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Brown Oil Paintings List: (click to see oil paintings)
A Baby Hunter with Two Spaniels (20"X24")
A Baptism of Flowers (20"X24")
A Basket of Roses on a Ledge (20"X24")
A Boat Passing a Lock (20"X24")
A Church at Cagnes (20"X24")
A Church Porch (20"X24")
A Collaboration (20"X24")
A Cow a Sheep and a Donkey (20"X24")
A Cup of Coffee (20"X24")
A Day On The River (20"X24")
A Discussion Between Two Young Ladies (20"X24")
A farmer at Rest with His Stock (20"X24")
A farmer at Rest with His Stock (22"X26")
A Farmer Tending His Animals (20"X24")
A Farmyard In Normandy (20"X24")
A Foxhound, Ringwod (20"X24")
A Gathering in the Asture (20"X24")
A Girl in White in the Woods (20"X24")
A Good Haul (20"X24")
A Good One (20"X24")
A Grey Arab Stallion in a Wooded Landscape (20"X24")
A Highland Breakfast (20"X24")
A Hunting Morn (20"X24")
A Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman (20"X24")
A Lady Writing a Letter (20"X24")
A Little Girl and her Sheltie (20"X24")
A Lovely Thought (20"X24")
A Maid Asleep (20"X24")
A Mans Talbe Reversed (20"X24")
A Meeting By The Stile (20"X24")
A Musical Interlude by Alberto Fabbi (20"X24")
A Picture Gallery (20"X24")
A Portrait of Ruby Miller (20"X24")
A Portrait of Ruby Miller (24"X60")
A Road near Arras (20"X24")
A Rocky Coastal Scene (20"X24")
A Rocky Glen (20"X24")
A Saddled Race Horse Tied to a Fence (20"X24")
A special moment (20"X24")
A Still Life with Flowers (20"X24")
A Still Life with Honeysuckle (20"X24")
A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mr. Rosalie (20"X24")
A Vase of Corn Lilies and Heliotrope (20"X24")
A View in the Bahamas (20"X24")
A Village Steeet Dardagny (20"X24")
A Visit (20"X24")
A Water Mill (20"X24")
A Waterfall (20"X24")
A Welcome For Daddy (20"X24")
A Woman with a Dog (20"X24")
A Woodland Scene with Deer (20"X24")
A Young Artist (20"X24")
Abend in Murnau (20"X24")
Achat D-Une Esclave (20"X24")
Acis and Galatea (20"X24")
Adoration of the Golden Calf (20"X24")
Adoration of the Shepherds 34 (20"X24")
After a Shower, Nahant, Massachusetts (20"X24")
After the Hunt (20"X24")
Allegorical Portrait of Philip IV (20"X24")
Allegory of Fall of the November Uprising (20"X24")
Along the Jersey Shor (20"X24")
Along the Seine River, Paris (20"X24")
Amalfi Coast 23 (20"X24")
American Lake Scene (20"X24")
An Alpine Village (20"X24")
An Autumn Pastoral (20"X24")
An Election Entertainment (20"X24")
An Englishman in Russia (20"X24")
An Evening s Entertainment for Josephine (20"X24")
An Idle Moment (20"X24")
An Italian Autumn (20"X24")
Anachreon Bacchus et lamour (20"X24")
And the sea gave up the dead which were in it (20"X24")
Angel (20"X24")
Angels Ministering to Christ in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Anne in White (20"X24")
Annunciation (detail 2) (20"X24")
Annunciation 09 (20"X24")
Annunciation 20 (20"X24")
Annunciation 69 (20"X24")
Ansidei Madonna (20"X24")
Anthony and Cleopatra (20"X24")
Apollo and Daphne 57 (20"X24")
Apollo and the Muses (20"X24")
Apple Blossoms Lilac Violas Cornflowers (20"X24")
Apples with a Tankard and a Jug (20"X24")
Approaching Storm, Beach Near Newport (20"X24")
Arctic Harbor (20"X24")
Artful Play (20"X24")
Arum and Conservatory Plants (20"X24")
At Capri (20"X24")
At the Fountain 51 (20"X24")
At the Inn of Mother Anthony (20"X24")
At the Milliner (20"X24")
At the Milliner 1 (20"X24")
At the Piano (20"X24")
Au Bistro Paris (20"X24")
Autrefois (20"X24")
Autumn in North America (20"X24")
Autumn in Paris (20"X24")
Autumn Landscape 36 (20"X24")
Autumn Leaves (20"X24")
Autumn on the Hudson (20"X24")
Autumn on the Whitewater (20"X24")
Autumn Study of Mery Laurent (20"X24")
Autunno (20"X24")
Awaken Nature (20"X24")
Baby at Play (20"X24")
Bacchanal (20"X24")
Bacchanal the Andrians (20"X24")
Bacchus (20"X24")
Balance of Powers (20"X24")
Balcony (20"X24")
Bather Stretched Out on the Floor (20"X24")
Bather Stretched Out on the Floor (24"X36")
Battle of Jutland (20"X24")
Bavarian Village 50 (20"X24")
Bavarian Village 51 (20"X24")
Bay Horse and White Dog (20"X24")
