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Olive Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Boating Party (20"X24")
A Chat with His Lordship (20"X24")
A Childhood Idyll (20"X24")
A Cottage in a Cornfield (20"X24")
A Goat in a Meadow (20"X24")
A Horse Drinking at a Stream (20"X24")
A Landseer Newfoundland (20"X24")
A Leisurely Afternoon (20"X24")
A Mountain Stream, Tyrol (20"X24")
A Pensive Moment (20"X24")
A River Estuary (20"X24")
A Street in Venice (20"X24")
A Summer-s Folly (20"X24")
A View from Sacramento (20"X24")
A View on the Stour near Dedham (20"X24")
A Wistful Look (20"X24")
Abstract 9 (20"X24")
Ad Marginem (20"X24")
After the Concert (20"X24")
After the Rain 17 (20"X24")
Agostina Segatori in the Cafe de Tambourin (20"X24")
An Arab Warrior (20"X24")
Andrew Johnson, 17th President, Painted by Washington B. Cooper (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms (20"X24")
Arch of Nero (20"X24")
Arleux du Nord the DrocourtMill on the Sensee (20"X24")
Assumption of the Virgin, detail 3 (20"X24")
At Narragansett Pier (20"X24")
Autumn Colors (20"X24")
Barns and Pond in Charleston (20"X24")
Beached (20"X24")
Birch Wood (20"X24")
Birch Wood (36"X48")
Bird Watching at the Well (20"X24")
Birdsong (20"X24")
Boat House Prospect Park (20"X24")
Boulevard Heloise, Argenteuil (20"X24")
Brazilian Forest (20"X24")
Brittany Girl Overlooking Stream (20"X24")
Buffalo on the Prairie (20"X24")
Cafe Singer 27 (20"X24")
Carnival in Rome (20"X24")
Carnival in the Mountains (20"X24")
Casting (20"X24")
Christ Carrying the Cross (20"X24")
Classic Living Room (20"X24")
Classic Living Room (36"X48")
Claude Monet Painting in his Garden (20"X24")
Cleopatra 72 (20"X24")
Coaching Scene (20"X24")
Cottage Scenery (20"X24")
Courtship The Proposal (20"X24")
Cumulus Clouds East River (20"X24")
Dacia Owner (20"X24")
Dancing Girl 24 (20"X24")
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap (20"X24")
Diana s Return from the Hunt (20"X24")
Dormice (20"X24")
Down to the Ferry (20"X24")
Early Morning Coversation (20"X24")
Early Snow at Louveciennes (20"X24")
El Jardin (20"X24")
Elephants 59 (20"X24")
Enten in Wasser Unter Birken (20"X24")
Etruscan Girl with Turtle (20"X24")
Europa and the Bull (20"X24")
Falls of Kaaterskil (20"X24")
Fauve Landscape 01 (20"X24")
First Leaves near Nantes (20"X24")
Fishing on the Mississippi (20"X24")
Flowers in a Roman Carafe 90 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 18 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 70 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 75 (20"X24")
Fountain on a Castle-terrace (20"X24")
Fox Hunting (20"X24")
Fruit and Flowers in a Basket 18 (20"X24")
Full Cry 85 (20"X24")
Girl in Green (20"X24")
Girl with Rake (20"X24")
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 41 (20"X24")
Great Bustards (20"X24")
Gypsy Madonna (20"X24")
Hailing the Ferryman (20"X24")
Haying Near Quebec (20"X24")
Haystack at Giverny (20"X24")
Hazelnuts (20"X24")
Head of a Peasant Girl (20"X24")
Hicking Trail 55 (20"X24")
Hicking Trail 55 (24"X36")
Hicking Trail 58 (20"X24")
Hidden Pass (20"X24")
Hope 60 (20"X24")
Horsemen (20"X24")
Hunting Dogs 93 (20"X24")
Hunting Dogs 93 (24"X36")
In the Field Shooting (20"X24")
In the Sunshine (20"X24")
Italy (20"X24")
Ivy Bridge Devonshire (20"X24")
James Buchanan, 15th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Japanese Pagoda in the Woods (20"X24")
Jardin Benlliure (20"X24")
Jeune Fille Se Defendant Contre Lamour (20"X24")
Judith Salome (20"X24")
Jungle Parrots 69 (20"X24")
Korenaren (20"X24")
La Monta Soracte (20"X24")
Lady in a Garden 41 (20"X24")
Lady in a Violet Dress (20"X24")
Landscape 01 (20"X24")
Landscape with a Stream (20"X24")
Landscape with Cattle 56 (20"X24")
Landscape with Cattle 57 (20"X24")
Landscape with Diogenes (20"X24")
Le Bac (20"X24")
Le retour du Grand Conde apres la bataille de Senef (20"X24")
Le Toilette aka Landscape (20"X24")
Lilacs in the Sun (20"X24")
Lost in Thought (20"X24")
Louveciennes the Road to Versailles (20"X24")
Madam Pompadur (20"X24")
Madonna of the Meadow (20"X24")
Maranta Arundinacea (20"X24")
Mares and Foals in a River Landscape (20"X24")
Mares and Foals in a River Landscape (24"X36")
Mariana (20"X24")
May Day in Central Park (20"X24")
Meadow with Two Large Trees (20"X24")
Mending the net (20"X24")
Molo de Naples (20"X24")
Monica (20"X24")
Morning Light, Roman Campagna (20"X24")
Mountain Lake (20"X24")
My Family (20"X24")
Near Sundown (20"X24")
New Day (20"X24")
New Day (24"X36")
New Harmony (20"X24")
Obstruction, Box Hill (20"X24")
Old Bottles of Wine (20"X24")
Picking Flowers (20"X24")
