24")
Along the Seine 15 (20"X24")
Along the Seine 44 (20"X24")
Along the Seine River, Paris (20"X24")
Alpenblumenstilleben mit Erdbeeren (20"X24")
Alstroemeria Ligtu (20"X24")
Always Welcome (20"X24")
Amalfi (20"X24")
Amalfi Coast 14 (20"X24")
Amalfi Coast 76 (20"X24")
Amalfi Golfe de Salerne (20"X24")
Amalfi Marketplace (20"X24")
Amalfi the Gulf of Salerno (20"X24")
Amalfi the Gulf of Salerno (30"X40")
America (20"X24")
American Gothic (20"X24")
American Lake Scene (20"X24")
American Llewelyn Setters on Point (20"X24")
Amethyst Hummingbirds (20"X24")
Among the Bernese Alps (20"X24")
An Afternoon Tea (20"X24")
An Amusing Retort (20"X24")
An Antique Vision (20"X24")
An Arab Warrior (20"X24")
An Arcadian (20"X24")
An Arizona Sunset Near the Grand Canyon (20"X24")
An Arms Merchant in Tangiers (20"X24")
An Autumn Pastoral (20"X24")
An Early Stroll in the Park (20"X24")
An Election Entertainment (20"X24")
An Elegant Beauty (20"X24")
An Idle Moment (20"X24")
An Interesting Story (20"X24")
An Island in the Sea (20"X24")
Ancient and Modern Normandie (20"X24")
Andrew Jackson, 7th President, Painted by Thomas Sully (20"X24")
Andrew Johnson, 17th President, Painted by Washington B. Cooper (20"X24")
Anemones and Buttercups (20"X24")
Anemones and Poppies in a Vase (20"X24")
Anemones in a Chinese Vase (20"X24")
Angel (20"X24")
Angel and Shepherd (20"X24")
Angel and Shepherd (36"X48")
Angel Playing Harp (20"X24")
Angels Flight (20"X24")
Angels Ministering to Christ in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Angora Cats (20"X24")
Anne in White (20"X24")
Annunciation (detail 2) (20"X24")
Annunciation (detail 3) (20"X24")
Annunciation (detail) (20"X24")
Annunciation 57 (20"X24")
Anthericum Milleflorum (20"X24")
Antiochus and Stratonice (20"X24")
Antonio Banos (20"X24")
Apartment of Leopold and Marie Czihaczek (20"X24")
Apollo (20"X24")
Apollo and Daphne 57 (20"X24")
Apollo and the Satyrs (20"X24")
Apollo Revealing his Divinity to the Shepherdess (20"X24")
Apostle Paul (20"X24")
Apostle Paul Preaching on the Ruins (20"X24")
Appalachian Creek (20"X24")
Apple Blossom (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms in Normandy (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms Lilac Violas Cornflowers (20"X24")
Apple Trees In Blossom (20"X24")
Apples 46 (20"X24")
Apples and Flowers (20"X24")
Apples with a Tankard and a Jug (20"X24")
April (20"X24")
April Showers Champs Elysees Paris (20"X24")
Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable (20"X24")
Arab Horses in the Field (20"X24")
Arab Street Scene (20"X24")
Arab Warriors on Horseback (20"X24")
Arabs crossing the Desert (20"X24")
Arcade of the Grand Trianon Versailles (20"X24")
Arcadia (20"X24")
Arch of Nero (20"X24")
Arch View to the Mediterranean (20"X24")
Arch View to the Mediterranean (36"X48")
Arearea (20"X24")
Argenteuil 10 (20"X24")
Argenteuil 84 (20"X24")
Argenteuil 88 (20"X24")
Ariccia Sunset (20"X24")
Aristede Bruand at His Cabaret (20"X24")
Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (20"X24")
Army Packer (20"X24")
Arques La Bataille Normandie (20"X24")
Arranging Flowers For a Spring Bouquet (20"X24")
Arrozal de Sueca (20"X24")
Artist s Garden at Giverny (20"X24")
Ascend to Jerusalem 1 (20"X24")
Ascend to Jerusalem 2 (20"X24")
Ashore on Salisbury Beach (20"X24")
Aspasia (20"X24")
Assumption of the Virgin, detail 1 (20"X24")
Assumption of the Virgin, detail 3 (20"X24")
Asters and Fruit on a Table (20"X24")
At Harvest Time (20"X24")
At Home (20"X24")
At the Cafe The Customer and the Anemic Cashier 08 (20"X24")
At the Cafe The Customer and the Anemic Cashier 38 (20"X24")
At The Ferry (20"X24")
At the Fountain 51 (20"X24")
At the Milliner (20"X24")
At the Milliner 1 (20"X24")
At the Mirror (20"X24")
At the Molin Rouge (20"X24")
At the Opera 52 (20"X24")
At The Opera 57 (20"X24")
At the Party 07 (20"X24")
At the Party 08 (20"X24")
At the Piano (20"X24")
At the Window (20"X24")
Atlantic Storm (20"X24")
Attachment (20"X24")
Attention Company (20"X24")
Attila and his Hordes Overrun Italy and the Arts (detail) (20"X24")
Attrappen (20"X24")
Au Bistro Paris (20"X24")
Au Bord de la Riviere (20"X24")
Au Cafe Paris (20"X24")
Aucassiu and Nicolette (20"X24")
Auction Sale in Alsace (20"X24")
Autumn 48 (20"X24")
Autumn Brook 02 (20"X24")
Autumn Brook 22 (20"X24")
Autumn Colors (20"X24")
Autumn in America, Oneida County, New York (20"X24")
Autumn in Paris (20"X24")
Autumn Landscape 36 (20"X24")
Autumn Landscape 72 (20"X24")
Autumn Morning 61 (20"X24")
Autumn Scene (20"X24")
Autumn Tree (20"X24")
Avenue in the Park at Saint Cloud (20"X24")
Awaken Nature (20"X24")
Bacchanal of Putti (20"X24")
Bacchus (20"X24")
Bacchus and Ariadne (20"X24")
Bacchus and Ariadne (detail) (20"X24")
Back of a Nude (20"X24")
Bad News (20"X24")
Bahama Cove (20"X24")
Bain Turc Ou Bain Maure (20"X24")
Baker Boy (20"X24")
Balance of Powers (20"X24")
Balcony on the Mediterranean (20"X24")
Balcony on the Mediterranean (36"X48")
Balcony to the Sea (20"X24")
Ballerina and Lady with Fan (20"X24")
Ballet Rehearsal 08 (20"X24")
Ballet Rehearsal 12 (20"X24")
Banana (20"X24")
Banks of the Seine at Champrosay (20"X24")
Baptism of Christ (20"X24")
Baptizing in the Jordan River (20"X24")
Barcas 12 (20"X24")
Barcas de Cadaques (20"X24")
Barns and Pond in Charleston (20"X24")
Barnyard and Chickens (20"X24")
Barque Mystique (20"X24")
Barques Sur La Plage (Fishing Boats) (20"X24")
Baseball Players Practicing (20"X24")
Bassin de Neptune Versailles, France (20"X24")
Bather Arranging Her Hair (20"X24")
Bather in the Woods (20"X24")
Bather with Blonde Hair (20"X24")
Bathers 73 (20"X24")
Bathers 90 (20"X24")
Bathing at Bellport (20"X24")
Bathing on a Summer Evening (20"X24")
Bathing the Child (20"X24")
Bathsheba at Her Bath (20"X24")
Battle at Sea 26 (20"X24")
Battle at Sea 28 (20"X24")
Battle of Anghiari (Tavola Doria) (20"X24")
Battle of Monmouth (20"X24")
Battle of the Amazons (20"X24")
Battle of the Glorious (20"X24")
Battle of the Glorious (36"X48")
Battle of Trafalgar (20"X24")
Battle on Hudson Bay 64 (20"X24")
Battlefront (20"X24")
Battlefront (36"X48")
Baudelaires Mistress Reclining (20"X24")
Bavarian Landscape (20"X24")
Bay Bridge (20"X24")
Bay Horse and White Dog (20"X24")
Beach At Etretat (20"X24")
Beach at Honfleux 80 (20"X24")
Beach at Honfleux 99 (20"X24")
Beach at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
Beach at Trouville (20"X24")
Beach with Figures and Sea with a Ship (20"X24")
Beached (20"X24")
Beachwoods at Polling (20"X24")
Beatrice (20"X24")
Beautiful Capri (20"X24")
Beauty and the Beast (20"X24")
Beauty at the Well (20"X24")
Beauty with Butterflies (20"X24")
Bedouin Encampment (20"X24")
Bedroom 22 (20"X24")
Bedroom 23 (20"X24")
Bedroom 23 (36"X48")
Before the Hat Shop (20"X24")
Before the Snow (20"X24")
Begonia in a Pot (20"X24")
Behind the Glass (20"X24")
Belamcanda (20"X24")
Belesarius (20"X24")
Belisarius (20"X24")
Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Paterne (20"X24")
Bella Vista 76 (20"X24")
Bella Vista 77 (20"X24")
Bellagio Bay (20"X24")
Bellagio Lake (20"X24")
Belleli Family (20"X24")
Belshazzar s Feast (20"X24")
Benjamin Harrison, 23 President, Painted by T.C. Steele (20"X24")
Benthem Castle (20"X24")
Beside the River (20"X24")
Bessie Potter Vonnoh at Her Dressing Table (20"X24")
Biblical Scene (20"X24")
Birch Trees (20"X24")
Birch Trees (36"X48")
Birch Wood (20"X24")
Birch Wood (36"X48")
Bird of Paradise (20"X24")
Birds on a Cherry Tree (20"X24")
Birdsong (20"X24")
Birkhamstead (20"X24")
Birth of Venus 27 (20"X24")
Bizarre (20"X24")
Black Brook (20"X24")
Black Pigs (20"X24")
Black-Breasted Plovercrest (20"X24")
Blackman Street, London (20"X24")
Blakes St George at Santa Cruz (20"X24")
Blasphemer (20"X24")
Blond with Hat (20"X24")
Blond with Hats (20"X24")
Blond Woman with Bare Breasts (20"X24")
Blue and Black Fox (20"X24")
Blue and Yellow 31 (20"X24")
Blue Cart (20"X24")
Blue Cover (20"X24")
Blue Door (20"X24")
Blue Horse (20"X24")
Blue Hues (20"X24")
Blue Iris (20"X24")
Blue Lagoon 95 (20"X24")
Blue Lagoon 96 (20"X24")
Blue Landscape 25 (20"X24")
Blue Landscape 26 (20"X24")
Blue Morning (20"X24")
Blue Morpho Butterfly (20"X24")
Blue Ridge Falls (20"X24")
Blue Seascape (20"X24")
Blue Snow the Battery (20"X24")
Blue Water Lilies (20"X24")
Blues Highway (20"X24")
Bluetits on a Tease (20"X24")
Blumenstilleben (20"X24")
Blythburg, the Estuary (20"X24")
Boat Building (20"X24")
Boat wth The Golden Sail San Vigilio (20"X24")
Boats Ashore at Sunset (20"X24")
Boats at Etretat (20"X24")
Boats at Landing (20"X24")
Boats in Harbour, South of France (20"X24")
Boats in the Harbour at Evening (20"X24")
Boats Near the Shore of Normandy (20"X24")
Bold Colored Landscape (20"X24")
Bombardment of Foutcheou (20"X24")
Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin (20"X24")
Boots with Laces (20"X24")
Bord de Riviere (20"X24")
Boston 31 (20"X24")
Bouddha (20"X24")
Boulevard de Clich (20"X24")
Boulevard Des Capucines (20"X24")
Boulevard des Capucines (20"X24")
Boulevard des Italiens 24 (20"X24")
Boulevard des Italiens 43 (20"X24")
Boulevard Haussmann, Snow (20"X24")
Boulevard in Asnieres (20"X24")
Boulevard in Paris (20"X24")
Boulevard Montmartre Paris (20"X24")
Bouquet (20"X24")
Bouquet in Front of a Mirror (20"X24")
Bouquet of Diverse Flowers (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 09 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 69 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers with a Window (20"X24")
Bouquet of Peonies and Iris (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses 09 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses and other Flowers (20"X24")
Bowder Stone, Borrowdale (20"X24")
Boy with a Dog (20"X24")
Boy with a Green Cap, Chico (20"X24")
Boy with Bird (20"X24")
Boy with Dog (20"X24")
Boy with Flower Pots (20"X24")
Boyan (20"X24")
Boys Bathing (20"X24")
Boys by a Fire (20"X24")
Boys Fishing (20"X24")
Boys Playing (20"X24")
Bracing The Boats (20"X24")
Branches of Almond Tree in Bloom St. Remy (20"X24")
Branchville (20"X24")
Brasserie Cafe (20"X24")
Brave 95 (20"X24")
Brazilian Forest (20"X24")
Brazilian Monkeys (20"X24")
Breakfast 59 (20"X24")
Breakfast in Bed (20"X24")
Brenva Glacier (20"X24")
Breton Eve (20"X24")
Breton Girls Dancing Pont-Aven (20"X24")
Breton Shepherdess (20"X24")
Breton Woman at Prayer (20"X24")
Breton Wrestling (20"X24")
Bridge At Vernon (20"X24")
Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne (20"X24")
Bridge near Giverny (20"X24")
Bridges of Venice (20"X24")
Bringing Down Marble from the Quarries in Carrara (20"X24")
Bringing in the Catch (20"X24")
Brittany Coast (20"X24")
Brittany Girl Overlooking Stream (20"X24")
Broken Pitcher (20"X24")
Brooklyn Bridge 07 (20"X24")
Brooklyn Bridge 08 (20"X24")
Buddies (20"X24")
Building the Devil s Bridge (20"X24")
Buildings (20"X24")
Buildings Lancaster (20"X24")
Bull Fight in Mexico (20"X24")
Bureau and Room (20"X24")
Buying Polo Ponies in the West (20"X24")
By the Entrance (20"X24")
By the Lily Pond (20"X24")
By the Lily Pond (36"X48")
By The Wall (20"X24")
Cabbage Field with Willows (20"X24")
Cabin by the Lake (20"X24")
Cadaques 63 (20"X24")
Cadaques 65 (20"X24")
Cafe 33 (20"X24")
Cafe 33 (36"X48")
Cafe Concert (20"X24")
Cafe Concert at les Ambassadeurs (20"X24")
Cafferty (20"X24")
Cairene Horse Dealer (20"X24")
Cala Granadella (20"X24")
California Mission (20"X24")
Calla Lilly Vendors (20"X24")
Calle de As (20"X24")
Calle de Cadaques (20"X24")
Camille at the Window (20"X24")
Campfire Site, Yosemite (20"X24")
Campo San Agnese in Venice (20"X24")
Canal Grande 85 (20"X24")
Canal Scene 76 (20"X24")
Canale Della Giudecca (20"X24")
Canigiani Holy Family (20"X24")
Cantaloupe (20"X24")
Capistrano Mission (20"X24")
Capri 19 (20"X24")
Capri 35 (20"X24")
Capri Girl (20"X24")
Capriccio of Classical Ruins (20"X24")
Captain Frederick Gustav Burnady (20"X24")
Caravan (20"X24")
Caravan in the Desert (20"X24")
Card Players (20"X24")
Caribbea Birds (20"X24")
Caribbean Beach (20"X24")
Caribbean Coast 35 (20"X24")
Carmel Cypress (20"X24")
Carnival Evening (20"X24")
Carnival in the Mountains (20"X24")
Carnival in Via Del Campo, Rome (20"X24")
Carousel Garden, Paris (20"X24")
Carpet of Memory (20"X24")
Carrefour at the End of the Tapis Vert Versailles, France (20"X24")
Casa de Huerta, Valencia (20"X24")
Cascade (20"X24")
Cassis Villa 51 (20"X24")
Cassis Villa 51 (36"X48")
Cat (20"X24")
Cat on a Yellow Pillow (20"X24")
Catch of the Day (20"X24")
Cathedral at Freiburg Switzerland (20"X24")
Cathedral Church at Lincoln (20"X24")
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Valley, California (20"X24")
Cathedral Rocks, A Yosemite View (20"X24")
Cats (1883) (20"X24")
Cats and Kittens (20"X24")
Cats Playing on a Harp (20"X24")
Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds (20"X24")
Cattle Drinking (20"X24")
Cave Canem (20"X24")
Celebrating Santa Maria Della Rosa (20"X24")
Celia Thaxters Garden (20"X24")
Chair and Bowl and Towel (20"X24")
Chair Factory (20"X24")
Champ d olive (20"X24")
Champ-de-Mars, Winter (20"X24")
Charity relieving Distress (20"X24")
Chateau de Chillon 08 (20"X24")
Chateau of Flower (20"X24")
Checkmate 27 (20"X24")
Checkmate 27 (36"X48")
Checkmate 28 (20"X24")
Checkmate 28 (36"X48")
Chemin de la Machine, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Chester A. Arthur, 21st President, Painted by Ole Peter Hansen Balling (20"X24")