Beachwoods at Polling (20"X24")
Bears in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Beech Grove (20"X24")
Beggar Boys Eating Grapes and Melon (20"X24")
Bell Tower of the Church of Saint Paterne (20"X24")
Belshazzar s Feast (20"X24")
Benthem Castle (20"X24")
Between Rounds (20"X24")
Black-Breasted Plovercrest (20"X24")
Blue Ridge Falls (20"X24")
Blues Highway (20"X24")
Blumenstilleben (20"X24")
Boat Building (20"X24")
Bombardment of Foutcheou (20"X24")
Bonaparte Visiting the Pesthouse in Jaffa (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers 69 (20"X24")
Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase (20"X24")
Bouquet of Peonies and Iris (20"X24")
Bouquet of Roses 66 (20"X24")
Breakfast 59 (20"X24")
Bridget, Daughter of Harold Nickols (20"X24")
Brook through the Wood (20"X24")
Brook through the Wood (36"X48")
Cafferty (20"X24")
Cala Granadella (20"X24")
Calais Pier with French Poissards (20"X24")
Canadian Rockies, Asulkan Glacier (20"X24")
Capri Girl (20"X24")
Captive Andromache (20"X24")
Carmencita (20"X24")
Carrefour at the End of the Tapis Vert Versailles, France (20"X24")
Casa de Huerta, Valencia (20"X24")
Cascade (20"X24")
Cassis Villa 51 (20"X24")
Cassis Villa 51 (36"X48")
Castle in an Autumn Landscape (20"X24")
Cave Canem (20"X24")
Celebrating Santa Maria Della Rosa (20"X24")
Charity 66 (20"X24")
Charity relieving Distress (20"X24")
Chateau de Chillon 09 (20"X24")
Chateau of Flower (20"X24")
Chemin de la Machine, Louveciennes (20"X24")
Cherokee Roses in a Glass (20"X24")
Chickens 64 (20"X24")
Chickens 70 (20"X24")
Children of the Mountain (20"X24")
Childrens Games (20"X24")
Christ at Simon the Pharisee (20"X24")
Christ Crowned with Thorns 24 (20"X24")
Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple (20"X24")
Christ on the Cross between the Two Thieves (20"X24")
Christ Showing a Little Child (20"X24")
Cinderella 22 (20"X24")
Cityscape (20"X24")
Clarissa (20"X24")
Cleopatra and the Peasant (20"X24")
Clown (20"X24")
Clumber Spaniels (20"X24")
Coach Horses (20"X24")
Coast Scene (20"X24")
Coast Scene (20"X24")
Coastal Cliffs (20"X24")
Cock Grouse 61 (20"X24")
Cock Grouse 63 (20"X24")
Colorful Creation (20"X24")
Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha (20"X24")
Coming Storm (20"X24")
Cordilleras Sunrise (20"X24")
Coresus Sacrificing himselt to Save Callirhoe (20"X24")
Corner of the Villa (20"X24")
Cosmic Composition (20"X24")
Costa del Sol (20"X24")
Cotopaxi (20"X24")
Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher (20"X24")
Cottages at Chaponoval. Auvers sur Oise (20"X24")
Country Politician (20"X24")
Courtship 70 (20"X24")
Courtyard of a Mosque at Broussa (20"X24")
Cows in a Stall (20"X24")
Crowning with Thorns (20"X24")
Cubes in the Canyon (20"X24")
Daily Stains (20"X24")
Daughters of the Revolution (20"X24")
De pastorie te Nuenen (20"X24")
Decoyman s Dog and Duck (20"X24")
Dedham Vale Morning (20"X24")
Deliverance (20"X24")
Desdemone (20"X24")
Deux Filles Avec Un Panier De Chatons (20"X24")
Diana and her Companions (20"X24")
Diana Hunting (20"X24")
Diana Surprised at Her Bath (20"X24")
Discretion the Better Part of Valour (20"X24")
Dressing (20"X24")
Earl Grosvenor s Bandy (20"X24")
Earth Colors (20"X24")
East Point Gloucester (20"X24")
Echo and Narcissus 63 (20"X24")
ED-0775-KA (20"X24")
El Khasne Petra (20"X24")
Elisabeth Gerhardt Sewing (20"X24")
Enchanted Island 04 (20"X24")
Epiphany (20"X24")
Episode Ffom the Franco Prussian War (20"X24")
Equestrian portrait (20"X24")
Eruption of Vesuvius (20"X24")
Et in Arcadia Ego (20"X24")
Evangelist Matthew (20"X24")
Eve 47 (20"X24")
Eve after the fall (20"X24")
Evening in Arcady (20"X24")
Evening in Paris 14 (20"X24")
Evening in Paris 27 (20"X24")
Evening on a Pleasure Boat (20"X24")
Evesdropper (20"X24")
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (20"X24")
Expulsion Moon and Firelight (20"X24")
Fallen Angel (20"X24")
Family Life on the Frontier (20"X24")
Far Away Thoughts (20"X24")
Favourites (20"X24")
Feeding the Chickens by Rudolf Epp (20"X24")
Female Abstract 1 (20"X24")
Female Abstract 2 (20"X24")
