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Silver Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
The Thames and the Houses of Parliament (20"X24")
A Lane In Headingley, Leeds (20"X24")
A Scene in the Grounds of the Villa Farnese Rome (20"X24")
A Windmill near Zaandam (20"X24")
A Wintry Moon (20"X24")
After the Audience (20"X24")
American Brig off New York (20"X24")
An Island in the Sea (20"X24")
Bain Turc Ou Bain Maure (20"X24")
Birch Trees (20"X24")
Birch Trees (36"X48")
Bracing the Waves (20"X24")
Bruges, Belgium (20"X24")
Cannon Mountain NH (20"X24")
Chandler (20"X24")
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee 49 (20"X24")
Cold Landscape (20"X24")
Connecticut Shore, Winter (20"X24")
Creek Cottage (20"X24")
East Hampton Long Island Sand (20"X24")
Endymion (20"X24")
Exeleter New Hampshire (20"X24")
Floating Ice (20"X24")
Floating Ice Near Vetheui (20"X24")
Harbor of Trieste (20"X24")
Her eyes are with her thoughts... (20"X24")
Homeward (20"X24")
Icebound Ship (20"X24")
In Cairo (20"X24")
Indian Rock, Narragansett (20"X24")
Isabella and the Pot of Basil 62 (20"X24")
Italian Boats, Venice (20"X24")
Jypsy Woman with a Child (20"X24")
Lagoon at Daybreak (20"X24")
Lagoon at Daybreak (36"X48")
Le Place de la Bastile (20"X24")
Le Quai Pres de Notre Dame (20"X24")
Morning on the Artic Ice Fields (20"X24")
Morning Snow (20"X24")
New York Street (20"X24")
November Moonlight (20"X24")
On the Beach, Dieppe (20"X24")
On the Trail (20"X24")
Peace (20"X24")
Ponte Rialto Dur at Night (20"X24")
Ponte Rialto Dur at Night (36"X48")
Quebeq (20"X24")
Reflections of Autumn (20"X24")
Reflections of Autumn (24"X36")
San Francisco, Down California Street (20"X24")
San Francisco, Lombard Street (20"X24")
Ship at Sea (20"X24")
Ship of the Line USS Ohio (20"X24")
Sierra Nevada (20"X24")
Silent Night (20"X24")
Sweetheart Cottage (20"X24")
Taking up the Net (20"X24")
The Awakening of Psyche (20"X24")
The Big Poplar (20"X24")
The Big Poplar (20"X30")
The Boats Regatta at Argenteui (20"X24")
The Castle of Muiden in Winter (20"X24")
The First Journey of Victory (20"X24")
The Hunters in the Snow (20"X24")
The Sea at Fecamp (20"X24")
The Seine Below Rouen (20"X24")
The Spanish Dancer 79 (20"X24")
The Tepidarium (20"X24")
The Thames in Ice (20"X24")
The Thames in London in 1882 (20"X24")
The Vision of the Prophet (20"X24")
The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel (20"X24")
The Water Nymph 16 (20"X24")
The White Hat (20"X24")
The Woodstock Church (20"X24")
Through the Crisp Air (20"X24")
Two Clipper Ships (20"X24")
Two Horses 63 (20"X24")
Venezia 69 (20"X24")
Venice 46 (20"X24")
View of Ripetta Rome (20"X24")
Water Lillies Pond (20"X24")
Where Winter Holds its Sway (20"X24")
Winter 43 (20"X24")
Winter Landscape with Church (20"X24")
Winter Wonderland 46 (20"X24")
Wolves (20"X24")
Woman Ironing (20"X24")