Chez Le Pere Lathuile (20"X24")
Chicago (20"X24")
Chicago River (20"X24")
Chickens 70 (20"X24")
Child at Bath (20"X24")
Children (20"X24")
Children by Swan Lake (20"X24")
Children of the Mountain (20"X24")
Children on a Fence (20"X24")
Children on the Beach of Guernesey (20"X24")
Children on the Sea Shore (20"X24")
Children Playing (20"X24")
Children Playing on the Beach (20"X24")
Children Playing Parlor Croquet (20"X24")
Children Playing with a Cat (20"X24")
Children Swinging on a Gate (20"X24")
Chimney and Watertower (20"X24")
Chinese Market (20"X24")
Choosing (20"X24")
Christ 42 (20"X24")
Christ 98 (20"X24")
Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery (20"X24")
Christ at Simon the Pharisee (20"X24")
Christ at the Column (20"X24")
Christ Carrying the Cross (20"X24")
Christ Crowned with Thorns 02 (20"X24")
Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple (20"X24")
Christ Healing the Blind Man (20"X24")
Christ in the House of Mary and Martha (20"X24")
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee (20"X24")
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee 49 (20"X24")
Christ on Cross with Donors and Saints (20"X24")
Christ on the Cross 50 (20"X24")
Christ with Children (20"X24")
Christmas Time (20"X24")
Chrysanthemums in a Chinese Vase (20"X24")
Church at Treboul (20"X24")
Cincinnatus Receiving Deputies of the Senate (20"X24")
Circles (20"X24")
Civita Castellana and Mount Soracte (20"X24")
Civita Castelland Buildings High in the Rocks (20"X24")
Claire De Lune (20"X24")
Clamming (20"X24")
Clandestine Meeting (20"X24")
Classic Living Room (20"X24")
Classic Living Room (36"X48")
Claude Monet Painting in his Garden (20"X24")
Claude Monet Painting on His Studio Boat (20"X24")
Claude Monet Reading A Newspaper (20"X24")
Cleopatra (20"X24")
Cleopatra and the Peasant (20"X24")
Cleopatra on the Terraces of Philae (20"X24")
Clif Dwellers (20"X24")
Cliffs at Belle-Ile (20"X24")
Cliffs at Dana (20"X24")
Cliffs Near Dieppe (20"X24")
Close View of the Acropolis (20"X24")
Clouds (20"X24")
Club Night (20"X24")
Coaching Scene (20"X24")
Coast of Sorrento (20"X24")
Coastal Cliffs (20"X24")
Coastal Scene with a Barge (20"X24")
Coastal View (20"X24")
Cobblestone Brooke 50 (20"X24")
Cobblestone Brooke 72 (20"X24")
Cock Grouse 61 (20"X24")
Collie Dogs in Formal Garden (20"X24")
Collies (20"X24")
Colorful Peacock (20"X24")
Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha (20"X24")
Combats de Cavaliers Arabes (20"X24")
Common Eider Ducks (20"X24")
Compassion! (20"X24")
Composition 1 (20"X24")
Connecticut Shore, Winter (20"X24")
Conqueror (20"X24")
Constantine (20"X24")
Conversation with the Gardener (20"X24")
Convict Lake (20"X24")
Cool Cat (20"X24")
Cool Siberian Tiger (20"X24")
Copy of Village Street in Auvers (20"X24")
Coquille (20"X24")
Coresus Sacrificing himselt to Save Callirhoe (20"X24")
Corner of a Cafe-Concert (20"X24")
Corner of the Church of St. Stae Venice 17 (20"X24")
Cosiendo la Vela (20"X24")
Cosmic Composition (20"X24")
Costa del Sol (20"X24")
Cottage by a Canal in the Snow (20"X24")
Cottage by the Creek (20"X24")
Cottage Scenery (20"X24")
Cottages (20"X24")
Cottages at Chaponoval. Auvers sur Oise (20"X24")
Cottages in Cornwall (20"X24")
Cottages with Thatchhed (20"X24")
Cotton Exchange (20"X24")
Cottonwood and Wild Horses (20"X24")
Country Garden (20"X24")
Country Politician (20"X24")
Country Reverie (20"X24")
Courtship The Proposal (20"X24")
Courtyard in Morocco (20"X24")
Courtyard of a Villa at St. Germain (20"X24")
Courtyard of Castle (20"X24")
Courtyard Reprise (20"X24")
Cowboy Singing (20"X24")
Creek Cottage (20"X24")
Creek View (20"X24")
Creek View (36"X48")
Crepuscule in Flesh Colour and Green Valparaiso (20"X24")
Cresheim Glen Wissahickon Autumn (20"X24")
Crimson Flowers (20"X24")
Crocheting (20"X24")
Crossing the Grand Canal 16 (20"X24")
Crossing the Grand Canal 17 (20"X24")
Crystal Gradation (20"X24")
Cubes in the Canyon (20"X24")
Cubist Still Life with Pear (20"X24")
Cumulus Clouds East River (20"X24")
Cupid and Psyche 85 (20"X24")
Curve (20"X24")
Cyclops (20"X24")
Cygnus Columbianus (20"X24")
Cypress Trees at San Vigilio (20"X24")
Dachshund Puppies (20"X24")
Dahlias and Larkspur (20"X24")
Daibutsu at Kamakura (20"X24")
Danae 92 (20"X24")
Dance at the Moulin Rouge (20"X24")
Dance Class (20"X24")
Dance to the Music of Time (20"X24")
Dancer Adjusting Her Tights (20"X24")
Dancer at the Photographers (20"X24")
Dancers (20"X24")
Dancers (36"X48")
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap (20"X24")
Dantet and Virgile in Hell (20"X24")
Daphnis and Chloe (20"X24")
David and Uriah (20"X24")
David Copperfield (20"X24")
Davos (20"X24")
Daybreak in Portofino 70 (20"X24")
Daybreak in Venice 20 (20"X24")
De pastorie te Nuenen (20"X24")
Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels (20"X24")
Dead Orchard (20"X24")
Dealer with Pitchers (20"X24")
Death Or Masks Mocking Death (20"X24")
December Evening (20"X24")
Decoration for a Ceiling (20"X24")
Deer and Deerhounds in a Mountain Torrent (20"X24")
Deer in the Forest (20"X24")
Defender Defeating Valkyrie III (20"X24")
Dejeuner Sur La Herbe (20"X24")
Dempsey and Firpo (20"X24")
Der Biergarten (20"X24")
Desert, River, Mountains (20"X24")
Deshojando el Maiz (20"X24")
Design for the Grande Galerie in the Louvre (20"X24")
Destiny (20"X24")
Deux Filles Avec Un Panier De Chatons (20"X24")
Deux Jeunes (20"X24")
Diana Resting after her Bath (20"X24")
Die alte Akademie in Dusseldorf (20"X24")
Dignity and Impudence (20"X24")
Diogenes 65 (20"X24")
Divan Japonais (20"X24")
Docks at Den Haag (20"X24")
Docle Far Niente (20"X24")
Dog in Mourning (20"X24")
Doges Palace, Venice (20"X24")
Dogs at Display (20"X24")
Dolbadern Castle (20"X24")
Dolphins 10 (20"X24")
Dominicans (20"X24")
Dorothy (20"X24")
Doubting Thomas 52 (20"X24")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (20"X24")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (24"X36")
Drawbridge Lady with Parasol (36"X48")
Drei Maedchenakte vor Einem (20"X24")
Dressing (20"X24")
Dressing Up (20"X24")
Drifting 09 (20"X24")
Druidess (20"X24")
Ducks and Birds (20"X24")
Duet (20"X24")
Dutch Vessels on the Sea at Amsterdam (20"X24")
Dynamism of a Man s Head (20"X24")
Dynamism of a Woman s Head (20"X24")
Early Moonrise in September (20"X24")
Early Morning Coversation (20"X24")
Early Morning on the Avenue in May 1917 (20"X24")
Early Morning Tarpon Springs (20"X24")
Early Spring (20"X24")
Early Sunday Morning (20"X24")
Easter Procession St. Mark s (20"X24")
Ecce Home (20"X24")
Ecce Homo, Behold the Man (20"X24")
Edith Sitwell (20"X24")
Effect of Snow (20"X24")
Egyptian Nile (20"X24")
El Bano del Caballo (20"X24")
El Jaleo (20"X24")
El Jardin (20"X24")
El Khasne Petra (20"X24")
El Paseo (20"X24")
Elasticity (20"X24")
Elegant Arab Ladies (20"X24")
Elephant (20"X24")
Elephants 59 (20"X24")
Elijah in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Elisabeth Gerhardt Sewing (20"X24")
Elohim Creating Adam (20"X24")
Emma in the Black Print (20"X24")
Emperor Charles (20"X24")
Empress Isabel of Portugal (20"X24")
En La Playa (20"X24")
Enchanted Forest (20"X24")
Enchanted Forest (22"X26")
Enchanted Garden (20"X24")
Enchanted Island 00 (20"X24")
Enchanted Island 04 (20"X24")
Enchantment (20"X24")
Endymion (20"X24")
English Partridge in Flight (20"X24")
Enten am Teich (20"X24")
Entering New York Harbor (20"X24")
Entombment (20"X24")
Entrance to the Port of Trouville (20"X24")
Eos (20"X24")
Equestrian portrait (20"X24")
Etretat (20"X24")
Etretat the End of the Day (20"X24")
Europa and the Bull (20"X24")
Evangelist Matthew (20"X24")
Eve after the fall (20"X24")
Evening Landscape Peasants and Mounted Figures (20"X24")
Evening at Swanbrooke Cottage (20"X24")
Evening Blue (20"X24")
Evening Distant Tower (20"X24")
Evening in Capri (20"X24")
Evening in Capri (36"X48")
Evening in Paris 27 (20"X24")
Evening Landscape with an Aquaduct (20"X24")
Evening Party in San Pietro del Castello (20"X24")
Evening Prayer (20"X24")
Evening Shadows (20"X24")
Excelsior Geyser Yellowstone Park (20"X24")
Eyes on the Horizon (20"X24")
Ezekiel (20"X24")
Fall (20"X24")
Falls of Kaaterskil (20"X24")
Falls of Niagara From Below (20"X24")
Family Group (20"X24")
Family Group (48"X60")
Family Life on the Frontier (20"X24")
Family Portrait of a Boy and his Two Sisters (20"X24")
Fancy Free (20"X24")
Fantasies (20"X24")
Far Away Thoughts (20"X24")
Farm Buildings, France (20"X24")
Farm Scene (20"X24")
Farm Yard (20"X24")
Farmers with Horse Cart (20"X24")
Farmhouse at Le Pouldu (20"X24")
Farmhouse in Provence 32 (20"X24")
Farmhouse in Provence 52 (20"X24")
Farralon Islands, California (20"X24")
Fashion Shop (20"X24")
Faune (20"X24")
Fauve Landscape with Trees (20"X24")
Favorite of the Farm (20"X24")
Favourites (20"X24")
Female Abstract 1 (20"X24")
Female Abstract 2 (20"X24")
Female Abstract 4 (20"X24")
Female Nude (20"X24")
Femme Nue (20"X24")
Femme nue se chauffant 50 (20"X24")
Field of Flowers by the Mountains (20"X24")
Field of Poppies Giverny (20"X24")
Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo (20"X24")
Figures (20"X24")
Figures before the Arsenal in Venice (20"X24")
Figures in a Coastal Landscape at Sunset (20"X24")
Fir Tree Shadows on a Snowy Bank (20"X24")
Fireships on the Hudson River (20"X24")
Firework Display at the Castel St. Angelo in Rome (20"X24")
Fireworks on the Vernon Bridge (20"X24")
Firing Broadside (20"X24")
First Communion Paris (20"X24")
First Kiss (20"X24")
Fish Magic (20"X24")
Fish Market, Monterey (20"X24")
Fishblood (20"X24")
Fisherman at Sea (20"X24")
Fisherman on the Shore (20"X24")
Fisherman Setting Out (20"X24")
Fishing Boats on the Deauville Beach (20"X24")
Fishing By A Forest Stream (20"X24")
Fishing on the Mississippi (20"X24")
Flame (20"X24")
Flaming June (20"X24")
Flatford Mill (20"X24")
Fleeing to Egypt (20"X24")
Flirtation at the Well (20"X24")
Floating Ice (20"X24")
Floating Islands (20"X24")
Flora 36 (20"X24")
Floral Patio 50 (20"X24")
Floral Patio 53 (20"X24")
Floral Patio 80 (20"X24")
Florentine Roses (20"X24")
Florida Scene (20"X24")
Flower Border (20"X24")
Flower Field in Tuscany (20"X24")
Flower Garden (20"X24")
Flowering Apple Tree Branch (20"X24")
Flowers 15 (20"X24")
Flowers 15 (36"X48")
Flowers 19 (20"X24")
Flowers 30 (20"X24")
Flowers 36 (20"X24")
Flowers 40 (20"X24")
Flowers 45 (20"X24")
Flowers 45 (36"X48")
Flowers 46 (20"X24")
Flowers 50 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (36"X48")
Flowers 92 (20"X24")
Flowers 94 (20"X24")
Flowers 95 (20"X24")
Flowers and a Wall (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit 53 (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit 90 (20"X24")
Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower (20"X24")
Flowers in a Blue Vase (20"X24")
Flowers in a Bowl (20"X24")
Flowers In a Vase 07 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 28 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 28 (36"X48")
Flowers in a Vase 5 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 70 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 71 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 72 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 74 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Yellow Vase 33 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Yellow Vase 33 (36"X48")
Flowers in the Field (20"X24")
Flowers with Two Leaves (20"X24")
Fog off Mount Desert (20"X24")
Fog Rainbow 38 (20"X24")
Fog Rainbow 60 (20"X24")
Foggy Morning, Voisins (20"X24")
Foothill Village (20"X24")
For the Little one (20"X24")
Forest Path (20"X24")
Forest Path (36"X48")
Forest Scene (20"X24")
Forest Scene (30"X40")
Forest with Brook (20"X24")
Fort George Hill (20"X24")
Fort Saint Andre (20"X24")
Four Figures (20"X24")
Four Trees (20"X24")
Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase (20"X24")
Fox Hunting (20"X24")
Fox Scent 03 (20"X24")
Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel (20"X24")
Franklin Park Boston (20"X24")
Franklin Pierce, 14th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Franz Joseph and Elisabeth (20"X24")
Fredericke Maria Beer (20"X24")
French Genadier (20"X24")
French Landscape (20"X24")
Friendly Shelter (20"X24")
Fruit and Flowers in a Basket 18 (20"X24")
Fruit and Wine 82 (20"X24")
Fruit in a Basket 14 (20"X24")
Fruits from the Midi (20"X24")
Fruits on Red (20"X24")
Full Cry 85 (20"X24")
Full Sail (20"X24")
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri River (20"X24")
Gabrielle with Renoir (20"X24")
Gachet in her Garden at Auvers Sur Oise (20"X24")
Gallo-Roman Women (20"X24")
Gansefutterung (20"X24")
Garaldine Lee (20"X24")
Garden Gate (20"X24")
Garden Gazebo (20"X24")
Garden in Flower at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
Garden on the Mediterranean 99 (20"X24")
Garden Resturant (20"X24")
Garden Scene in Britanny (20"X24")
Garden Stairs (20"X24")
Garden Steps (20"X24")
Garden Waterfall (20"X24")
Gardening (20"X24")
Gardens of the Tuileries, The Louvre, Paris (20"X24")
Gardens of Tuileries (20"X24")
Gate in the Garden (20"X24")
Gate of the Great Mosque of the Ommayads Damascus (20"X24")
Gate of the Great Mosque of the Ommayads Damascus (48"X60")
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (20"X24")
Gathering Flowers (20"X24")
Gathering Potatoes in October (20"X24")
Geisha (20"X24")