Female Abstract 4 (20"X24")
Femme nue se chauffant 40 (20"X24")
Femme Vina (20"X24")
Fiddle (20"X24")
First Sign of Land (20"X24")
Fisherman - Nahant (20"X24")
Fisherman and Mermaid 36 (20"X24")
Fishing By A Forest Stream (20"X24")
Flatford Mill (20"X24")
Flirtation in the Wine Cellar (20"X24")
Floe Ice (20"X24")
Flora 36 (20"X24")
Florence the Boboli Gardens (20"X24")
Flowers 76 (20"X24")
Flowers 76 (36"X48")
Flowers 77 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (20"X24")
Flowers 78 (36"X48")
Flowers in a Bowl (20"X24")
Flowers in a Crystal Vase (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 16 (20"X24")
Flowers in a Vase 5 (20"X24")
For the Little one (20"X24")
Forest Pond (20"X24")
Fortune Teller 16 (20"X24")
Fortune Teller 18 (20"X24")
Fox Hounds (20"X24")
Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel (20"X24")
French Genadier (20"X24")
French Peasant Girl (20"X24")
Frenchman s Bay, Mt. Desert Island (20"X24")
Frieze of Dancers (detail) (20"X24")
Frieze of Dancers (detail) (24"X36")
From the Sawangunk Mountains (20"X24")
Fruit and Flowers on Aledge in a Landscape (20"X24")
Fruit Market (20"X24")
Garden of an Inn, Capri (20"X24")
Garden of Love (20"X24")
Garden on the Mediterranean (20"X24")
Garden on the Mediterranean (36"X48")
Gardens of the Villa d Este at Tivoli (20"X24")
Gathering Potatoes in October (20"X24")
Gelee Blanche (20"X24")
General View of Rouen from St Catherines (20"X24")
Generation (20"X24")
Gengembre Windfalls (20"X24")
Gentelman in a Railway Caridge (20"X24")
George Lord Vernon (20"X24")
George Washington, 1st President, Painted by Gilbert Stuart (20"X24")
Girl Interrupted at Her Music (20"X24")
Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (20"X24")
Gladiolas and Roses (20"X24")
Gloomy Day (20"X24")
Goat and Kid 08 (20"X24")
Goat and Kid 08 (24"X36")
Gods Creatures (20"X24")
Going West (20"X24")
Golden Autumn, Cajon Pass (20"X24")
Golden Hours (20"X24")
Golden Kilim (20"X24")
Golden Kilim (24"X36")
Golden Retriever with a Pheasant (20"X24")
Goldilocks (20"X24")
Gondola Journey 87 (20"X24")
Gone to Earth (20"X24")
Gone To Earth (20"X24")
Gone to Ground (20"X24")
Good News 58 (20"X24")
Good News 80 (20"X24")
Goodbye on the Mersey (20"X24")
Grand Piano 21 (20"X24")
Grapes a Pineapple Peaches and Hazelnuts (20"X24")
Grapes a Pineapple Peaches and Hazelnuts (40"X72")
Grapes Strawberries Peach Hazelnuts and Berries (20"X24")
Greek Girls Bathing (20"X24")
Greek Ruins (20"X24")
Greek Ruins (24"X36")
Greek Women Imploring for Assistance (20"X24")
Grey Dapple Horse (20"X24")
Guitar Wine Bottle and Cup (20"X24")
Hadleigh Castle (20"X24")
Hagar in the Wilderness (20"X24")
Harmony 07 (20"X24")
Harmony 61 (20"X24")
Hawking (20"X24")
Head in Window (20"X24")
Head of a White Horse (20"X24")
Hector Nero and Dash with the Parrot Lory (20"X24")
Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons (20"X24")
Henry III (20"X24")
her best friend (20"X24")
Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra (20"X24")
Hercules Wrestling with Death (20"X24")
Hero and Leander 20 (20"X24")
Hide and Seek (20"X24")
Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt (20"X24")
His Father (20"X24")
Holly Hocks (20"X24")
Holy Family 98 (20"X24")
Home by the Lake (20"X24")
Home Driver Paris (20"X24")
Homewards (20"X24")
Horse Attacked by a Lion (20"X24")
Horses (20"X24")
Hounds and a Jack Russell In a Stable (20"X24")
House In Virgina (20"X24")
Hughes Arthur La Belle Dame Sans Merc (20"X24")
Hunt (20"X24")
Huts under Trees (20"X24")
Hydrangias Cloves and Two Pots of Pansies (20"X24")
Ideal Landscape with the Titus Arch (20"X24")
II Penseroso (20"X24")
Il Dolce Far Niente (20"X24")
Ile Pointeaux (20"X24")
Immortality of Nelson (20"X24")
In the Garden Amalfi Coast (20"X24")
In the Greenhouse (20"X24")
In The Harem 82 (20"X24")
In The Studio Wikstroms (20"X24")
In Western Mountains (20"X24")
Indian at Sunset (20"X24")
Indian Pass Tahawus (20"X24")
Innocence (20"X24")
Innocence (24"X36")
Interieur (20"X24")
Interior de la Bas Lica de As (20"X24")
Interior of a Studio with Stove (20"X24")