Place du Theatre Francais (20"X24")
Ponte Vecchio in Florence (20"X24")
Poppy Field In a Hollow Near Giverny (20"X24")
Port by Moonlight (20"X24")
Portofino Vista (20"X24")
Portrait of Jaroslava (20"X24")
Promenade in the Forest (20"X24")
Prospect Park Brooklyn (20"X24")
Prudhoe Castle Northumberland (20"X24")
Race Track (20"X24")
Racetrack Near Paris (20"X24")
Railway Bridge at Chatou (20"X24")
Raja and Rani (20"X24")
Riding the Grey Wolf by Ivan Tsarevich (20"X24")
Rinaldo and Armida by Louis Francois Lagrenee (20"X24")
Rio Alto Bridge (20"X24")
Rio Di St. Moise 95 (20"X24")
Rival Distractions 91 (20"X24")
River Scene (20"X24")
Roman Campagna (20"X24")
Romeview (20"X24")
Roses in a Pink Vase (20"X24")
Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President, Painted by Eliphalet Andrews (20"X24")
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishops Grounds (20"X24")
Scene on the Magdalena (20"X24")
Scenes from the Life of Moses (20"X24")
Sentier de la Mi-cote, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Sheep in a Meadow 30 (20"X24")
Shepardess and her Flock (20"X24")
Shinnecock Hills Autumn (20"X24")
Sitter in the Renaissance Setting (20"X24")
Skipper Mick (20"X24")
Spring in Franklin Park, Boston (20"X24")
Spring in Town (20"X24")
St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child (20"X24")
St. John the Baptist 05 (20"X24")
Still Life 26 (20"X24")
Still Life 8 (20"X24")
Stream in the Woods (20"X24")
Stream Through A Villiage (20"X24")
Strigils and Sponges (20"X24")
Surrender of General Burgoyne (20"X24")
Susie (20"X24")
Suspicious Smoke (20"X24")
Swannery Invaded by Eagles (20"X24")
Tea Time 34 (20"X24")
Temptation (20"X24")
Ten Nudes by a Waterfall (20"X24")
Terrace in Portofino 80 (20"X24")
The Aqueduct in the Valley (20"X24")
The Banks of the Oise (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ 85 (20"X24")
The Bayberry Bush (20"X24")
The Chess Game (20"X24")
The Count Duke of Olivares on Horseback (20"X24")
The Cumaean Sibyl (20"X24")
The Days (20"X24")
The Duke of Ancaster s Bay Stallion Blank (20"X24")
The Epsom Derby (20"X24")
The Expulsion of Adam and Eve (20"X24")
The Farm in Saint Simeon (20"X24")
The Fourteenth of July at Marly-le-Roi (20"X24")
The Garden of Promise 45 (20"X24")
The Green Dress (20"X24")
The Happy Isle (20"X24")
The Hermit Thrush (20"X24")
The Hermit Thrush (20"X30")
The Hermits Violin Playing (20"X24")
The Hireling Shepherd (20"X24")
The House at Rueil (20"X24")
The Hunt 12 (20"X24")
The Jewelry Maker (20"X24")
The Knight of the Flowers (20"X24")
The Mandrill 77 (20"X24")
The Model 85 (20"X24")
The Music Party 40 (20"X24")
The Old Well, Bordighera (20"X24")
The Open Air Breakfast (20"X24")
The Orchard (20"X24")
The Painter s Honeymoon (20"X24")
The Peasant Dance (20"X24")
The Personification of Echo (20"X24")
The Picnic 4 (20"X24")
The Picnic 44 (20"X24")
The Pilgrim of the World on His Journey 35 (20"X24")
The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist (20"X24")
The Quai du Louvre Paris (20"X24")
The Quorn Hunt, The Meet (20"X24")
The Ruins of Taomina (20"X24")
The Sun Shower (20"X24")
The Swans Lake (20"X24")
The Toilet of Venus 1 (20"X24")
The Village on the Hill (20"X24")
Torrent in Wood behind Mill Dam, Vahrn near Brixen, Tyrol (20"X24")
Trout Stream and Mountains 26 (20"X24")
Trout Stream and Mountains 35 (20"X24")
Tuscan Hills 35 (20"X24")
Tuscan Hills 35 (24"X36")
Tuscan Hills 37 (20"X24")
Tuscan Landscape (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 31 (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 32 (20"X24")
Tuscan Vineyard 32 (24"X36")
Tuscan Vista 12 (20"X24")
Two Bathing Girls (20"X24")
Two Cypress (20"X24")
Two Monkeys in the Jungle (20"X24")
Two Peasant Women in the Peat Field (20"X24")
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President, Painted by Thur de Thulstrup (20"X24")
View of Paris from Mountmartre (20"X24")
View of the Fortifications (20"X24")
View on the Catskill Early Autumn (20"X24")
View to the Mediterranean 22 (20"X24")
Village Scene (20"X24")
Virgin and Child Adored by Saint Francis 87 (20"X24")
Virgin and Child Enthroned 13 (20"X24")
Voyage of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay (20"X24")
Warren G. Harding, 29th President, Painted by Edmund Hodgson Smart (20"X24")
Watching the Cows (20"X24")
Water Lilies Clouds (20"X24")
Water Nymphs (20"X24")
Wilderness Creek 62 (20"X24")
Wilderness Creek 62 (24"X36")
Wilderness Creek 76 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 33 (20"X24")
With Cattle in Autumn (20"X24")
Wivenhoe Park Essex (20"X24")
Woman Reading to a Small Girl (20"X24")