Gelbe Kuh (20"X24")
General View of Rouen from St Catherines (20"X24")
Genesee Scenery (20"X24")
Geneva View of Part of the City (20"X24")
Gengembre Windfalls (20"X24")
George Washington (20"X24")
George Washington, 1st President, Painted by Gilbert Stuart (20"X24")
Gipsies With Cat (20"X24")
Girl at the Window (20"X24")
Girl in a Fur, Mademoiselle Jeanne Fontaine (20"X24")
Girl in a Yellow Dress (20"X24")
Girl in Blue Kimono (20"X24")
Girl Interrupted at Her Music (20"X24")
Girl Picking Flowers (20"X24")
Girl Reclining (20"X24")
Girl with a Red Hat 67 (20"X24")
Girl with Dogs (20"X24")
Girl with Doll (20"X24")
Girl with Flowers (20"X24")
Girl with Kittens (20"X24")
Girl with Playful Cats (20"X24")
Girl with Red Flagpole (20"X24")
Girl with Rhododendrons (20"X24")
Girl with Terrier (20"X24")
Girl with Umbrella 30 (20"X24")
Girl with Umbrella 30 (36"X48")
Girl with Umbrella 31 (20"X24")
Girls in a Boat (20"X24")
Girls Under the Trees (20"X24")
Giverny Church at Sunset (20"X24")
Glacier Streams (20"X24")
Gladiolas and Roses (20"X24")
Gladiolus Laccatus (20"X24")
Gloomy Day (20"X24")
Gloucester Harbor (20"X24")
Gnaoua in a North African Interior (20"X24")
Goat and Kid 09 (20"X24")
Goat and Kid 09 (36"X48")
Goats (20"X24")
God Speed 62 (20"X24")
Gods Creatures (20"X24")
Going to School (20"X24")
Going to the Beach (20"X24")
Going West (20"X24")
Golden Autumn, Cajon Pass (20"X24")
Golden Cell (20"X24")
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 39 (20"X24")
Golden Hawaiian Sunset (20"X24")
Golden Hour (20"X24")
Golden Retriever with a Pheasant (20"X24")
Gondola Journey 83 (20"X24")
Gondola Journey 84 (20"X24")
Gondola Journey 87 (20"X24")
Gone to Earth (20"X24")
Gone to Ground (20"X24")
Good Friends 17 (20"X24")
Good Friends 98 (20"X24")
Good Government 01 (20"X24")
Good Government 05 (20"X24")
Good News 80 (20"X24")
Gordale Scar (20"X24")
Grammar (20"X24")
Granada Sunspots (20"X24")
Grand Canal 97 (20"X24")
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone 24 (20"X24")
Grand Piano 21 (20"X24")
Grand Piano 24 (20"X24")
Grapes and Blue Vase 10 (20"X24")
Graveyard in Tyrol (20"X24")
Grazing Sheep (20"X24")
Great Lily (20"X24")
Great Red Dragon (20"X24")
Greek Women Imploring for Assistance (20"X24")
Green Wheat Field with Cypress (20"X24")
Green Winged Teal (20"X24")
Grey Horse (20"X24")
Grotto in the Gulf of Naples (20"X24")
Group of Flowers (20"X24")
Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President, Painted by Anders Zorn (20"X24")
Guard (20"X24")
Guido (20"X24")
Guitar (20"X24")
Guitar and Clarinet (20"X24")
Guitar and Musaic (20"X24")
Guitar in front of the Sea (20"X24")
Guitar Lesson (20"X24")
Guitar Wine Bottle and Cup (20"X24")
Gull Rock and Whitehead (20"X24")
Gypsy Madonna (20"X24")
Hagar and the Angel (20"X24")
Hagar in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Hail Mary, Orana Maria 35 (30"X40")
Hail Mary, Orana Maria 5 (20"X24")
Hailing the Ferryman (20"X24")
Half Figure (20"X24")
Hall of the Ambassadors, Alhambra, Granada (20"X24")
Hammerstein s Roof Garden (20"X24")
Hampstead (20"X24")
Hanging Moss, St. Petersburg (20"X24")
Hangover (20"X24")
Harem by Theodore Chasseriau (20"X24")
Harem Girls (20"X24")
Harem Guard (20"X24")
Harem Pool (20"X24")
Harmony 07 (20"X24")
Harmony 61 (20"X24")
Harvest Landscape 41 (20"X24")
Harvesting of Grapes at Arles (20"X24")
Hawaiian House (20"X24")
Hawking (20"X24")
Haying (20"X24")
Haymaking (20"X24")
Haystack in Rainy Day (20"X24")
Haystacks in Brittany (20"X24")
Head in Window (20"X24")
Head in Window Near Beach (20"X24")
Head of a Peasant Girl (20"X24")
Head of a White Horse (20"X24")
Heading Home (20"X24")
Heavenly Blue Field (20"X24")
Hecate or the Three Fates (20"X24")
Hector Nero and Dash with the Parrot Lory (20"X24")
Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons (20"X24")
Henry III (20"X24")
Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort (20"X24")
her best friend (20"X24")
Heraldic Chivalry (20"X24")
Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra (20"X24")
Hercules with his Mare (20"X24")
Herding Cattle (20"X24")
Hero and Leander 90 (20"X24")
Heroic Roses (20"X24")
Hicking Trail 58 (20"X24")
Hidden Pass (20"X24")
Hidden Splendor (16"X20")
Hidden Splendor (20"X24")
High Life (20"X24")
High Tea (20"X24")
Highland Cattle by a Loch (20"X24")
Hills of Portofino (20"X24")
Hills of Portofino (36"X48")
Hillside Villas (20"X24")
Hilton Head Royal Golf Club SC (20"X24")
Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt (20"X24")
His Father (20"X24")
His First Birthday (20"X24")
Holly Hocks (20"X24")
Holy Family 26 (20"X24")
Holy Family 98 (20"X24")
Holy Family with Angels (20"X24")
Home Driver Paris (20"X24")
Home from the Sea (20"X24")
Home Sweet Home (20"X24")
Home Town (20"X24")
Homeward (20"X24")
Homeward Bound 82 (20"X24")
Honfleur Calvary on the Cote de Grace (20"X24")
Hope 60 (20"X24")
Horace and Lydia (20"X24")
Horizontal Volumes (20"X24")
Horse Attacked by a Jaguar (20"X24")
Horse Frightened by Lightning (20"X24")
Horse on Road Tahitian Landscape (20"X24")
Horse Races in Rome (20"X24")
Horseman (20"X24")
Horsemen (20"X24")
Horsemen on the Beach 34 (20"X24")
Hot Air Baloons (20"X24")
Hotel Capri (20"X24")
Hound and Bitch in a Landscape (20"X24")
Hounds and a Jack Russell In a Stable (20"X24")
House and Garden (20"X24")
House and Garden of the Painter Braquaval (20"X24")
House by the Creek 40 (20"X24")
House by the Lake (20"X24")
House by the Lake (36"X48")
House by the Waters Edge (20"X24")
House In Virgina (20"X24")
House of Gold (20"X24")
House on the Cove (20"X24")
Houses of Parliament Early Evening (20"X24")
Hughes Arthur La Belle Dame Sans Merc (20"X24")
Hughes Arthur the Knight of the Sun (20"X24")
Human Nature and Technology (20"X24")
Humming Bird (20"X24")
Hummingbird (20"X24")
Hummingbird and Apple Blossoms (20"X24")
Hummingbird and Passionflowers (20"X24")
Hunting Game in Shinnecock Hills (20"X24")
Hunting Still Life (Detail) (20"X24")
Hussar Russian Guard Corps (20"X24")
Huts under Trees (20"X24")
I am Going to See Grandma (20"X24")
I am Half-Sick of Shadows, said the Lady of Shalott (20"X24")
Ideal Landscape with the Titus Arch (20"X24")
Il Dolce Far Niente (20"X24")
Ile Pointeaux (20"X24")
Ilex Wood at Majorca with Blue Pigs (20"X24")
Ilya Muromets (20"X24")
Imaginary View of the Grande Galerie (20"X24")
Immortality of Nelson (20"X24")
Imperial Crown Fritillaria in a Copper Vase (20"X24")
Impression Sunrise (20"X24")
Impressions of London (20"X24")
In A Garden (20"X24")
In Bed (20"X24")
In Church (20"X24")
In Grandmothers Time (20"X24")
In My Garden (20"X24")
In the Blue Expanse (20"X24")
In the Conservatory (20"X24")
In the Flower Garden (20"X24")
In the Foothills (20"X24")
In The Forest (20"X24")
In the Garden (20"X24")
In the Garden Amalfi Coast (20"X24")
In the Gardens of the Villa Palmieri (20"X24")
In The Harem 82 (20"X24")
In the Moonlight 30 (20"X24")
In the Moonlight 30 (36"X48")
In the Mowing (20"X24")
In the Palm House in Potsdam (20"X24")
In the Roof Little Room (20"X24")
In the Rowing Boat (20"X24")
In the Springtime 91 (20"X24")
In the Springtime 92 (20"X24")
In The Stable (20"X24")
In the Sunshine (20"X24")
In the Venusberg Tannhauser (20"X24")
In the Whiting Ground (20"X24")
In the Woods at Giverny (20"X24")
In Western Mountains (20"X24")
Incense of a New Church (20"X24")
Indian at Sunset (20"X24")
Indian Corn Taos (20"X24")
Indian Playing a Drum (20"X24")
Indian Scouts (20"X24")
Indians (20"X24")
Indians (48"X60")
Indians on Horseback (20"X24")
Industrial Landscape (20"X24")
Inspection of New Arrivals (detail) (20"X24")
Interieur (20"X24")
Interior of a Studio with Stove (20"X24")
Interior of Salisbury Cathedral (20"X24")
Interior of the Baptistry at St Marks (20"X24")
Interior of the Mosque at Cordova (20"X24")
Interior of the San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome (20"X24")
Interior of the Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (20"X24")
Interior Scene (20"X24")
Interior with Female Figuers (20"X24")
Interior with Marken Girls Knitting (20"X24")
Interior with Thonet chair (20"X24")
Irises in the Garden (20"X24")
Irving Couse (20"X24")
Isaac Newton (20"X24")
Isaiah (20"X24")
Italian Courtyard (20"X24")
Italian Grotto (20"X24")
Italian Landscape (20"X24")
Italian Park (20"X24")
Italian Villas (20"X24")
Ivry Quay (20"X24")
Ixora and Orchids (20"X24")
Jacob 24 (20"X24")
Jacob Blessing the Children of Joseph (20"X24")
Jacobs Ladder (20"X24")
James Buchanan, 15th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
James Garfield, 20th President, Painted Calvin Curtis (20"X24")
James Knox Polk, 11th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
James Madison, 4th President, Painted by John Vanderlyn (20"X24")
James Monroe, 5th President, Painted by Gilbert Stuart (20"X24")
Jane Avril (20"X24")
Japanese Garden (20"X24")
Japanese Pagoda in the Woods (20"X24")
Jardin Benlliure (20"X24")
Jardin du Luxembourg (20"X24")
Jazz (20"X24")
Jeanne Hebuterne in Large Hat (20"X24")
Jeanne Samary in a Low Necked Dress (20"X24")
Jehuda and Tamar (20"X24")
Jeremiah (20"X24")
Jesus Mocked by the Soldiers (20"X24")
Joan of Arc 02 (20"X24")
Joan of Arc 82 (20"X24")
Jocko with a Hedgehog (20"X24")
John Adams, 2nd President, Painted by John Trumbull (20"X24")
John Plampin (20"X24")
John Quincy, 6th President, Painted by Gilbert Stuart (20"X24")
John Tyler, 10th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Joice Street, Nob Hill, San Francisco (20"X24")
Joseph Accused by Potiphar s wife (20"X24")
Joseph Recognized by His Brothers (20"X24")
Josie Collines in the Follies (20"X24")
Judith and Holofernes (20"X24")
Julia on the Terrace (20"X24")
Julie Manet (20"X24")
Jungle Parrots 49 (20"X24")
Jungle Parrots 67 (20"X24")
Jungle Parrots 68 (20"X24")
Jungle Parrots 69 (20"X24")
Jungle Queen (20"X24")
Juno Receiving the Cestus from Venus (20"X24")
Jupiter and Thetis (20"X24")
Just Dessert (20"X24")
Justie(detail) (20"X24")
Kairouan (20"X24")
Kanalszene in Chioggia Mit Bragozzo (20"X24")
Killer Whales 21 (20"X24")
Killer Whales 22 (20"X24")
Kitchen Boy on a Cigarette Break (20"X24")
Knitting (20"X24")
La Begique (20"X24")
La Belle Angele (20"X24")
La Belle Dam Sans Mercie (20"X24")
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (20"X24")
La Bievre France (20"X24")
La Debacle (20"X24")
La Goulue Arrivant au Moulin Rouge (20"X24")
La Grenouillere (20"X24")
La Grenouilliere (20"X24")
La Lettre (20"X24")
La Loge (20"X24")
La Modiste Sur Les Champs Elysees Paris (20"X24")
La Monta Soracte (20"X24")
La Mousme Seated in a Cane Chair (20"X24")
La Opera Paris (20"X24")
La PIanistal (20"X24")
La Place Ary Scheffer Dordrecht (20"X24")
La Porte D Amount Etretat (20"X24")
La Promenade (20"X24")
La Robertsau (20"X24")
La Route de versailles a Louveciennes (20"X24")
La Sieste (20"X24")
La Toilette (20"X24")
La Tour de Solidor at St. Severin, Normandy (20"X24")
Lacroix Island Rouen in Fog (20"X24")
Ladies of Arles (20"X24")
Lady (20"X24")
Lady Alston (20"X24")
Lady and Her Maid (20"X24")
Lady at the Piano (20"X24")
Lady Carrying Fruits (20"X24")
Lady Colin Campbell (20"X24")
Lady in a Garden 41 (20"X24")
Lady in a Violet Dress (20"X24")
Lady of Shalott (20"X24")
Lady on Tram Station (20"X24")
Lady Seated at a Virginal (20"X24")
Lady Standing at a Virginal (20"X24")
Lady with a Hat (20"X24")
Lady with a Lute (20"X24")
Lady with a Parasol (20"X24")
Lady with Fruits (20"X24")
Lady with Hat and Featherboa (20"X24")
Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Lette (20"X24")
Lady with Parasol on Bridge (20"X24")
Lady with Sitar (20"X24")
Lady with Swarbat 03 (20"X24")
Lady with Swarbat 05 (20"X24")
Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid (20"X24")
Lago di Garda 49 (20"X24")
Lagoon at Daybreak (20"X24")
Lagoon at Daybreak (36"X48")
Laguna (20"X24")
Laguna Beach 22 (20"X24")
Laguna Beach 50 (20"X24")
Laguna Beach 52 (20"X24")
Lajos (20"X24")
Lake George, Sierra Nevada (20"X24")
Lake in the Rockies (20"X24")
Lake Lugano (20"X24")
Lake View with Poppies (20"X24")
Landing at Westminster Bridge (20"X24")
Landscape (Marlboro) (20"X24")
Landscape 01 (20"X24")
Landscape 12 (20"X24")
Landscape 15 (20"X24")
Landscape 2 (20"X24")
Landscape 22 (20"X24")
Landscape 28 (20"X24")
Landscape 50 (20"X24")
Landscape 95 (20"X24")
Landscape at Asheham (20"X24")
Landscape at Beaulieu (20"X24")
Landscape at the Tegersee (20"X24")
Landscape in Berneval with People (20"X24")
Landscape Setting Sun aka The Little Shepherd (20"X24")
Landscape Shinnecock Hills (20"X24")
Landscape with a River (20"X24")
Landscape with a Woodcutter and Milkmaid (20"X24")
Landscape with Boys Fishing (20"X24")
Landscape with Bridge 20 (20"X24")
Landscape with Cattle 13 (20"X24")
Landscape with Cattle 56 (20"X24")
Landscape with Cattle 57 (20"X24")
Landscape with Church by Black Grove Village (20"X24")
Landscape with House and Laborer (20"X24")
Landscape with House and Laborer (36"X48")
Landscape with Olive Trees (20"X24")
Landscape with Polyphemus (20"X24")
Landscape with Solitary Tree (20"X24")
Landscape with Stag (20"X24")
Landscape with Stream (20"X24")
Landscape with the Education of Bacchus (20"X24")
Landscape with Thunderstorm (20"X24")
Landscape with Two Goats (20"X24")
Landscape with Water (20"X24")
Landscape with Waterwheel and Boy Fishing (20"X24")
Landscape with Yellow Birds (20"X24")