Interior with Marken Girls Knitting (20"X24")
Interlude (20"X24")
Interlude (24"X36")
Irregular Shapes (20"X24")
Ischia (20"X24")
Italian Landscape (20"X24")
Italian Sunset (20"X24")
Jacob 12 (20"X24")
Jeremiah (20"X24")
Jocko with a Hedgehog (20"X24")
John Biglin in A single Scull (20"X24")
John Plampin (20"X24")
Joseph Accused by Potiphar s wife (20"X24")
Julie Manet (20"X24")
Jupiter and Semele (20"X24")
Just Dessert (20"X24")
King Lear (20"X24")
Kirby Londsale Churchyard (20"X24")
Knight (20"X24")
Knight Errant (20"X24")
Knostrop Hall, Early Morning (20"X24")
L (20"X24")
La Bohemienne (20"X24")
La Grenouillere (20"X24")
La Grenouilliere (20"X24")
La Partie de Billard (20"X24")
La Rochelle Quarry near the Port Entrance (20"X24")
La Source (20"X24")
La Toilette (20"X24")
La Vierge Aux Anges (20"X24")
Lady (20"X24")
Lady by the Fireplace (20"X24")
Lady Castletown (20"X24")
Lady of Shalott (20"X24")
Lady with Fruits (20"X24")
Lady with Swarbat 03 (20"X24")
Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid (20"X24")
Lago Maggiore 28 (20"X24")
Lajos (20"X24")
Landscape 05 (20"X24")
Landscape 14 (20"X24")
Landscape 50 (20"X24")
Landscape in the Adirondacks (20"X24")
Landscape Setting Sun aka The Little Shepherd (20"X24")
Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake (20"X24")
Landscape with a Rainbow (20"X24")
Landscape with a Rainbow (24"X36")
Landscape with Boys Fishing (20"X24")
Landscape with Nymph Aegareya and Tsar Numa (20"X24")
Landscape with Polyphemus (20"X24")
Landscape with St Matthew and the Angel (20"X24")
Landscape with the Funeral of Phocion (20"X24")
Landscape with the Ruins of Mount Palatine in Rome (20"X24")
Landscape with Waterfall (20"X24")
Lane with Poplars (20"X24")
Laurense and Anna Alma Tadema (20"X24")
Le Billard (20"X24")
Le Dernier Grenadier de Waterloo (20"X24")
Le Femme Aux Cheveux Roux (20"X24")
Le jeune fille et la poupee (20"X24")
Le Jour De Marche (20"X24")
Le Marche De Maubeuge (20"X24")
Leading the Horse from the Stable (20"X24")
Lear and Cordelia (20"X24")
Leave Taking (20"X24")
Leaving Church in the Fifteenth Century (20"X24")
Leda 1530 (20"X24")
Leopard Sentry (20"X24")
Leopard Sentry (36"X48")
Les confitures (20"X24")
Les Grands Boulevards Paris (20"X24")
Liberty Cam, Yosemite (20"X24")
Little Girl in White (20"X24")
Little Gossips (20"X24")
Living Room with Piano 30 (20"X24")
Lobster Fisherman (20"X24")
Lone Rider (20"X24")
Lord Ligonier (20"X24")
Lost Chance (20"X24")
Louis XIV and Moliere (20"X24")
Love disarmed (20"X24")
Lute Player (20"X24")
lysses Deriding Polyphemus Homers Odyssey (20"X24")
Madame Charpentier with her Daughters (20"X24")
Madonna di Loreto (20"X24")
Maeble Table (20"X24")
Magdalene (20"X24")
Magpies (20"X24")
Male Nude known as Hector (20"X24")
Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon (20"X24")
Mares and Foals Disturbed by an Approaching Storm (20"X24")
Mares and Foals in a Wooded Landscape (20"X24")
Mares by an Oak Tree (20"X24")
Margaret at the Fountain (20"X24")
Marie Madeleine Dancer (20"X24")
Marina Piccola, Capri (20"X24")
Marriage a la Mode (20"X24")
Martin Van Buren, 8th President, Painted by George Peter Alexander Healy (20"X24")
Mary (20"X24")
May i have one too (20"X24")
Mediterranean Patio (20"X24")
Meeting of Piere and Angelique (20"X24")
Meeting of Piere and Angelique (36"X48")
Memorial 2 (20"X24")
Merry (20"X24")
Messalina (20"X24")
Michael (20"X24")
Michelle with a Rose (20"X24")
Miranda the Tempest (20"X24")
Misia at Her Dressing Table (20"X24")
Mississippi Fisherman (20"X24")
Mixed Flowers (20"X24")
Moliere Demanding an Audience with King Louis XIV (20"X24")
Mona Lisa (20"X24")
Moonlight in Venice (20"X24")
Moonlight on the Whitewater (20"X24")
Morning Glow (20"X24")
Morning Glow (24"X36")
Moses on Mount Sinai (20"X24")
Mother and Child 30 (20"X24")
Mother and Cub (20"X24")
Motio Du Lac Du Garda (20"X24")
Motion in Space (20"X24")
Mount Aetna from Taormina (20"X24")
Mount Lyell above Yosemite (20"X24")
Mountain Landscape with Washerwomen (20"X24")
Mountains of Moab Seen from Bethany (20"X24")