Landscape, Circa 1914 (20"X24")
Lane In Cheshire (20"X24")
Lane near a Small Town (20"X24")
Lane of Trees on the Champs-Elysees (20"X24")
Lane with Poplars (20"X24")
Late Afternoon (20"X24")
Laurense and Anna Alma Tadema (20"X24")
Lavender Field (20"X24")
Laying Down the Law (20"X24")
Le Bain, Maison Baptiste, Giverny France (20"X24")
Le Chateau (20"X24")
Le Chemin De Fer The Railroad (20"X24")
Le Corsage (20"X24")
Le Dernier Grenadier de Waterloo (20"X24")
Le Femme Aux Cheveux Roux (20"X24")
Le Gouter Des Enfants (20"X24")
Le Harem by Fernand Cormon (20"X24")
Le jardin du Petit Gennevilliers en Hiver (20"X24")
Le Jour De Marche (20"X24")
Le Moulin de la Gallette 78 (20"X24")
Le Ondine (20"X24")
Le retour du Grand Conde apres la bataille de Senef (20"X24")
Le Silence (20"X24")
Le Verrou (20"X24")
Leading the Horse from the Stable (20"X24")
Lear and Cordelia (20"X24")
Leda 1508 (detail) (20"X24")
Leda 1530 (20"X24")
Leda and the Swan 06 (20"X24")
Leda and the Swan 26 (20"X24")
Leda and the Swan 6 (20"X24")
Leda and the Swan 81 (20"X24")
L-Empereur (20"X24")
Les Captives (20"X24")
Les Invalides Napoleon (20"X24")
Les Iris (20"X24")
Les Iris 12 (20"X24")
Les Regates (20"X24")
Lescrimeuse (20"X24")
Liberty Cam, Yosemite (20"X24")
Liberty Leading the People (20"X24")
Lieutenant Colonel Comte de Thalouet (20"X24")
Life s Illusions (20"X24")
Lighthouse 90 (20"X24")
Lighthouse Coast (20"X24")
Lilac 12 (20"X24")
Lilac Bush (20"X24")
Lilacs 01 (20"X24")
Lilacs 94 (20"X24")
Lilacs in a Window (20"X24")
Lilacs in the Sun (20"X24")
Limbo (20"X24")
Lion Country (20"X24")
Lion Hunt (20"X24")
Lion King (20"X24")
Little Blue Horses (20"X24")
Little Gossips (20"X24")
Little Pup (20"X24")
Living Room 27 (20"X24")
Living Room 30 (20"X24")
Living Room 30 (36"X48")
Living Room with Piano 30 (20"X24")
Living Room with Piano 33 (20"X24")
Lodge on Lake Como (20"X24")
Logging (20"X24")
Lord Garuda (20"X24")
Lord Muruga (20"X24")
Lorenzo and Isabella (detail) (20"X24")
Lost in Thought (20"X24")
Lounging (20"X24")
Louveciennes the Road to Versailles (20"X24")
Love (detail) (20"X24")
Love At First Sight (20"X24")
Love disarmed (20"X24")
Love in a Mist (20"X24")
Lovers (20"X24")
Low Life (20"X24")
Low Tide (20"X24")
Low Tide at Sunset (20"X24")
Lower Austria (20"X24")
Lune Magique (20"X24")
Lute Player (20"X24")
Luxembourg Garden 49 (20"X24")
Macbeth and the Witches (20"X24")
Madam Pompadur (20"X24")
Madame Charpentier with her Daughters (20"X24")
Madame de Pompadour (20"X24")
Madame Pasteur (20"X24")
Madame Rejanel (20"X24")
Madchen mit Mranatapfeln (20"X24")
Madeleine Juliette Gerome et Ses Poupees (20"X24")
Madonna (20"X24")
Madonna 07 (20"X24")
Madonna and Child 95 (20"X24")
Madonna and Child and Two Angels (20"X24")
Madonna and Child with a Pomegranate (20"X24")
Madonna and Child with Fruit (20"X24")
Madonna and Child with St Anne and St John (20"X24")
Madonna Con Bambino (20"X24")
Madonna della Tenda (20"X24")
Madonna Litta (20"X24")
Madonna of the Eucharist (20"X24")
Madonna of the Meadow (20"X24")
Madonna with the Yarnwinder (20"X24")
Maeble Table (20"X24")
Magdalene (20"X24")
Magdelene (20"X24")
Magpies (20"X24")
Maharaja Bijay Singh in His Harem (20"X24")
Mahone Bay (20"X24")
Maiden (20"X24")
Maiden (36"X48")
Maidens Picking (20"X24")
Majestic Falls (20"X24")
Majolica Jar with Branches of Oleander (20"X24")
Make Beauty (20"X24")
Malcesineon Lake Garda (20"X24")
Male Nude known as Hector (20"X24")
Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon (20"X24")
Man Fishing (20"X24")
Man Having Just Painted His Fence (20"X24")
Man in Armour (20"X24")
Man with Donkey (20"X24")
Manarola, Italy (20"X24")
Mand Met Viooltjes op in Tafel (20"X24")
Mandolina and Flowers (20"X24")
Manhattan New York (20"X24")
Mantinicus (20"X24")
Maranta Arundinacea (20"X24")
March Day (20"X24")
Mare in a Landscape (20"X24")
Marengo (20"X24")
Mares and Foals Under Large Oak Tree (20"X24")
Margot (20"X24")
Maria (20"X24")
Maria and Susie 41 (20"X24")
Mariana (20"X24")
Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI in the Garden (20"X24")
Marie de (20"X24")
Marie Madeleine Dancer (20"X24")
Marine Landscape (20"X24")
Marino Large Buildings on the Rocks (20"X24")
Market Jaffa (20"X24")
Market Square 35 (20"X24")
Market Square 35 (36"X48")
Market Square 38 (20"X24")
Market Square 38 (36"X48")
Market Street (20"X24")
Market Street (36"X48")
Marlow on the Thames (20"X24")
Marriage a la Mode (20"X24")
Mars and Rhea Silvia (20"X24")
Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces (20"X24")
Martin Van Buren, 8th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Martini (20"X24")
Martyrdom of Andrew (20"X24")
Martyrdom of Andrew (36"X40")
Mary (20"X24")
Masked Ball at the Opera (20"X24")
Matador En La Taverna (20"X24")
Mater Dolorosa (20"X24")
Matyrdom of St Peter (detail) (20"X24")
May Belfort (20"X24")
May Day (20"X24")
May Day in Central Park (20"X24")
Mayflower Leading Galatea, America s Cup 1886 (20"X24")
Meadow with Two Large Trees (20"X24")
Mediterranean Paradise (20"X24")
Mediterranean Patio 53 (20"X24")
Mediterranean Patio 54 (20"X24")
Mediterranean Patio 56 (20"X24")
Mediterranean Patio 92 (20"X24")
Mediterranean Villas (20"X24")
Meeting of Old Friends (20"X24")
Meeting of Old Friends (36"X48")
Meeting of Piere and Angelique (20"X24")
Meeting of Piere and Angelique (36"X48")
Meeting Point 05 (20"X24")
Meeting Point 08 (20"X24")
Meeting Point 08 (36"X48")
Melons (20"X24")
Memorial 1 (20"X24")
Mercury and Argus (20"X24")
Merry (20"X24")
Merry Jesters (20"X24")
Michelle Playing (20"X24")
Michelle Playing (36"X48")
Michelle with a Rose (20"X24")
Michelle with her Cat (20"X24")
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (20"X24")
Millard Fillmore, 13th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Milner (20"X24")
Mimi and Her Cat (20"X24")
Miracle (20"X24")
Misia at Her Dressing Table (20"X24")
Miss Isabella Lathrop (20"X24")
Mission Flowers (20"X24")
Mississippi Fisherman (20"X24")
Mixed Flowers (20"X24")
Mixed Flowers In An Earthenware Pot (20"X24")
Modern David (20"X24")
Modern Idol (20"X24")
Monica (20"X24")
Monkeys (20"X24")
Monte Pincio Rome 23 (20"X24")
Monte Pincio Rome 32 (20"X24")
Montego Bay 61 (20"X24")
Montego Bay 62 (20"X24")
Montmartre Paris (20"X24")
Montmartre the Quarry and Windmills (20"X24")
Moonlight a Stody at Millbank (20"X24")
Moonlight on the Whitewater (20"X24")
Moonlight Wood Island Light (20"X24")
Moonlit Road (20"X24")
Moonrise by the Sea (20"X24")
Moonshine (20"X24")
Moored Along the Cliffs (20"X24")
Moored Shipping by a Lighthouse (20"X24")
Morning Leaving for Work (20"X24")
Morning Looking East over the Husdon Valley (20"X24")
Morning on the Whitewater (20"X24")
Morning Overcast Weather Rouen (20"X24")
Morning Read (20"X24")
Morning Reflections (20"X24")
Morning Snow (20"X24")
Moses Brought before Pharaohs Daughter (20"X24")
Mother (20"X24")
Mother and Baby (20"X24")
Mother and Child 05 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 46 (20"X24")
Mother and Child 54 (20"X24")
Mother and Cub (20"X24")
Mother and Daughter (20"X24")
Mother Earth (20"X24")
Motion in Space (20"X24")
Moulin Rouge (20"X24")
Moulin Rouge at Dusk (20"X24")
Moun Sainte Victire Seen from Bellevue (20"X24")
Mount Santa Lucia Italy (20"X24")
Mountain Farm (20"X24")
Mountain Orchard Woodstock New York (20"X24")
Mountain Scenery, Switzerland (20"X24")
Mourning For Lcarus (20"X24")
Moving House (20"X24")
Mulberry Tree (20"X24")
Munich Still Life 43 (20"X24")
Munich Still Life 52 (20"X24")
Muse auf Pegasus (20"X24")
Music 41 (20"X24")
Music 63 (20"X24")
Music 80 (20"X24")
Music and Literature (20"X24")
Music Lesson 32 (20"X24")
Music Lesson 80 (20"X24")
Mussel Collectors at Berneval (20"X24")
Muttra (20"X24")
My Egypt (20"X24")
My First Sermon (20"X24")
My House (20"X24")
My Love (20"X24")
My Second Sermon (20"X24")
My Sweet Rose (20"X24")
Myself Portrait-Landscape (20"X24")
Mystery 52 (20"X24")
Nabis Landscape (20"X24")
Naked Woman 65 (20"X24")
Naked Woman Before Stove (20"X24")
Nana (20"X24")
Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the St. Bernard (20"X24")
Napoleonic Battle in the Alps (20"X24")
Narcissus 60 (20"X24")
Native American 01 (20"X24")
NatShepherd (20"X24")
Naughty Maids (20"X24")
Near Penzance (20"X24")
Near the Kasbah (20"X24")
Nebuchadnezzar (20"X24")
New Hamburg Garden (20"X24")
New Orleans Scene (20"X24")
New Orleans Scene (24"X30")
New Orleans Swing 13 (20"X24")
New Orleans Swing 14 (20"X24")
New Road (20"X24")
New York Harbor (20"X24")
New York Street (20"X24")
Newspaper and Fruit Dish (20"X24")
Niagara Falls from the American Side (20"X24")
Night Eruption of Vesuvius (20"X24")
Nimph in the Pond (20"X24")
Nimph in the Pond (36"X48")
No Walk Today (20"X24")
Noah the Flood Left View (20"X24")
Noah the Flood Right View (20"X24")
Noahs Ark (20"X24")
Noble Breed (20"X24")
Nocturne Blue and Silver Chelsea (20"X24")
Nonchalance (20"X24")
Noon (20"X24")
Noon Rest After Millet (20"X24")
North Beauties of the Swamps (20"X24")
North River (20"X24")
Not at Home (20"X24")
Notre Dame Paris 1914 (20"X24")
November Moonlight (20"X24")
Now is Pilgrim Fair Autumn (20"X24")
Nude 53 (20"X24")
Nude and Flowers 25 (20"X24")
Nude Boy in a Bathroom (20"X24")
Nude in the Wood (20"X24")
Nude in Wrap (20"X24")
Nude on Satin (20"X24")
Nude Seated (20"X24")
Nude with Red Flower (20"X24")
Nurse and Child (20"X24")
Nymph and Satyr 07 (20"X24")
Nymph with Cupids (20"X24")
Obstruction, Box Hill (20"X24")
Odalisque 41 (20"X24")
Odalisque with a Slave (20"X24")
Oedipus and the Sphinx 14 (20"X24")
Oedipus the Wayfarer (20"X24")
Oefeningen Op De Gitaar (20"X24")
Off to School (20"X24")
Off to the Fair (20"X24")
Officer with a Laughing Girl (20"X24")
Old Damascus Jew s Quarter (20"X24")
Old Laguna (20"X24")
Old Man in Sorrow (20"X24")
Old Woman with a Basket of Coal (20"X24")
Olive Grove (20"X24")
Olive Tree (20"X24")
On English Coasts (20"X24")
On Point (20"X24")
On the Balcony (20"X24")
On the Banks (20"X24")
On the Beach 52 (20"X24")
On the Beach 77 (20"X24")
On The Beach at Trouville (20"X24")
On the Beach, Valencia (20"X24")
On the Castle Stairs 30 (20"X24")
On The Coast (20"X24")
On the Coast of Capri (20"X24")
On the Dunes (20"X24")
On the Meadow (20"X24")
On the Outside of Paris (20"X24")
On the Point (20"X24")
On the Range 59 (20"X24")
On the Sand, Valencia Beach (20"X24")
On the Scent (20"X24")
On the Scent 55 (20"X24")
On the Scent 57 (20"X24")
One For All (20"X24")
Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 15 (20"X24")
Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 50 (20"X24")
Ophelia (detail) (20"X24")
Ophelia 54 (20"X24")
Orchard in Bloom at Louveciennes (20"X24")
Orchestra (20"X24")
Orchids and HummingBird (20"X24")
Oriental Girl (20"X24")
Oriental in Bazaar (20"X24")
Oriental Nude 23 (20"X24")
Orientale (20"X24")
Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld (20"X24")
Our Village (20"X24")
Out of My Window (20"X24")
Outburst of Fear (20"X24")
Over The Hedge (20"X24")
Over the Hills and Far Away (20"X24")
Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight (20"X24")
Painters Daughters (20"X24")
Palazzo Camerlenghi and the Ca Vendramin Calergi in Venice (20"X24")
Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice (20"X24")
Palazzo Labia and San Geremia Venice (20"X24")
Palazzoda Mula at Venice (20"X24")
Palm Bay (20"X24")
Palm Beach (20"X24")
Palm Court (20"X24")
Palm Trees at Bordighera (20"X24")
Palm Trees on Martinique (20"X24")
Pan (20"X24")
Pan and Syrinx (20"X24")
Panel (20"X24")
Pansies (20"X24")
Panther (20"X24")
Paolo and Francesca (20"X24")
Paradise Point (20"X24")
Paris (20"X24")
Paris 20 (20"X24")
Paris Arch de Triumph 74 (20"X24")
Paris Corner Cafe (20"X24")
Paris Corner Cafe (36"X48")
Paris Eiffel Tower (20"X24")
Paris Eiffel Tower 02 (20"X24")
Paris Opera Garnier (20"X24")
Paris Pl. de la Madeleine 32 (20"X24")
Paris Pl. de la Madeleine 33 (20"X24")
Paris Seen from Vincent (20"X24")
Paris Store Front (20"X24")
Paris Street Rainy Day (20"X24")
Paris Street Scene 17 (20"X24")
Paris Street Scene 28 (20"X24")
Paris Street Scene 37 (20"X24")
Paris, Promenade (20"X24")
Paris, View of the Seine, Night (20"X24")
Park (20"X24")
Park Conor with a Blooming Lawn (20"X24")
Park with a Couple and a Blue Fir Tree (20"X24")
Parlerre d (20"X24")
Parrots (20"X24")
Parsifal (20"X24")
Partridge Shooting (20"X24")
Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds (20"X24")
Pastoral Landscape at Sunset (20"X24")
Path by the Mediterranean (20"X24")
Path by the Mediterranean (36"X48")
Pathmos (20"X24")
Pathway in Monets Garden at Giverny (20"X24")
Patio Columns (20"X24")
Patio for Two (20"X24")
Patio for Two (36"X48")
Patio Garden (20"X24")
Patio Garden (36"X48")
Patio in Amalfi (20"X24")
Patio in Tuscany (20"X24")
Paulo and Francesca (20"X24")
Pay Attention (20"X24")
Pea Blossoms (20"X24")
Peace (20"X24")
Peacock and Chickens (20"X24")
Peacock and Chickens (36"X48")
Peacocks 29 (20"X24")
Peacocks 31 (20"X24")
Peacocks 33 (20"X24")
Peasant (20"X24")
Peasant Burning Weeds (20"X24")
Peasant Woman Digging (20"X24")
Peasant Woman in Church (20"X24")
Peasant Woman with Straw Hat (20"X24")
Pelicans (20"X24")
Penn s Treaty with the Indians (20"X24")
Peonies 07 (20"X24")
Peonies, Paris (20"X24")
Perseus and Andromeda 11 (20"X24")
Perseus and the Sea Nymphs (20"X24")
Personnages dans la Cour de San Gregorio in Venice (20"X24")
Personnages Paris (20"X24")
Persuing the Fata Morgana (20"X24")
Peter Denouncing Christ (20"X24")
Peter s Betrayal (20"X24")
Pheasant Shooting (20"X24")
Phedre (20"X24")
Philosopher in Meditation (20"X24")
Piano Concerto (20"X24")
Piano Sonata (20"X24")
Piazza San marco (20"X24")
Piazza San Marco Looking Southeast (20"X24")
Piazza San Marco Looking Southeast (30"X40")
Piazza San Marco, Venice (20"X24")
Picking Flowers (20"X24")
Picking the Favorite (detail) (20"X24")
Pieta 12 (20"X24")
Pieta 44 (20"X24")
Pieta 89 (20"X24")
Pifferari 80 (20"X24")
Pifferari 82 (20"X24")
Pigs in a Farmyard by Carl Henrik Bogh (20"X24")
Pillars of Strength - Lincoln Memorial (20"X24")
Pink Sunset (20"X24")
Place de Anvers et le Sacre Coeur Paris (20"X24")
Place de la Concorde 49 (20"X24")
Place de la Trinite (20"X24")
Place du Rome at Night (20"X24")
Place du Theatre Francais (20"X24")
Place Ravignan (20"X24")
Playing with the Kitten (20"X24")
Playmates (20"X24")
Plowing (20"X24")
Plowing the Field (20"X24")
Pluto (20"X24")
Point Neuf Paris (20"X24")
Pointer, Setter, and Grouse (20"X24")
Poker (20"X24")
Polishing The Copper (20"X24")
Polo at Lakewood (20"X24")
Polo Crowd (20"X24")
Pomegranates (20"X24")
Pond at Montgeron (20"X24")
Pond View 90 (20"X24")
Pond with Foliage (20"X24")
Ponte della Paglia (20"X24")
Ponte Pietra Verona (20"X24")
Ponte Rialto Dur (20"X24")
Ponte Rialto Dur at Night (20"X24")
Ponte Rialto Dur at Night (36"X48")
Poor Warbler (20"X24")
Pope Paul III and His Cousins (20"X24")
Poplar Trees (20"X24")
Poplars on the Bank of the River Epte (20"X24")
Poplars on the Epte (20"X24")
Poppies 54 (20"X24")
Poppies 97 (20"X24")
Poppies in the Garden (20"X24")
Poppy Field 13 (20"X24")
Poppy Field In a Hollow Near Giverny (20"X24")
Poppy Field in Tuscany 17 (20"X24")
Portofino 61 (20"X24")
Portofino 62 (20"X24")
Portofino bay (20"X24")
Portrait de Jeune Femme (20"X24")
Portrait de Madame Georges Rodenbach (20"X24")
Portrait de marie louise (20"X24")
Portrait Girl Toy Elephants (20"X24")
Portrait of a Girl 14 (20"X24")
Portrait of a Lady 30 (20"X24")
Portrait of a Lady 90 (20"X24")
Portrait of a mother and daughter (20"X24")
Portrait of a Venetian Lady (20"X24")
Portrait of a Woman in a Black Hat (20"X24")
Portrait of a Woman the White Dress (20"X24")
Portrait of an Arab (20"X24")
Portrait of Antoine Laurent and Marie Anne Lavoisier 46 (20"X24")
Portrait of Antoine Laurent and Marie Anne Lavoisier 69 (20"X24")
Portrait of Boby (20"X24")
Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (20"X24")
Portrait of Dr. Gachet (20"X24")
Portrait of Elizabeth Aexander (20"X24")
Portrait of Emile Zola (20"X24")
Portrait of Emilie Ambre in the role of Carmen (20"X24")
Portrait of Garsilaso de la Vega (20"X24")
Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne 16 (20"X24")
Portrait of Madame Roger Jourdain (20"X24")
Portrait of Marie Francoise Buron (20"X24")
Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour 71 (20"X24")
Portrait of Monsieur X (20"X24")
Portrait of Picasso (20"X24")
Portrait of the Artist with a Lamp (20"X24")
Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter (20"X24")
Portrait of the Spanish Painter Celso Lagar (20"X24")
Portrait of Upaupa Scheklud (20"X24")
Portrait of Violet Manners (20"X24")
Portrait of Young Girl 02 (20"X24")
Portraits a la campagne (20"X24")
Portsmouth Dockyard (20"X24")
Posilipo Napoli (20"X24")
Positano (20"X24")
Positano (36"X48")
Postman Joseph Roulin (20"X24")
Poultry in a Farmyard (20"X24")
Prayer in the Mosque (20"X24")
Prelude (20"X24")
Prelude (36"X48")
Preparations for the Festivities (20"X24")
Preparing For Departure London (20"X24")
Preparing the Meal (20"X24")
Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple (20"X24")
Primavera in Costiera (20"X24")
Profile Flowers (20"X24")
Promenade 39 (20"X24")
Promenade en-Bateau (20"X24")
Promenade in the Forest (20"X24")
Promenade Near Argenteuil (20"X24")
Prophet (20"X24")
Province (20"X24")
Prune Blossoms, Saratoga, California (20"X24")
Psamathe (20"X24")
Psyche in the Temple (20"X24")
Psyche Showing her Sisters her Gifts from Cupid (20"X24")
Ptarmigan (20"X24")
Punch (20"X24")
Pygmalion and Galatea (20"X24")
Quai Aux Fleurs (20"X24")
Quay of Malaquais in the Sunny Afternoon (20"X24")
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (20"X24")
Queen Zenobia s Last Look upon Palmyra (20"X24")
Quiet Corner (20"X24")
Quiet Corner (36"X48")
Quiiz (20"X24")
Rabbits (20"X24")
Race Track (20"X24")
Railway Bridge at Chatou (20"X24")
Ranchos de Taos (20"X24")
Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus (20"X24")
Raphael (20"X24")
Reading (20"X24")
Reading Mme Manet and Leon (20"X24")
Reading Poetry (20"X24")
Reading Poetry (36"X48")
Ready For The Ball (20"X24")
Reaper 54 (20"X24")
Reapers 48 (20"X24")
Rechlining Nude (20"X24")
Reconnoitering (20"X24")
Reconstructin (20"X24")
Red and Blue Horses (20"X24")
Red and Blue Horses (24"X30")
Red Balloon (20"X24")
Red Barns (20"X24")
Red Book (20"X24")
Red Bridge 98 (20"X24")
Red Bridge 99 (20"X24")
Red Flowers and Leaves of Begonia in a Basket (20"X24")
Red House (20"X24")
Red Partridge (20"X24")
Red Poppies at Argenteuil (20"X24")
Red Poppies of Toscano (20"X24")
Red Room with Woman and Child (20"X24")
Red Sphinx (20"X24")
Red To Move (20"X24")
Red Vineyards of Arles (20"X24")
Reflections 65 (20"X24")
Reflections Canal Scene (20"X24")
Regard to Florence (20"X24")
Rendezvous in the Forest (20"X24")
Reose (20"X24")
Reply From Sir Henry (20"X24")
Repose Study of Berthe Morisot (20"X24")
Restaurant (20"X24")
Restaurant Callus (20"X24")
Restaurant Rispal (20"X24")
Resting Caravan (20"X24")
Resting Horses (20"X24")
Resting in the Woods at Pontoise (20"X24")
Retrieving (20"X24")
Reveille on a Winter Morning (20"X24")
Revenue Cruiser chasing Smuggling Lugger (20"X24")
Riderless Horse Races (20"X24")
Riding the Grey Wolf by Ivan Tsarevich (20"X24")
Riflessi Sul Lago 56 (20"X24")
Rinaldo and Armida 02 (20"X24")
Rinaldo and Armida 50 (20"X24")
Rio Della Maddalena (20"X24")
Rio Di S. Salvador 72 (20"X24")
Rio Di St. Moise 95 (20"X24")
Rio Di St. Moise 96 (20"X24")
Rio Marin (20"X24")
Rio Santa Barnaba Venice 30 (20"X24")
Rio St. Barnaba Venice 31 (20"X24")
Rio St. Geronimo Venezia (20"X24")
Riot in the Galleria (20"X24")
Rising Spring (20"X24")
Rival Distractions 89 (20"X24")
Rival Distractions 91 (20"X24")
River in a Forest (20"X24")
River Landscape (20"X24")
River Pebbles (20"X24")
River Rats (20"X24")
River Scene (20"X24")
River Through the Woods (20"X24")
River with Poplars (20"X24")
Riviera (20"X24")
Riviera Villas 03 (20"X24")
Riviera Villas 28 (20"X24")
Rock of Doom (20"X24")
Rocks Among the Houses (20"X24")
Rocks at Javea (20"X24")
Rocky Shore, Nantasket NY (20"X24")
Roger Delivering Angelica (20"X24")
Roma Antica (20"X24")
Roman Bath (20"X24")
Roman Carafe 57 (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (36"X48")
Roman Carafe with Flowers 22 (36"X48")
Roman Charity (20"X24")
Roman Ruins 03 (20"X24")
Roman Ruins 06 (20"X24")
Romance of Autumn 31 (20"X24")
Romance of Autumn 66 (20"X24")
Romantic Bellagio 22 (20"X24")
Romantic Bellagio 23 (20"X24")
Romantic Bellajio (20"X24")
Romantic Cafe (20"X24")
Romantic Cafe 04 (20"X24")
Rome Castle Sant Angelo (20"X24")
Rome from Mount Aventine (20"X24")
Rome The Coliseum (20"X24")
Romeo and Juliet 55 (20"X24")
Romeview (20"X24")
Romulus and Remus Suckled by Lupa (20"X24")
Roof Tops in Paris (20"X24")
Roofs (20"X24")
Rooftops Under Snow (20"X24")
Roosters 66 (20"X24")
Roosters 67 (20"X24")
Roosters 67 (36"X48")
Rosa Bifera Macrocarpa (20"X24")
Rosa Damasse (20"X24")
Rosa Jaune and Rosa Bengale (20"X24")
Rosa Lindica (20"X24")
Rose Garden at Wargemont (20"X24")
Roses 03 (20"X24")
Roses 04 (20"X24")
Roses 79 (20"X24")
Roses and Anemnes (20"X24")
Roses and Other Flowers (20"X24")
Roses And Persimmons (20"X24")
Roses Before the Blue Curtain (20"X24")
Roses in a Vase (20"X24")
Rough Sea (20"X24")
Round Up (20"X24")
Roundup (20"X24")
Rubens his wife Helena Fourment and their Son (20"X24")
Rue a Dresde (20"X24")
Rue Bourbon (20"X24")
Rue de la Princesse, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Rue de Montmartre (20"X24")
Rue Halevy Seen from the Sixth Floor (20"X24")
Ruelle Malot, Vernon, France (20"X24")
Ruffed Grouse (20"X24")
Ruins, San Juan Capistrano (20"X24")
Run Man (20"X24")
Runner at the Goal (20"X24")
Russian Ballet (20"X24")
Russian Ballet 1912 (20"X24")
Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President, Painted by Eliphalet Andrews (20"X24")
Rye Fields at Pontoise (20"X24")
Sacha Guitry in His Dressing Room (20"X24")
Sacrament of Baptism (20"X24")
Sacred Spring 38 (20"X24")
Safe Harbour (20"X24")
Safe Port (20"X24")
Sail Boat 99 (20"X24")
Sail in Jamaica (20"X24")
Sailboats (20"X24")
Sailboats on the Water (20"X24")
Sailing at Argenteuil (20"X24")
Saint Augustine and His Mother (20"X24")
Saint Catherine D (20"X24")
Saint John 30 (20"X24")
Saint John 91 (20"X24")
Saint Mark Enthroned (detail) (20"X24")
Saint Peter (20"X24")
Saint Praxidis (20"X24")
Saint Severin (20"X24")
Saint Thomas Aquinas Preaching Trust in God During a Tempest (20"X24")
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishops Grounds (20"X24")
Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (20"X24")
Salome and the Tigers (20"X24")
Salzburg Castle 5 (20"X24")
Samoan Landscape (20"X24")
San Francisco Sand Dunes and Lake merced (20"X24")
San Francisco Street (20"X24")
San Francisco, Down California Street (20"X24")
San Francisco, Lombard Street (20"X24")
San Francisco, Market Street (20"X24")
San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight (20"X24")
Sanssouci Palace (20"X24")
Santa Lucia (20"X24")
Santa Paula Valley (20"X24")
Santorini 51 (20"X24")
Santorini 52 (20"X24")
Santorini 53 (20"X24")
Santorini 53 (36"X48")
Santorini 55 (20"X24")
Santorini Terrace (20"X24")
Santorini Terrace (22"X26")
Sappho 93 (20"X24")
Sappho and Phaon (20"X24")
Sara Holding a Cat (20"X24")
Sara with Her Dog, in an Armchair (20"X24")
Saul and David (20"X24")
Sax Player 19 (20"X24")
Scarboro Gate (20"X24")
Scene in the Olden Time at Bolton Abbey (20"X24")
Scene on the Lower East Side (20"X24")
Scene Through the Window (20"X24")
Schooner in a Stormy Sea (20"X24")
Scorcio sul Tirreno (20"X24")
Scupper (20"X24")
Sea Breeze (20"X24")
Seals on the Rocks, Farallon Islands (20"X24")
Seaside Terrace (20"X24")
Seated Nude 67 (20"X24")
Secluded Mission, Santa Barbara (20"X24")
See Saw Margery Day (20"X24")
Self Portrait 2 (20"X24")
Self Portrait in a Grey Felt Hat (20"X24")
Self Portrait with a Pipe (20"X24")
Self Portrait with Yellow Christ (20"X24")
Self-Portrait (20"X24")
Sentier de la Mi-cote, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Seventy Years Ago (20"X24")
Seville Still Life (20"X24")
Shadow of Death (20"X24")
Shadows (20"X24")
Sharks 25 (20"X24")
Sharks 26 (20"X24")
Sheaves of Wheat in a Field (20"X24")
Sheds and Schonor Gloucester (20"X24")
Sheep in a Meadow 30 (20"X24")
Sheep Returning from Pasture (20"X24")
Sheep with Resting Lambs and Poultry in a Landscape (20"X24")
Shepardess and her Flock (20"X24")
Shepherd Piper (20"X24")
Shepherds Abiding in the Fields (20"X24")
Shinnecock Hills Autumn (20"X24")
Ship of the Line USS Ohio (20"X24")
Shipping (20"X24")
Shipping off Newlyn Harbour (20"X24")
Ships on the Zuiderzee Before the Fort of Naarden (20"X24")
Shoeing (20"X24")
Shore House 27 (20"X24")
Shore House 68 (20"X24")
Siberian Dogs in the Snow (20"X24")
Sibilia Cumaea (20"X24")
Sierra Nevada (20"X24")
Sierra Nevada Mountains (20"X24")
Silent Greetings (20"X24")
Silent Noon (20"X24")
Simchat Torah (Jewish ritual) (20"X24")
Singer with Glove (20"X24")
Single Handed (20"X24")
Sir Galahad 50 (20"X24")
Sisyrinchium Collinum (20"X24")
Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up (20"X24")
Sitzender Akt mit Kissen (20"X24")
Skipper Mick (20"X24")
Slave Auction (20"X24")
Sleepy Baby (20"X24")
Snake Charmers Bombay (20"X24")
Snow and Fog on the Grand Canal (20"X24")
Snow Effect with Setting Sun (20"X24")
Snow in New York (20"X24")
Snow on the Road, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Snows Effect on Damvillers (20"X24")
Snowy Garb of Sleeping Earth (20"X24")
Soccer (20"X24")
Society Evening (20"X24")
Solar Eclipse with Mona Lisa (20"X24")
Soldier 09 (20"X24")
Soliciting Votes (20"X24")
Something in the Air (20"X24")
Sonata (20"X24")
Sorting the Fish (20"X24")
Soul in Heaven (20"X24")
Souring City (20"X24")
Sous Les Saules (20"X24")
South Downs (20"X24")
Sower with Setting Sun (After Millet) (20"X24")
Spanish Dancer (20"X24")
Spanish Girl (20"X24")
Spanish Steps in Rome at Night (20"X24")
Spanish Steps in Rome at Twilight (20"X24")
Spanish Village 66 (20"X24")
Spirit of the Garden (20"X24")
Splash of Sunshine and Rain (20"X24")
Spring (detail 1) (20"X24")
Spring (detail 2) (20"X24")
Spring 1918 (20"X24")
Spring Awakening (20"X24")
Spring Flowers 92 (20"X24")
Spring in Franklin Park, Boston (20"X24")
Spring in Paris (20"X24")
Spring in the Country (20"X24")
Spring in Town (20"X24")
Spring Landscape 14 (20"X24")
Spring Plowing (20"X24")
Springtime 23 (20"X24")
Springtime at Giverny (20"X24")
Square in Argenteuil (20"X24")
St Marys Episcopal Church (20"X24")
St Sebastian (20"X24")
St. Anne (20"X24")
St. Anthony Abbot and St. Paul the Hermit (20"X24")