Mourning For Lcarus (20"X24")
Mrs Sheridan (20"X24")
Mrs. Hugh Hammersley (20"X24")
Music and Literature (20"X24")
Music Lesson 80 (20"X24")
Nana (20"X24")
Napoleon Bonaparte at the Bridge of Arcole (20"X24")
Napoleonic Battle in the Alps (20"X24")
Native American 07 (20"X24")
Native American Warier (20"X24")
Naval battle in the Gulf of Naples (20"X24")
Nebuchadnezzar (20"X24")
New York 1911 (20"X24")
No Walk Today (20"X24")
Normandy (20"X24")
North Lake (20"X24")
Not at Home (20"X24")
November (20"X24")
Nude in the Wood (20"X24")
Nymph with Cupids (20"X24")
Odalisque 41 (20"X24")
Odalisque with a Slave (20"X24")
Off (20"X24")
Off to School (20"X24")
Okehampton (20"X24")
Olympia (20"X24")
On English Coasts (20"X24")
On the Castle Stairs 31 (20"X24")
On the Scent 57 (20"X24")
On the Scent 99 (20"X24")
Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 15 (20"X24")
Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 50 (20"X24")
Ophelia (detail) (20"X24")
Ophelia 11 (20"X24")
Orchard in Bloom at Louveciennes (20"X24")
Orphan (20"X24")
Orpheus (20"X24")
Orphios (20"X24")
Orphios (24"X36")
Our Village (20"X24")
Painters Daughters (20"X24")
Painting Breathes Life into Sculpture (20"X24")
Paris Street Scene 28 (20"X24")
Patio for Two (20"X24")
Patio for Two (36"X48")
Pavement of St. Mark s (20"X24")
Peasant Burning Weeds (20"X24")
Penn s Treaty with the Indians (20"X24")
People (20"X24")
Perseus and Andromeda (detail) (20"X24")
Personnages dans la Cour de San Gregorio in Venice (20"X24")
Perspective (20"X24")
Petworth Park (20"X24")
Pigs in a Farmyard by Carl Henrik Bogh (20"X24")
Place Clichy (20"X24")
Place de la Trinite (20"X24")
Pluto (20"X24")
Pointer, Setter, and Grouse (20"X24")
Poker (20"X24")
Pond at Montgeron (20"X24")
Pont des arts windy day Paris (20"X24")
Ponte della Paglia (20"X24")
Portofino 61 (20"X24")
Portrait de Jeune Femme (20"X24")
Portrait of Boby (20"X24")
Portrait of Emilie Ambre in the role of Carmen (20"X24")
Portrait of Garsilaso de la Vega (20"X24")
Portrait of Gracia Lees (20"X24")
Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour 22 (20"X24")
Portrait of Miss Barbara de Selincourt (20"X24")
Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary (20"X24")
Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter (20"X24")
Portrait of Young Girl 02 (20"X24")
Portrait of Young Girl 56 (20"X24")
Portrait of Young Girl 56 (24"X36")
Poultry in a Farmyard (20"X24")
Preparing the Meal (20"X24")
Prisoners from the Front (20"X24")
Profile Flowers (20"X24")
Promenade en-Bateau (20"X24")
Prometheus (20"X24")
Prophet (20"X24")
Prospecting for Cattle Range (20"X24")
Quai Aux Fleurs (20"X24")
Quite Twilight (20"X24")
Racing (20"X24")
Rainbow a View on the Rhine (20"X24")
Raising of the Cross detai (20"X24")
Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus (20"X24")
Reading Poetry (20"X24")
Reading Poetry (36"X48")
Rebecca at the Well (20"X24")
Red Bridge in Venice (20"X24")
Regattas at Molesey (20"X24")
Return of the Prodigal Son (20"X24")
Riders in the Mountain (20"X24")
Rinaldo and Armida 02 (20"X24")
Riva Degli Schiavoni West Side (20"X24")
River in the Catskills (20"X24")
River Landscape with Deer (20"X24")
Riviera Villas 28 (20"X24")
Rocks Among the Houses (20"X24")
Rocky Mountains (20"X24")
Roma Antica (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (20"X24")
Roman Carafe with Flowers (36"X48")
Roman Charity (20"X24")
Roman Landscape (20"X24")
Roman Model Posing (20"X24")
Romantic Cafe 03 (20"X24")
Rome Castle Sant Angelo (20"X24")
Rome St. Peter-s from the Villa Barberini (20"X24")
Rome the Forum with a Rainbow (20"X24")
Rome View from the Farnese Gardens Morning (20"X24")
Roof Tops in Paris (20"X24")
Roosters 67 (20"X24")
Roosters 67 (36"X48")
Roses And Persimmons (20"X24")
Roses Before the Blue Curtain (20"X24")
Rue Bourbon (20"X24")
Ruelle Malot, Vernon, France (20"X24")
Ruins of Ancient Rome (20"X24")
Sacrament of Baptism (20"X24")
Sailboats Racing on the Deleware (20"X24")
Saint George 22 (20"X24")
Saint George and the Dragon (20"X24")
Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (20"X24")