St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child (20"X24")
St. George and the Dragon the Princess Tied to the Tree (20"X24")
St. John in the Wilderness (Bacchus) (20"X24")
St. John the Baptist 05 (20"X24")
St. John the Baptist 17 (20"X24")
St. John the Baptist 48 (20"X24")
St. Maria d. Salute 08 (20"X24")
St. Maria d. Salute 91 (20"X24")
St. Maria d. Salute 92 (20"X24")
St. Maria d. Salute 93 (20"X24")
St. Mark (20"X24")
St. Mark s Square, Venice (20"X24")
St. Mary Magdalene (20"X24")
St. Marys Church Hadleigh (20"X24")
St. Michael (20"X24")
St. Paul Preaching in Athens (20"X24")
St. Peter s Rome 39 (20"X24")
St.George and the Dragon (20"X24")
Stallinneres (20"X24")
Stampede (20"X24")
Stapleton Park near Pontefract (20"X24")
Starlight Over the Rhone (20"X24")
Starry Night Village (20"X24")
Starting Out After Rail (20"X24")
Ste Agnes, South of France (20"X24")
Steamboats in the Port of Rouen (20"X24")
Stepping Stones (20"X24")
Steps by Lake Como (20"X24")
Stil Life with Omega Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life 01 (20"X24")
Still Life 03 (20"X24")
Still Life 1 (20"X24")
Still Life 10 (20"X24")
Still Life 16 (20"X24")
Still Life 26 (20"X24")
Still Life 53 (20"X24")
Still Life 56 (20"X24")
Still Life 56 (36"X48")
Still Life 58 (20"X24")
Still Life 62 (20"X24")
Still Life 64 (20"X24")
Still Life 8 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 65 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 67 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Grapes (20"X24")
Still Life Bottles (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit 02 (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit 10 (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit 15 (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit 16 (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit and Wine (20"X24")
Still Life Lemons (20"X24")
Still Life no.1 (20"X24")
Still Life no.2 (20"X24")
Still Life of Dahlias in a Vase (20"X24")
Still Life of Grapes, a Roemer, a Silver Ewer, and a Plate (20"X24")
Still Life of Roses (20"X24")
Still Life Roses (20"X24")
Still Life Violin and Music (20"X24")
Still life with a Coffee Pot (20"X24")
Still Life with a Statuette (20"X24")
Still Life with Apple Blossoms in a Nautilus Shell (20"X24")
Still Life with Apples (20"X24")
Still Life with Apples and Pitcher (20"X24")
Still Life with Banana and Pomegranate (20"X24")
Still Life with Bananas, Apple and Trout (20"X24")
Still Life with Bottle and Lemons on a Plate (20"X24")
Still Life With Bouquet (20"X24")
Still Life with Bust of Dante (20"X24")
Still Life with Cacti (20"X24")
Still Life with Fan (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers and Watch (20"X24")
Still Life with Four Jugs (20"X24")
Still Life with Fruit (20"X24")
Still Life with Fruit and Crystal Vase (20"X24")
Still Life with Fruit Basket (20"X24")
Still Life with Glass and Siphon (20"X24")
Still Life with Gloves and Pine Branch (20"X24")
Still Life with Hunting Equipment and Dead Bird (20"X24")
Still LIfe with Leda (20"X24")
Still Life with Letter to Thomas B Clarke (20"X24")
Still Life with Mandolin (20"X24")
Still Life with Open Bible (20"X24")
Still Life with Oranges (20"X24")
Still Life with Peaches and Bird (20"X24")
Still Life with Raspberries (20"X24")
Still Life with Sweet Peas (20"X24")
Still Life with Three Lemons (20"X24")
Still Life with Watermelon (20"X24")
Still Water (20"X24")
Stone City, Iowa (20"X24")
Store Front (20"X24")
Store Front (36"X48")
Store Front in Venice (20"X24")
Storm 1872 (20"X24")
Storm Aproaching (20"X24")
Storm in the Mountains (20"X24")
Stream in the Woods (20"X24")
Stream Through A Villiage (20"X24")
Street in Dresden (20"X24")
Street in Venice (20"X24")
Stringing Onions (20"X24")
Struck from the List (20"X24")
Studland Bay (20"X24")
Study for The Meadows Gloucester (20"X24")
Study of a Fig Tree (20"X24")
Study of and Mme Jules Guillemet (20"X24")
Study of Flags (20"X24")
Study of Florrie Bird for a Water Nymph (20"X24")
Study Torso Sunlight Effect (20"X24")
Subject From a Dyers Shop (20"X24")
Such is Life (20"X24")
Sulla Laguna (20"X24")
Summer 06 (20"X24")
Summer 78 (20"X24")
Summer Evening (20"X24")
Summer Issue (20"X24")
Summer Landscape 31 (20"X24")
Summer Landscape 51 (20"X24")
Summer Shower (20"X24")
Summer Surf (20"X24")
Summertime (20"X24")
Summertime in Gloucestershire (20"X24")
Sun God (20"X24")
Sun Rising through Vagour Fishermen Cleaning (20"X24")
Sunday, Laguna Beach (20"X24")
Sunflowers 01 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 10 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 4 (20"X24")
Sunflowers 94 (20"X24")
Sunlight Under the Poplars (20"X24")
Sunlit Forest 83 (20"X24")
Sunlit Forest 84 (20"X24")
Sunlit Garden (20"X24")
Sunlit Garden (36"X48")
Sunlit Villas (20"X24")
Sunny Afternoon on the Rocks (20"X24")
Sunny Day in Shinnecock (20"X24")
Sunset 06 (20"X24")
Sunset 06 (60"X72")
Sunset 16 (20"X24")
Sunset at Giverny (20"X24")
Sunset at Sea with a Thunder Storm (20"X24")
Sunset at St. Charles Eragny (20"X24")
Sunset in the Rockies (20"X24")
Sunset on Lake Leman (20"X24")
Sunset on the Moor (20"X24")
Sunset Over A Mountain Lake (20"X24")
Sunset Sail 89 (20"X24")
Sunset Sail 90 (20"X24")
Sunset Sail 92 (20"X24")
Sunset Sail 93 (20"X24")
Sunshine and Cherry Blossoms, Nogeyama, Yokohama (20"X24")
Sunspots (20"X24")
Supper at Emmaus 73 (20"X24")
Suprematism 42 (20"X24")
Supremus No. 56 (20"X24")
Surprise (20"X24")
Susie (20"X24")
Suspicious Smoke (20"X24")
Suzanna in the Bath (20"X24")
Swan Lake (20"X24")
Swans (20"X24")
Sweeping the Feathers (20"X24")
Sweet Dreams (20"X24")
Sweet Repose (20"X24")
Swimming (20"X24")
Swing (20"X24")
Swollen Stream at Shinnecoc (20"X24")
Symphony in Grey and Green the Ocean (20"X24")
Table for Two (20"X24")
Take the fair Face of Woman (20"X24")
Taking a Bow (20"X24")
Taking a Break from Plowing (20"X24")
Taking the Count (20"X24")
Tall Ship (20"X24")
Tamaraind (20"X24")
Taming of the Bulls (20"X24")
Taos Indian Drinking (20"X24")
Taradevi (20"X24")
Tavern (20"X24")
Te avae no Maria 16 (20"X24")
Te avae no Maria 17 (20"X24")
Te Rerioa (20"X24")
Tea Time 30 (20"X24")
Tea Time 33 (20"X24")
Tea Time 34 (20"X24")
Tea Time 96 (20"X24")
Teatime For Kittens (20"X24")
Tegernsee Landscape (20"X24")
Telephone (20"X24")
Tempting Sweets (20"X24")
Ten Nudes by a Waterfall (20"X24")
Tequendama Falls near Bogota New Granada (20"X24")
Terrace in Bellajio (20"X24")
Terrace in Portofino 00 (20"X24")
Terrace in Portofino 90 (20"X24")
Terrace in Portofino 90 (36"X48")
Terrace on Bellagio Bay 52 (20"X24")
Terrace on Bellagio Bay 52 (36"X48")
Terrace on The Mediterranean 24 (20"X24")
Terrace on the Mediterranean 81 (20"X24")
Terrace View to the Bay 20 (20"X24")
Terrier with Ball (20"X24")
The 9th Wave (20"X24")
The Accomplishment (20"X24")
The Admiring Glance (20"X24")
The Afternoon Meal (20"X24")
The Alahambra (20"X24")
The Allegory of the Faith (20"X24")
The Alyscamps (20"X24")
The Amalfi Coast (20"X24")
The Amber Necklace (20"X24")
The American Clipper Architect (20"X24")
The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (20"X24")
The Annunciation 05 (20"X24")
The Annunciation 28 (20"X24")
The Annunciation 50 (20"X24")
The Annunciation 81 (20"X24")
The Antiquary Shop (20"X24")
The Apotheosis of Homer (20"X24")
The Apotheosis of the Slavs (20"X24")
The Appraisal (20"X24")
The Arc of Triumph (20"X24")
The Arc of Triumph, Autumn Effect (20"X24")
The Archangel Leaving the Family of Tobias (20"X24")
The Arena at Arles (20"X24")
The Art Connoisseur (20"X24")
The Art of Painting (20"X24")
The Artillerymen (20"X24")
The Artist 34 (20"X24")
The Artist Garden at Eragny (20"X24")
The Artist s Studio (20"X24")
The Artist s Studioartist (20"X24")
The Artist s Wife (20"X24")
The Artists Garden at Vetheui (20"X24")
The Assumption of the Virgin 07 (20"X24")
The Astronomer (20"X24")
The Autumnal Woods (20"X24")
The Awaited Letter (20"X24")
The Awakening Desert (20"X24")
The Baby (20"X24")
The Balcony 18 (20"X24")
The Ball of yarn (20"X24")
The Ball of yarn (30"X36")
The Balloon (20"X24")
The Banks of the Bievre near Bicetre (20"X24")
The Banks of the Oise (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ (detail) 18 (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ (detail) 29 (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ 85 (20"X24")
The Baptism of Kievans (20"X24")
The Bass Rock (20"X24")
The Bather 00 (20"X24")
The Bathers 25 (20"X24")
The Bathers 59 (20"X24")
The Bathers 86 (20"X24")
The Bathers 93 (20"X24")
The Bathroom (20"X24")
The Baths of Caraculla (20"X24")
The Battle of Harba (20"X24")
The Bay of Naples 16 (20"X24")
The Bayberry Bush (20"X24")
The Beach at Biarritz (20"X24")
The Beach at Etretat (20"X24")
The Beach at Sainte Adresse (20"X24")
The Beggar (20"X24")
The Belfry of Doua (20"X24")
The Bethrothal Still Life (20"X24")
The Big Dory 52 (20"X24")
The Big Dory 70 (20"X24")
The Birth of Christ (20"X24")
The Birth of Venus 01 (20"X24")
The Birth of Venus 16 (20"X24")
The Black Clock (20"X24")
The Blacksmith (20"X24")
The Blacksmiths Shop (20"X24")
The Blind Begar (20"X24")
The Blinding of Samson (20"X24")
The Blue Bow (20"X24")
The Blue Dress (20"X24")
The Blue Pool (20"X24")
The Boatmen (20"X24")
The Boer War (20"X24")
The Boieldiieu Bridge at Rouen (20"X24")
The Bravo (20"X24")
The Bride (20"X24")
The Bridge at Grez 54 (20"X24")
The Bridge of Maincy Near Melun (20"X24")
The Brook (20"X24")
The Cafe Regulars (20"X24")
The Caged Bird (20"X24")
The Call to Arms (20"X24")
The Call to Arms (30"X36")
The Calling of St Matthew (20"X24")
The Campfire (20"X24")
The Cannon Shot (20"X24")
The Cape Martin (20"X24")
The Capitol (36"X48")
The Captain Daughter (20"X24")
The Caravans Gypsy Camp near Arles (20"X24")
The Cardinal Infante (20"X24")
The Cardsharps (20"X24")
The Carpet Merchant (20"X24")
The Castle of Muiden in Winter (20"X24")
The Catapault (20"X24")
The Cats Paw (20"X24")
The Champs-Elysees, The Arc of Triumph (20"X24")
The Chase 06 (20"X24")
The Chase 09 (20"X24")
The Chase 10 (20"X24")
The Chase 13 (20"X24")
The Chateau (20"X24")
The Chess Game (20"X24")
The Childhood of Walter Raleigh (20"X24")
The Children Playing (20"X24")
The Chinese Fishmonger (20"X24")
The Church at Vetheuil (20"X24")
The Church of St. Jacques at Dieppe (20"X24")
The City in White (20"X24")
The Cliff at Etretat After the Storm (20"X24")
The Close of a Summer (20"X24")
The Closing of an Autumn Day (20"X24")
The Colosseum in Rome (20"X24")
The Colossus of Memnon (20"X24")
The Combat of Mars and Minerva (20"X24")
The Concealed Enemy (20"X24")
The Concert 56 (20"X24")
The Confession (20"X24")
The Confidence at the Admision (20"X24")
The Contest For The Bouquet (20"X24")
The Conversation (20"X24")
The Conversion of Saint Paul 22 (20"X24")
The Conversion of Saint Paul 64 (20"X24")
The conversion of Saul (detail) (20"X24")
The Coronation of the Virgin (20"X24")
The Cottage Door (20"X24")
The Count Duke of Olivares on Horseback (20"X24")
The Couriers (20"X24")
The Course of the Empire (20"X24")
The Courtship 05 (20"X24")
The Courtship 72 (20"X24")
The Courtship of Paris and Helen (detail) 59 (20"X24")
The Courtyard in Arles (20"X24")
The Courtyard in Arles (36"X48")
The Crown of Roses (20"X24")
The Crucifixion 04 (20"X24")
The Crucifixion 33 (20"X24")
The Crucifixion 62 (20"X24")
The Customs Post (20"X24")
The Damsel and Orlando (20"X24")
The Danaides (20"X24")
The Dance Hall at Arles (20"X24")
The Dancer 02 (20"X24")
The Dancers 39 (20"X24")
The Dancers 50 (20"X24")
The Day of the Dead (20"X24")
The Dead Sea (20"X24")
The Death of Amfortas (20"X24")
The Death of Arthur (20"X24")
The Death of Bara (20"X24")
The Death of Francesca and Paolo (20"X24")
The Death of Germanicus (20"X24")
The Death of Nelson (20"X24")
The Death of Seneca (20"X24")
The Delphic Sibyl (20"X24")
The Delphic Sibyl (detail) (20"X24")
The Departure 94 (20"X24")
The Deposition (20"X24")
The Desperate Man the Man Made by Fear (20"X24")
The Dog of the Regiment Wounded (20"X24")
The Downpour (20"X24")
The Dream 57 (20"X24")
The Dream of Launcelot at the Chapel of the San Graal (20"X24")
The Dream of St Joseph (20"X24")
The Dress with Foliage (20"X24")
The drinkers Paris (20"X24")
The Duke of Ancaster s Bay Stallion Blank (20"X24")
The Ecclesiastical Transition (20"X24")
The Ecstasy of Saint Catherine (20"X24")
The Ecstasy of St Paul (20"X24")
The Environs of Paris (20"X24")
The Epsom Derby (20"X24")
The Epte in Giverny (20"X24")
The Erythraean Sibyl (20"X24")
The Exposition of Moses (20"X24")
The Expression on Joseph (20"X24")
The Expulsion of Adam and Eve (20"X24")
The Faithful Colt (20"X24")
The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons (20"X24")
The Fall of Man (20"X24")
The Fall of Phaeton (20"X24")
The Fall of the Rebels Angels (20"X24")
The Falls (20"X24")
The Family (20"X24")
The Family of the Artist (20"X24")
The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis (20"X24")
The Farm Prarie Dell (20"X24")
The Fated Calf (20"X24")
The Ferry (20"X24")
The Festival of St Swithin (20"X24")
The First Journey of Victory (20"X24")
The First Mourning (20"X24")
The Fishermens Departure (20"X24")
The Fisherwoman (20"X24")
The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (20"X24")
The Flirtation 26 (20"X24")
The Flower Festival (20"X24")
The Flower Garden in Laguna (20"X24")
The Flower Seller 41 (20"X24")
The Flower Seller 45 (20"X24")
The Flower Shop (20"X24")
The Flower Shop (22"X26")
The Flying Cloud (20"X24")
The Fool Who Would Please Everyone (20"X24")
The Football Players (20"X24")
The Forest (20"X24")
The Fortune Teller 20 (20"X24")
The Fountain Villa Torlonia Frascati Italy (20"X24")
The Fountaine Family (20"X24")
The Four Breton Girls 62 (20"X24")
The Four Breton Girls 64 (20"X24")
The Four Continents (20"X24")
The Friendly Gossips (20"X24")
The Gallery of H.M.S. Calcutta (20"X24")
The Game of Chance (20"X24")
The Gamekeeper (20"X24")
The Garden at Argenteuil (20"X24")
The Garden of Pan (20"X24")
The Garden of Promise 12 (20"X24")
The Garden of Promise 12 (36"X48")
The Gardeners (20"X24")
The Gare Saint Lazare Arrival of a Train (20"X24")
The Genius of Greek Poetry (20"X24")
The Gennevilliers Plain Seen from Argenteuil (20"X24")
The Geographer (20"X24")
The Girl with a Wine Glass (20"X24")
The Girl with the Seagulls (20"X24")
The Glade (20"X24")
The Gold Scab (20"X24")
The Good Samaritan (20"X24")
The Gouden Leeuw (20"X24")
The Grand Canal 36 (20"X24")
The Grand Canal at the Salute Church (20"X24")
The Grand Canal Venice (20"X24")
The Grand Canal, Venice 12 (20"X24")
The Grand Canyon (20"X24")
The Grand Dock at Le Havre (20"X24")
The Grave of William Penn (20"X24")
The Great American West (20"X24")
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman (20"X24")
The Grouse Shoot (20"X24")
The Guitar Player (20"X24")
The Hammam (20"X24")
The Hammock (20"X24")
The Happy Family (20"X24")
The Happy Isle (20"X24")
The Harem Bath 32 (20"X24")
The Harem Bath 70 (20"X24")
The Harem Bath by Ernst Rudolph 56 (20"X24")
The Harem Beauty (20"X24")
The Harvest Wagon (20"X24")
The Harvester (20"X24")
The Harvesters (20"X24")
The Head of a Nymph (20"X24")
The Hermitage at Pontoise 24 (20"X24")
The Hermitage at Pontoise 30 (20"X24")
The Highland Nurses (20"X24")
The Hill of Calvary (20"X24")
The Holy Family 26 (20"X24")
The Holy Family 28 (20"X24")
The Holy Family 97 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with Angels 96 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with St. Anne 23 (20"X24")
The Honeymoon Breakfast (20"X24")
The Horoscope (20"X24")
The Horse Race (20"X24")
The Horsewoman (20"X24")
The House at Rueil (20"X24")
The Housewife (20"X24")
The Hunt 11 (20"X24")
The Hunt 12 (20"X24")
The Hunt 23 (20"X24")
The hunted Cellar (who s Afraid) (20"X24")
The Hunters in the Snow (20"X24")
The Hunters Return 59 (20"X24")
The Hunters Return 59 (30"X36")
The Hunting of Chevy Chase (20"X24")
The Incredulity of St. Thomas (20"X24")
The Inspiration of the Poet 47 (20"X24")
The Interrupted Sleep (20"X24")
The Island of Saint-Denis (20"X24")
The Italian Goatherd Evening (20"X24")
The Japanese Bridge in Giverny (20"X24")
The Jazz Singer 16 (20"X24")
The Jetty at le Havre Bad Weather (20"X24")
The Jeweled Hills (20"X24")
The Jewelry Maker (20"X24")
The Jolly Flatboatmen (20"X24")
The Judgement of Solomon (20"X24")
The Judgment of Paris 52 (20"X24")
The Kichen Table (20"X24")
The King and the Beggar-maid (20"X24")
The King s Wife (20"X24")
The Kiss (20"X24")
The Kiss (detail) 36 (20"X24")
The Kitchen Boy (20"X24")
The Kitchen Garden Yerres (20"X24")
The Laborer (20"X24")
The Lacemaker 53 (20"X24")
The Lacemaker 87 (20"X24")
The Lacemakers (20"X24")
The Lady Fertility (20"X24")
The Lady of Shalott 23 (20"X24")
The Lament (20"X24")
The Land Baby (20"X24")
The Landing of Columbus (20"X24")
The Landing of Marie de Medici at Marseilles (20"X24")
The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing 13 (20"X24")
The Last Communion of St. Francis (20"X24")
The Last Judgment 30 (20"X24")
The Last of the Mohicans (20"X24")
The Last Stage on the Portsmouth Road (20"X24")
The Lei Maker (20"X24")
The Lesson (20"X24")
The Libreria (20"X24")
The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons (20"X24")
The Light of Peace (20"X24")
The Lily (20"X24")
The Lion Hunter (20"X24")
The Little Dancer (20"X24")
The Little Fighters (20"X24")
The Little Fruit Seller (20"X24")
The Little Street (20"X24")
The Lobster Pot (20"X24")
The Lone Tenement (20"X24")
The Longing for Happiness (20"X24")
The Longing for Happiness (detail) (20"X24")
The Loom (20"X24")
The Lory (20"X24")
The Love letter 52 (20"X24")
The Lovers (20"X24")
The Lovers (Petite) (20"X24")
The Lucky Dogs (20"X24")
The Lunch (20"X24")
The Luncheon 04 (20"X24")
The Luncheon 08 (20"X24")
The Luncheon 08 (36"X48")
The Luncheon 23 (20"X24")
The Luncheon 75 (20"X24")
The Luncheon in the Studio (20"X24")
The Luncheon of the Boating Party (detail) 49 (20"X24")
The Luncheon of the Boating Party 48 (20"X24")
The Machine at Marly (20"X24")
The Macke Garden at Bonn (20"X24")
The Madness of Sir Tristram (20"X24")
The Madonna of the Fish (20"X24")
The Madonna of the Roses (20"X24")
The Mall Central Park (20"X24")
The Man on the Balcony (20"X24")
The Manicure (20"X24")
The Marriage at Cana (20"X24")
The Martyrdom of St. Livinus (20"X24")
The Massacre at Chios (20"X24")
The Massacre of the Innocents (20"X24")
The Matyr of the Solway (20"X24")
The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek (20"X24")
The Message (20"X24")
The Milkmaid (20"X24")
The Mill 04 (20"X24")
The Mill 56 (20"X24")
The Milliner (The Morning) (20"X24")
The Minotaur (20"X24")
The Mirror 35 (20"X24")
The Model 85 (20"X24")
The Model 96 (20"X24")
The Model and the mannequin (20"X24")
The Moneychanger (20"X24")
The Monkey Who Had Seen the World (20"X24")
The Moorish Guard (20"X24")
The Moorish Smoker (20"X24")
The Moose Hunt (20"X24")
The Moraine (20"X24")
The Morning After (20"X24")
The Morning Ride (20"X24")
The Moulin David (20"X24")
The Mountain Brook (20"X24")
The Muse (20"X24")
The Music Lesson (20"X24")
The Music Room 05 (20"X24")
The Musical Contest (20"X24")
The Musician 10 (20"X24")
The Musician 98 (20"X24")
The Musicians 20 (20"X24")
The Nativity (20"X24")
The Natural Bridge Virginia (20"X24")
The Nest 91 (20"X24")
The New Arrival (20"X24")
The Night Watch (20"X24")
The Nubian Giraffe (20"X24")
The Nursery (20"X24")
The Nurture of Jupiter (20"X24")
The Oath of the Horatii (20"X24")
The Odalisk (20"X24")
The Old Church by the River (20"X24")
The Old Hall Under Moonlight (20"X24")
The Old Market Place in Rouen (20"X24")
The Old Mills of Brookville (20"X24")
The Old Oak 79 (20"X24")
The Old Oak 79 (30"X40")
The Old Old Story 57 (20"X24")
The Old Post Office (20"X24")
The Olive Grove (20"X24")
The Orgy (20"X24")
The Otter Hunt (20"X24")
The Oyster Gathere (20"X24")
The Painter in His Studio (20"X24")
The Painter s Honeymoon (20"X24")
The Painter s Window (20"X24")
The Parson s Kitten (20"X24")
The Path of Charmettes (20"X24")
The Peaceable Kingdom (20"X24")
The peacock fan (20"X24")
The Penitent Magdalen (20"X24")
The Perfume (20"X24")
The Perseus Series the Doom Fulfilled (20"X24")
The Personification of Echo (20"X24")
The Pet Canaries (20"X24")
The Pianist (20"X24")
The Piano (20"X24")
The Piazza and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore 51 (20"X24")
The Picnic 82 (20"X24")
The Picture Gallery (20"X24")
The Pieta, Mary Lamenting the Dead Christ (20"X24")
The Pink Cape (20"X24")
The Pink Dress (20"X24")
The Pink Rose (20"X24")
The Pipelighte (20"X24")
The Place of Saint Germain (20"X24")
The Place of Saint jean in Nemours (20"X24")
The Plaster Kiln (20"X24")
The Playful Kittens (20"X24")
The Playground (20"X24")
The Polish Rider (20"X24")
The Pool (20"X24")
The Poor Poet (20"X24")
The Power of Love in the Three Elements (20"X24")
The Pretty Maid (20"X24")
The Prison Courtyard (20"X24")
The Procession to Calvary (20"X24")
The Procuress (20"X24")
The Prodigal Son the Return (20"X24")
The Property Room (20"X24")
The Proposal (20"X24")
The Public Garden (20"X24")
The Purple Stocking (20"X24")
The Queen in Hamlet (20"X24")
The Queen of Hearts (20"X24")
The Quest for the Holy Grail (20"X24")
The Raising of Lazarus (20"X24")
The Rambler (20"X24")
The Rape of Europa 12 (20"X24")
The Rape of Europa 30 (20"X24")
The Reconciliation over the Bodies of Romeo and Juliet (20"X24")
The Red Boats Argenteuil (20"X24")
The Red Bridge in Vernon (20"X24")
The Red Roofs (20"X24")
The Red Tour (20"X24")
The Refectory with the Last Supper (20"X24")
The Regatta Beating to Windward (20"X24")
The Remorse of Orestes (20"X24")
The Representatives of Foreign Powers (20"X24")
The Residence of David Twining (20"X24")
The Ressurection (20"X24")
The rest on the Flight into Egypt (20"X24")
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt (20"X24")
The Restaurant dela Sirene (20"X24")
The Resurrection (20"X24")
The Return (20"X24")
The Return of the Herd (20"X24")
The Return of the Prodigal Son 87 (20"X24")
The Rialto Grand (20"X24")
The Ring (20"X24")
The Ripened Wheat (20"X24")
The Rise (20"X24")
The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen (20"X24")
The Rising of the Sun (20"X24")
The Riverbank at Gennevilliers (20"X24")
The Road to Louveciennes (20"X24")
The Road to Vetheuil (20"X24")
The Rocks near Pourville at Ebb Tide (20"X24")
The Roman Campagna in Winter (20"X24")
The Roses of Heliogabalus (20"X24")
The Sacred Forest (20"X24")
The Sacrifice of Isaac 30 (20"X24")
The Sage (20"X24")
The Salmon (20"X24")
The Salmon (30"X40")
The Sanctuary (20"X24")
The Sax Player (20"X24")
The Schuffenecker Family (20"X24")
The Sea at Fecamp (20"X24")
The Sea Nymph (20"X24")
The Sea of Ice (20"X24")
The Seed of the Areoi (20"X24")
The Seine at Asnieres (20"X24")
The Seine at Bougival in the Evening (20"X24")
The Seine at Bougival in the Evening1 (20"X24")
The Seine at Port Villez (20"X24")
The Seine at Rouen (20"X24")
The Serenade 28 (20"X24")
The Sermon on the Mount (20"X24")
The Setting of the Sun (20"X24")
The Shepherds (20"X24")
The Shipwreck (20"X24")
The Sick Chicken (20"X24")
The Siege of Jerusalem (20"X24")
The Siene with the Pont de la Grande Jatte (20"X24")
The Siphon (20"X24")
The Song (20"X24")
The Sorrowing Soul between Doubt and Faith (20"X24")
The Souliot Women (20"X24")
The Spanish Singer The Guitar Player (20"X24")
The Stolen Kiss (20"X24")
The Stone Operation (20"X24")
The Stonemasons Yard (20"X24")
The Stoning of Stephen (20"X24")
The Story Teller (20"X24")
The Stream of Robec Rouen (20"X24")
The Street Singer (20"X24")
The Studio Boat 06 (20"X24")
The Studio Boat 07 (20"X24")
The Sultan (20"X24")
The Sunday Walk (20"X24")
The Sweet Siesta of a Summer Day (20"X24")
The Swing 18 (20"X24")
The Swing 90 (20"X24")
The Table (20"X24")
The Team on the Shore in Amsterdam (20"X24")
The Tepidarium (20"X24")
The Terrace (20"X24")
The Thames in Ice (20"X24")
The Thanksgiving of Noah (20"X24")
The Third Gallery at the Theatre du Chalet (20"X24")
The Three Ages of Woman (detail) 49 (20"X24")
The Three Graces 52 (20"X24")
The Three Graces 74 (20"X24")
The Three Graces Dancing with a Faun (20"X24")
The Three Horses (20"X24")
The Three Marys (20"X24")
The Tiger Hunt (20"X24")
The Time of The Lilacs (20"X24")
The Time of Their Lives (20"X24")
The Titan s Goblet (20"X24")
The Toilet of Venus 01 (20"X24")
The Toilet of Venus 1 (20"X24")
The Toilette Woman Combing Her Hair (20"X24")
The Tourist and the Fisherwoman (20"X24")
The Tower of Babel (20"X24")
The Town of Dordrecht (20"X24")
The Trail of the Cougar (20"X24")
The Train in the Snow (20"X24")
The Train, Bedford Park (20"X24")
The Transfiguration 70 (20"X24")
The Tree of Crows (20"X24")
The Tribe (20"X24")
The Tribute Money (20"X24")
The Trinity Adored by the Duke of Mantua (20"X24")
The Trinquetaille Bridge (20"X24")
The Triumph of David (20"X24")
The Triumph of Neptune (20"X24")
The Tropic Zone (20"X24")
The Tuileries Gardens, Paris (20"X24")
The Turkeys (20"X24")
The Turn of the Road (20"X24")
The Turned Over Waste Paper Basket (20"X24")
The Turtle Dove Small (20"X24")
The Two Farmers (20"X24")
The Two Invalids (20"X24")
The Unicorns (20"X24")
The Union of Earth and Water (20"X24")
The Valley of Falaise (20"X24")
The Venetian Model (20"X24")
The victorious David (20"X24")
The Virgin and Child with St Anne (detail) 22 (20"X24")
The Virgin Baby Jesus and Saint 41 (20"X24")
The Virgin Baby Jesus and Saint 42 (20"X24")
The Virgin Loving Christ (20"X24")
The Virgin with the Veil (20"X24")
The Waitress (20"X24")
The Walk to Champs Elysees (20"X24")
The Walls of Jerusalem (20"X24")
The Waltz (20"X24")
The Water Lily Pond Pink Harmony (20"X24")
The Water Nymph 38 (20"X24")
The Waterfall (20"X24")
The Wave (20"X24")
The Way Home (20"X24")
The Wetterhorn (20"X24")
The Wheatfield (20"X24")
The White Hat (20"X24")
The White House at Night (20"X24")
The White Parasol (20"X24")
The Wispering Noon (20"X24")
The Witchcraft (20"X24")
The Women in the Garden (20"X24")
The Women of Algiers (20"X24")
The wonded Trupeter (20"X24")
The Woods (20"X24")
The Woods in Spring (20"X24")
The Woodstock Church (20"X24")
The Wounded Officer of the Imperial Guard (20"X24")
The Wrestlers 10 (20"X24")
The Wrestlers 21 (20"X24")
The Yellow Christ (20"X24")
The Yosemite (20"X24")
The Young Amphibians (20"X24")
The Young Beggar (20"X24")
The Young Sheep Tenders (20"X24")
Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President, Painted by Rembrandt Peale (20"X24")
Thornberry s Pasture Brooklyn Indiana (20"X24")
Three Ladies Making Music (20"X24")
Three Ladies on the Terrace (20"X24")
Three Masted Ship in Port (20"X24")
Three Setters on the Scent (20"X24")