Salome and the Tigers (20"X24")
Salome Dancing before Herod (20"X24")
San Francisco Street (20"X24")
Sappho 93 (20"X24")
Sara Bernhardt Hunting with Hounds (20"X24")
Saw Mill Outskirts of Paris (20"X24")
Scene in Chillingham Park (20"X24")
Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks (20"X24")
Seated Woman Dressed in Black (20"X24")
Shadows (20"X24")
She shall be called woman (20"X24")
Sheep with Resting Lambs and Poultry in a Landscape (20"X24")
Shepherd Boys with Dogs Fighting (20"X24")
Shoeing (20"X24")
Shooting for the Beef (20"X24")
Shooting_The_Rapids (20"X24")
Sibyl (20"X24")
Sideboard (20"X24")
Signorina Cavaliere (20"X24")
Sir Galahad 79 (20"X24")
Smoking the Hookah (20"X24")
Snow in New York (20"X24")
Snowy Garb of Sleeping Earth (20"X24")
Soccer (20"X24")
Society Evening (20"X24")
Soldier 09 (20"X24")
Sonie (20"X24")
Sortant de la Madeleine Paris (20"X24")
Soul in Bondage (20"X24")
South American Landscape (20"X24")
Spanish Steps in Rome at Twilight (20"X24")
Spring Flowers 92 (20"X24")
St Rafael (20"X24")
St. Anne (20"X24")
St. Francis in Ecstasy (20"X24")
St. Francis of Assisi Receiving Stigmata (20"X24")
St. Gregory with St. Domitilla Maurus and Papianus (20"X24")
St. John in the Wilderness (Bacchus) (20"X24")
St. John the Baptist 17 (20"X24")
St. Mary (20"X24")
St. Mary Magdalene (20"X24")
St. Marys Church Hadleigh (20"X24")
St. Michael (20"X24")
St. Michael and Satan (20"X24")
St. Paul Preaching in Athens (20"X24")
Stampede (20"X24")
States of Mind The Farewells (20"X24")
Steady 51 (20"X24")
Still Life 01 (20"X24")
Still Life 16 (20"X24")
Still Life 53 (20"X24")
Still Life 58 (20"X24")
Still Life 6 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 65 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 66 (20"X24")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 66 (24"X60")
Still Life Apples and Carafe 67 (20"X24")
Still Life Fruit 02 (20"X24")
Still Life of Dahlias in a Vase (20"X24")
Still Life with Apples (20"X24")
Still Life with Bust of Dante (20"X24")
Still Life with Cacti (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers (20"X24")
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit (20"X24")
Still Life with Four Jugs (20"X24")
Still Life with Hunting Equipment and Dead Bird (20"X24")
Still Life with Letter to Thomas B Clarke (20"X24")
Still Life with Open Bible (20"X24")
Still Life with Peaches and Pears (20"X24")
Still Life with Stag Cushion and Flowers (20"X24")
Storm 1886 (20"X24")
Stormy Landscape (20"X24")
Street in Louveciennes (20"X24")
Struck from the List (20"X24")
Study of a Chow (20"X24")
Study of a young Woman (20"X24")
Sunday in the Luxembourg Gardens (20"X24")
Sunlight and Shadow (20"X24")
Sunny Afternoon on the Rocks (20"X24")
Supper at Emmaus 32 (20"X24")
Supper at Emmaus 73 (20"X24")
Sur La Terrasse (20"X24")
Suzanna in the Bath (20"X24")
Swollen Stream at Shinnecoc (20"X24")
Taban (20"X24")
Taking the Count (20"X24")
Tamaraind (20"X24")
Tequendama Falls near Bogota New Granada (20"X24")
Terrace (20"X24")
Terrace (24"X36")
Terrace (30"X40")
Terrace View (20"X24")
The Accolade (20"X24")
The Adoration of the Kings (20"X24")
The Adoration of the Shepherds 05 (20"X24")
The Afternoon Meal (20"X24")
The Agony in the Garden (20"X24")
The Allegory of the Faith (20"X24")
The Antiquary Shop (20"X24")
The Architect s Dream (20"X24")
The Art Lesson (20"X24")
The Art of Painting (20"X24")
The Awaited Letter (20"X24")
The Awakening Desert (20"X24")
The Awakening of Adonis (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ (detail) 18 (20"X24")
The Baptism of Christ (detail) 29 (20"X24")
The Bather 91 (20"X24")
The Bather 91 (24"X36")
The Beethoven Frieze the Hostile Powers (20"X24")
The Birth of Venus 16 (20"X24")
The Blacksmiths Shop (20"X24")
The Blue Boy (20"X24")
The Bookworm (20"X24")
The Bunch of Violets (20"X24")
The Cardsharps (20"X24")
The Castle of Ischia in the Bay of Naples (20"X24")
The Cats Paw (20"X24")
The Cave of the Storm Nymphs (20"X24")
The Cello Player (20"X24")
The Challenge (20"X24")