Through Calm and Frosty Air (20"X24")
Tiger Hunt (20"X24")
Tiger in a Tropical Storm (20"X24")
Till Death Us Do Part (20"X24")
Time to wake up (20"X24")
Tivoli Waterfalls (20"X24")
Toast to the Heir Presumptive (20"X24")
Toilette (20"X24")
Tompkins Park Brooklyn (20"X24")
Too Early (20"X24")
Toros (20"X24")
Torrent (20"X24")
Torso Before the Bath The Toilette (20"X24")
Tour de France 97 (20"X24")
Tour de France 98 (20"X24")
Tour de France 99 (20"X24")
Tour Eiffel et Champ de Mars (20"X24")
Towerbridge (20"X24")
Town at Suset (20"X24")
Toys (20"X24")
Trail Through Deep Woods (20"X24")
Training the Dog (20"X24")
Tranquil Creek (20"X24")
Traumendes Pferd (20"X24")
Treeline at Dusk (20"X24")
Trees at Gertz (20"X24")
Trees in a Field (20"X24")
Trees in Park (20"X24")
Trevor (20"X24")
Tribute to Louis Pasteur (20"X24")
Tristan and Isolde with the Potion (20"X24")
Tropical Beach (20"X24")
Tropical Breeze (20"X24")
Tropical Port (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 10 (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 54 (20"X24")
Tropical Scene 54 (60"X72")
Tropical Setting 02 (20"X24")
Tropical Setting 05 (20"X24")
Tropical Sunset (20"X24")
Trout Stream and Mountains 26 (20"X24")
Trout Stream and Mountains 35 (20"X24")
Tucans 35 (20"X24")
Tucans 37 (20"X24")
Tucans 39 (20"X24")
Tulip Fields With the Rijnsburg Windmill (20"X24")
Tulips and Statuettes (20"X24")
Turbulent Sea with Ships (20"X24")
Turkish Bath with Self Portrait (20"X24")
Turkish Woman Bathing (20"X24")
Turning Water to Wine (20"X24")
Turnip Gatherers (20"X24")
Turquoise, Rose, and Gold (20"X24")
Turtles (20"X24")
Tuscan Hills 37 (20"X24")
Tuscan Landscape (20"X24")
Tuscan View (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 13 (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 30 (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 30 (36"X48")
Tuscan Vineyard 33 (20"X24")
Tuscany 02 (20"X24")
Tuscany 04 (20"X24")
Tuscany 80 (20"X24")
Tut and Goddess Iris (20"X24")
Tutankhamun Boy King of Egypt (20"X24")
Two Bathers (20"X24")
Two Bathing Girls (20"X24")
Two Cats (20"X24")
Two Cats Fighting (20"X24")
Two Cypress (20"X24")
Two Figures (20"X24")
Two Foxhound Couples in a Kennel (20"X24")
Two Horses 63 (20"X24")
Two Jypsies (20"X24")
Two Jypsies (30"X40")
Two Kittens (20"X24")
Two Monkeys in the Jungle (20"X24")
Two Nautch Girls (20"X24")
Two Owls (20"X24")
Two Peasant Women in the Peat Field (20"X24")
Two Pointers in a Landscape 01 (20"X24")
Two Roses on a Tablecloth (20"X24")
Two Setters in a Landscape (20"X24")
Two Setters, 1927 (20"X24")
Two Sisters 13 (20"X24")
Two Sisters 84 (20"X24")
Two Sisters on the Terrace (20"X24")
Two Tahitian Women (20"X24")
Two Wild Tigers (20"X24")
Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows (20"X24")
Two Women at a Window (20"X24")
Ulysses and the Sirens (20"X24")
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President, Painted by Thur de Thulstrup (20"X24")
Umbrellas (20"X24")
Un Jour en Ete (20"X24")
Une escrimeuse woman fencer (20"X24")
Une Place Animee a Paris (20"X24")
Unloading Coal (20"X24")
Untitled 17 (20"X24")
Untitled 23 (20"X24")
Untitled 25 (20"X24")
Untitled 75 (20"X24")
Up A Tree (20"X24")
Ushuaia lighthouse (20"X24")
Vairumati (20"X24")
Valencian Fisherman (20"X24")
Valley Afternoon (20"X24")
Valley Farm (20"X24")
Vallkulla (20"X24")
Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers (20"X24")
Vanity 11 (20"X24")
Vanity 27 (20"X24")
Varenna Vista 42 (20"X24")
Varenna Vista 43 (20"X24")
Variation (20"X24")
Vase and Apples 88 (20"X24")
Vase and Apples 88 (36"X48")
Vase and Apples 89 (20"X24")
Vase and Apples 89 (36"X48")
Vase and Fruit 80 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 82 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 85 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 87 (20"X24")
Vase Fountain Pocantico (20"X24")
Vase of Chrysanthemums (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers 05 (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers 55 (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers with Pocket Watch (20"X24")
Vase of Nasturtiums with Dance (20"X24")
Vasel (20"X24")
Veil (20"X24")
Vendor in Paris. (20"X24")
Vendor in Paris. (36"X48")
Venerdi Piazzetta at Night (20"X24")
Venetian Canal 74 (20"X24")
Venetian Fruit Market (20"X24")
Venetian Lagoon the Church of St. Maria della Salute (20"X24")
Venetian Terrace 21 (20"X24")
Venetian-Canal-(Enhanced) (20"X24")
Venice 02 (20"X24")
Venice 1877 (20"X24")
Venice 37 (20"X24")
Venice 76 (20"X24")
Venice Grand Canal View 07 (20"X24")
Venice Grand Canal View 11 (20"X24")
Venice in Gray Weather (20"X24")
Venice in Spring (20"X24")
Venice Palazzo Labia (20"X24")
Venice San Guirgio from the Dogana Sunrise (20"X24")
Venice Scene (20"X24")
Venice Scene 02 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 78 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 79 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 80 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 81 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 98 (20"X24")
Venice Scene 99 (20"X24")
Venician Balcony (20"X24")
Venus and Cupid 76 (20"X24")
Venus at a Mirror (20"X24")
Venus at her Toilet (20"X24")
Venus Blindfolding Cupid (20"X24")
Venus Consoling Love (20"X24")
Venus Consoling Love (36"X48")
Venus Frigida (20"X24")
Versailles, France (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 02 (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 96 (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 99 (20"X24")
View from Bellagio (20"X24")
View from the Mussel Pier in Amsterdam (20"X24")
View from the Quai Henri IV (20"X24")
View from the Terrace of a Villa at Niton Isle (20"X24")
View of a Harbour (20"X24")
View of a Streer in Nagybanya (20"X24")
View of Arles (20"X24")
View of Auvers (20"X24")
View of Capri (20"X24")
View of Delft (20"X24")
View of Malakoff Paris Region (20"X24")
View of Pincio Italy (20"X24")
View of Ripetta Rome (20"X24")
View of Rooftops and Gardens (20"X24")
View of the Bridge Sevres (20"X24")
View of the Fortifications (20"X24")
View of the Ile Saint-Louis (20"X24")
View of the New Building of the Sacre-Cour, Paris (20"X24")
View of Tuscany (20"X24")
View of Venice 33 (20"X24")
View on the Catskill Early Autumn (20"X24")
View Over the Bay from Palermo (20"X24")
View to Amalfi Coast 08 (20"X24")
View to Amalfi Coast 08 (36"X48")
View to St. Marks Square Venice (20"X24")
View to the Amalfi Coast (20"X24")
View to the Bay 05 (20"X24")
View to the Bay 6 (20"X24")
View to the Mediterranean 02 (20"X24")
View to the Mediterranean 22 (20"X24")
View to the Sea 63 (20"X24")
Vila on the Italian Coast 21 (20"X24")
Vila on the Italian Coast 25 (20"X24")
Villa Capriani Archway (20"X24")
Villa Lake Como (20"X24")
Villa R (20"X24")
Village by the Stream (20"X24")
Village by the Stream (30"X40")
Village in Tuscany (20"X24")
Village Musicians (20"X24")
Village Street (20"X24")
Village with Mountains (20"X24")
Villas a Trouville (20"X24")
Villas in Bordighera (20"X24")
Vincent House in Arles (20"X24")
Vincent s Chair with Pipe (20"X24")
Vineyard 59 (20"X24")
Vineyard 59 (36"X48")
Vineyard 60 (20"X24")
Virgin and Child Adored by Saint Francis 87 (20"X24")
Virgin in Adoration before the Christ Child (20"X24")
Virgin Mary and Child (20"X24")
Virgin of the Rocks (detail) (20"X24")
Vista de la Iglesia de As (20"X24")
Vista de Nantes (20"X24")
Vista Mediterranean 07 (20"X24")
Vista Mediterranean 07 (36"X48")
Vista Mediterranean 53 (20"X24")
Vista Mediterranean 53 (36"X48")
Vista Riviera 32 (20"X24")
Vista Riviera 40 (20"X24")
Volendam Street Scene (20"X24")
Volterra Church and Bell Tower (20"X24")
Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas (20"X24")
Waiting (20"X24")
Waiting for Master (20"X24")
Walkway by the Bay 34 (20"X24")
Walkway by the Bay 37 (20"X24")
Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (20"X24")
Warior (20"X24")
Warm Afternoon (20"X24")
Wash Day Bavaria (20"X24")
Washerinnen am Brunnen (20"X24")
Washerwomen at Pont-Aven (20"X24")
Washerwomen below a Bridge (20"X24")
Washerwomen near a Bridge (20"X24")
Washerwomen on Etretat (20"X24")
Washington Arch Spring (20"X24")
Watching the Fish, Granja (20"X24")
Water Lilies 14 (20"X24")
Water Lilies 15 (20"X24")
Water Lilies 21 (20"X24")
Water Lilies 22 (20"X24")
Water Lilies Clouds (20"X24")
Water Lillies Pond (20"X24")
Waterbaby (20"X24")
Watering the Garden (20"X24")
Weary (20"X24")
Weeping Willow (20"X24")
Welcome Gate 51 (20"X24")
Western Trail (20"X24")
Westphalian Watermill (20"X24")
Wetterhorn from Grindelwald, Switzerland (20"X24")
Whales (20"X24")
Wharfedale (20"X24")
What (20"X24")
What Is It (20"X24")
Wheat Field (20"X24")
Wheat Field with a Lark (20"X24")
Wheat Field with Cypress (20"X24")
White and Blue Peacocks (20"X24")
White Arabian (20"X24")
White Chest Bird (20"X24")
White Horse in Pasture (20"X24")
White Mountains, New Hampshire (20"X24")
White Stallion 86 (20"X24")
White Stallion in Nevada (20"X24")
White-tailed Kite (20"X24")
Wild Horses 61 (20"X24")
Wild Horses 83 (20"X24")
Wild on Blue (20"X24")
Wild Orchids (20"X24")
Wilderness Creek 67 (20"X24")
Wilderness Trail (20"X24")
William Howard Taft, 27th President, Painted by Anders Zorn (20"X24")
William Rush Carving His Allegorical (20"X24")
William Wollaston (20"X24")
Willows and Wildflowers (20"X24")
Wind Swept Sands Shinnecock Long Island (20"X24")
Windmills, Dordrecht (20"X24")
Windsor Castle in Modern Times (20"X24")
Windsurfing (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 25 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 27 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 28 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 32 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 33 (20"X24")
Wine Bottles 21 (20"X24")
Wineglasses (20"X24")
Winifred Gill by the Pool at Durbins (20"X24")
Winter at Giverny (20"X24")
Winter At Portland (20"X24")
Winter in Brookville (20"X24")
Winter Landscape with Church (20"X24")
Winter Landscape with Coal (20"X24")
Winter Landscape with Peasant Woman and Child (20"X24")
Winter Wonderland 46 (20"X24")
With-Two-Dromedaries-and-a-Donkey (20"X24")
Wolves (20"X24")
Woman at the Well (20"X24")
Woman Brushing a Garment (20"X24")
Woman by the Sea (20"X24")
Woman Combing Her Hair (20"X24")
Woman Dressing 84 (20"X24")
Woman Dressing 84 (22"X26")
Woman Holding a Balance (20"X24")
Woman in a Boat (20"X24")
Woman in a Green Jacket 44 (20"X24")
Woman in a Tub (20"X24")
Woman In Black (20"X24")
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (20"X24")
Woman in Brown Coat (20"X24")
Woman in Grey in a Lane (20"X24")
Woman in Purple and Green (20"X24")
Woman in the Garden 48 (20"X24")
Woman in the Garden 54 (20"X24")
Woman in the Garden 54 (36"X48")
Woman in the Garden 69 (20"X24")
Woman Ironing (20"X24")
Woman Liberation 81 (20"X24")
Woman Liberation 82 (20"X24")
Woman Pouring Water (20"X24")
Woman Preparing her Bath (20"X24")
Woman Reading in a Garden (20"X24")
Woman Reading to a Small Girl (20"X24")
Woman Sewing in Front of Her Cottage (20"X24")
Woman Sitting (20"X24")
Woman Sitting in a Garden (20"X24")
Woman Standing (20"X24")
Woman with a Basket (20"X24")
Woman with a Cat (20"X24")
Woman with a Cup of Coffee (20"X24")
Woman with a Lute near a Window (20"X24")
Woman with a Parrot (20"X24")
Woman with a Pearl Necklace (20"X24")
Woman with Guitar 40 (20"X24")
Woman with Plants (20"X24")
Woman with Raised Shoulders (20"X24")
Women Bathing (20"X24")
Women at Their Toilet (20"X24")
Women Bathing (20"X24")
Women Going to the Woods (20"X24")
Women Skating Paris (20"X24")
Wood View Cottage 15 (20"X24")
Wood View Cottage 22 (20"X24")
Wood View Cottage 22 (36"X48")
Wood View Cottage 27 (20"X24")
Wood View Cottage 27 (36"X48")
Wood View Cottage 31 (20"X24")
Wood View Cottage 45 (20"X24")
Woodcock Nesting on a Beach (20"X24")
Woodcutter (20"X24")
Wooded Landscape (20"X24")
Wooded Landscape with Cattle by a Pool (20"X24")
Woodland Walk (20"X24")
Woodrow Wilson, 28th President, Painted by Sir William Orpen (20"X24")
Woods Trail 88 (20"X24")
Woods Trail 89 (20"X24")
Words of the Devil 26 (20"X24")
Words of the Devil 28 (20"X24")
World s Columbian Exposition (20"X24")
XII (20"X24")
Yale in the Morning (20"X24")
Yellow and Blue (20"X24")
Yellow Bare Back (20"X24")
Yellow Bodice (20"X24")
Yellow Cover (20"X24")
Yellow Hay Ricks (20"X24")
Yellow Pink Roses in a Glass Vase (20"X24")
Yeux Cclos (20"X24")
Yosemite Valley (20"X24")
Young Buck of the Tesuque Pueblo (20"X24")
Young Corn (20"X24")
Young GirL 04 (20"X24")
Young Girl Combing Her Hair (20"X24")
Young Girl Fixing Her Hair (20"X24")
Young Girl in Pink (20"X24")
Young Girl Reading (20"X24")
Young Girl with a Flute (20"X24")
Young Girls (20"X24")
Young Maiden Reading a Book (20"X24")
Young Moses (20"X24")
Young Mother Sewing (20"X24")
Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar (20"X24")
Young Woman In Blue (20"X24")
Young Woman Playing with a Dog (20"X24")
Young Woman with a Bouquet of Roses (20"X24")
Young Women Looking at Japanese Objects 62 (20"X24")
Zachary Taylor, 12th President, Painted by James Reid Lambdin (20"X24")
Zebra and Parachute (20"X24")
Zenobia Found by Shephereds (20"X24")
Zouave Milliet Seated (20"X24")
Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam (20"X24")

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