The Champs-Elysees, The Arc of Triumph (20"X24")
The Chess Players (20"X24")
The Children Playing (20"X24")
The Chinese Fishmonger (20"X24")
The City Rises (20"X24")
The Colosseum (20"X24")
The Commanders Feast (20"X24")
The Concealed Enemy (20"X24")
The Concert 56 (20"X24")
The Connecticut River Near Northampton (20"X24")
The Conspiration of the Bataves (20"X24")
The Conversion of Mary Magdalen (20"X24")
The Conversion of Saint Paul 22 (20"X24")
The Cook (20"X24")
The Cottage Door (20"X24")
The County Election (20"X24")
The Court of Death (20"X24")
The Courtship 72 (20"X24")
The Crucifixion 33 (20"X24")
The Damsel and Orlando (20"X24")
The Danaides (20"X24")
The Day (20"X24")
The Death of Francesca and Paolo (20"X24")
The Death of Germanicus (20"X24")
The Deer Park (20"X24")
The Departure 94 (20"X24")
The destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem (20"X24")
The Dog of the Regiment Wounded (20"X24")
The Dream of Launcelot at the Chapel of the San Graal (20"X24")
The Dream of St Joseph (20"X24")
The Expression on Joseph (20"X24")
The Fall of Man (20"X24")
The Fall of the Rebels Angels (20"X24")
The Fan (20"X24")
The Fates Gathering in the Stars (20"X24")
The Festival of St Swithin (20"X24")
The Finding of Moses 11 (20"X24")
The Flower Vender (20"X24")
The Flower Vender (24"X36")
The Football Players (20"X24")
The Fortune Teller 24 (20"X24")
The Fountaine Family (20"X24")
The Four Breton Girls 62 (20"X24")
The Garden at Argenteuil (20"X24")
The Garden Bench (20"X24")
The Geographer (20"X24")
The Girl with a Wine Glass (20"X24")
The Golden Gate (20"X24")
The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California (20"X24")
The Green Gown (20"X24")
The Grosvenor Hunt (20"X24")
The Grouse Shoot (20"X24")
The Happy Litter (20"X24")
The Harem Bath by Ernst Rudolph 56 (20"X24")
The Harvest Wagon (20"X24")
The Hayloft (20"X24")
The Heavenly Stair (20"X24")
The Holy Family 26 (20"X24")
The Holy Family 97 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with Angels 96 (20"X24")
The Holy Family with St. Anne 23 (20"X24")
The Hon. Frances Duncombe (20"X24")
The Horoscope (20"X24")
The Housewife (20"X24")
The Hunters Return 50 (20"X24")
The Hunting of Chevy Chase (20"X24")
The Hussars (20"X24")
The Inspiration of the Poet 47 (20"X24")
The Interrupted Sleep (20"X24")
The Intruder (20"X24")
The Italian Goatherd Evening (20"X24")
The Italian Washerwoman (20"X24")
The Italian Washerwoman (40"X60")
The Jazz Singer 16 (20"X24")
The Jungle (20"X24")
The Kichen Table (20"X24")
The Laborer (20"X24")
The Lacemakers (20"X24")
The Ladies of the Cars (20"X24")
The Lady of Shalott 23 (20"X24")
The Lady of Shalott Study (20"X24")
The Land of Cockayne (20"X24")
The Landing of Columbus (20"X24")
The Last Furrow (20"X24")
The Last Man (20"X24")
The Last of the Buffalo (20"X24")
The Last of the Mohicans (20"X24")
The Levett Children (20"X24")
The Little Fruit Seller (20"X24")
The Little Girl and Her Cauldron (20"X24")
The Little Street (20"X24")
The Lone Tenement (20"X24")
The Loom (20"X24")
The Loose Shoe (20"X24")
The Love Letter 62 (20"X24")
The Lunch (20"X24")
The Madness of Sir Tristram (20"X24")
The Man at the Cafe (20"X24")
The Mediterranean (20"X24")
The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek (20"X24")
The Milliner (The Morning) (20"X24")
The Mirror of Venus (20"X24")
The Monkey Who Had Seen the World (20"X24")
The Moorish Guard (20"X24")
The Moorish Warrior (20"X24")
The Mountain Brook (20"X24")
The Mountain Brook (24"X30")
The Mountain Ford (20"X24")
The Music Lesson (20"X24")
The Music Party 93 (20"X24")
The Music Room 20 (20"X24")
The Musical Contest (20"X24")
The Natural Bridge Virginia (20"X24")
The Nubian Giraffe (20"X24")
The Nurture of Bacchus (20"X24")
The Nurture of Jupiter (20"X24")
The Old Burgtheater (20"X24")
The Old Mills of Brookville (20"X24")
The Old Oak 79 (20"X24")
The Old Oak 79 (30"X40")
The Order of Release (20"X24")
The Orgy (20"X24")
The Otter Hunt (20"X24")
The Painter in His Studio (20"X24")
The Painter s Window (20"X24")
The Pair Oared Shell (20"X24")
The peacock fan (20"X24")
The Perfume (20"X24")
The Pet Canaries (20"X24")
The Pilgrim of the World on His Journey 38 (20"X24")
The Piper (20"X24")
The Playful Kittens (20"X24")
The Playground (20"X24")
The Polish Rider (20"X24")
The Pool of Bethesda (20"X24")
The Poor Poet (20"X24")
The Pretty Pastry Cook (20"X24")
The Prodigal Son the Return (20"X24")
The Rape of Europa 30 (20"X24")
The Red Canoe (20"X24")
The Remorse of Orestes (20"X24")
The Rescue (20"X24")
The Residence of David Twining (20"X24")
The Resurrection of Christ (20"X24")
The Return (20"X24")
The Return of the Herd (20"X24")
The Return of the Prodigal Son 40 (20"X24")
The Return of the Prodigal Son 87 (20"X24")
The Rialto Grand (20"X24")
The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen (20"X24")
The Road to Chailly (20"X24")
The Ruins at Sunion Greece (20"X24")
The Sacrifice of Abraham (20"X24")
The Sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and His Wife (20"X24")
The Shop an Interior (20"X24")
The Siren (20"X24")
The Sonata (20"X24")
The Souliot Women (20"X24")
The Spirit of Christianity (20"X24")
The Stolen Kiss (20"X24")
The Stone Operation (20"X24")
The Story Teller (20"X24")
The Street Singer (20"X24")
The Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge (20"X24")
The Suitor (20"X24")
The Table Setting (20"X24")
The Time of Their Lives (20"X24")
The Titan s Goblet (20"X24")
The Treasury Canyon (20"X24")
The Triumph of Death (20"X24")
The Tuileries Gardens, Paris (20"X24")
The Tulip Folly (20"X24")
The Valley of Falaise (20"X24")
The Verdict of the People (20"X24")
The victorious David (20"X24")
The Water Nymph 38 (20"X24")
The Weaver (20"X24")
The Wheel of Fortune (20"X24")
The Women in the Garden (20"X24")
The Woodcutters Return (20"X24")
The Woodcutters Return (48"X72")
The Wreck of a Transport Ship (20"X24")
The Yerres Effect of Light (20"X24")
The Youth of Bacchus (20"X24")
The_Passage of the St Gothard (20"X24")
Thornberry s Pasture Brooklyn Indiana (20"X24")
Three Ladies Making Music (20"X24")
Till Death Us Do Part (20"X24")
Tivoli Gardens at the Villa d Este (20"X24")
Tower Bridge (20"X24")
Training the Dog (20"X24")
Tribute to Louis Pasteur (20"X24")
Tristan and Isolde (20"X24")
Trouville Low Tide (20"X24")
Tuesday (20"X24")
Tulips and Statuettes (20"X24")
Turkish Bath with Self Portrait (20"X24")
Two Figures (20"X24")
Two Foxhound Couples in a Kennel (20"X24")
Two Nautch Girls (20"X24")
Two Setters in a Landscape (20"X24")
Two Setters, 1927 (20"X24")
Two Trinities (20"X24")
Two Wild Tigers (20"X24")
Two Youths Enter Upon a Pilgrimage (20"X24")
Under the Bridge at Hampton Court (20"X24")
Untitled 23 (20"X24")
Untitled 25 (20"X24")
Unwelcome Confidence (20"X24")
Vain Courtship (20"X24")
Valley Afternoon (20"X24")
Valparaiso Harbor (20"X24")
Vase and Apples 88 (20"X24")
Vase and Apples 88 (36"X48")
Vase and Fruit 80 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 82 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 85 (20"X24")
Vase and Fruit 87 (20"X24")
Vase of Flowers 55 (20"X24")
Vasel (20"X24")
Venetian Flower Seller (20"X24")
Venetian Fruit Market (20"X24")
Venice Scene 99 (20"X24")
Venician Balcony (20"X24")
Venus at her Toilet (20"X24")
Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 02 (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 07 (20"X24")
Via Mediterranean 99 (20"X24")
View at Riva Italian Tyrol (20"X24")
View from Fern Tree Walk, Jamaica (20"X24")
View in Pittsford (20"X24")
View of Newport Mountain Mount Desert (20"X24")
View of Pincio Italy (20"X24")
View of Rooftops and Gardens (20"X24")
View of Tuscany (20"X24")
Village (20"X24")
Village Street in Marlotte (20"X24")
Virgin and Child 09 (20"X24")
Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints 15 (20"X24")
Virgin of the Rocks (detail) (20"X24")
Volendam Street Scene (20"X24")
Waiting for Master (20"X24")
Wapping on Thames (20"X24")
Washerinnen am Brunnen (20"X24")
Washerwomen below a Bridge (20"X24")
Watch and Bottle (20"X24")
Waterbaby (20"X24")
Weary (20"X24")
Wedded (20"X24")
Welcome Footsteps (20"X24")
Westphalian Mill (20"X24")
What Is It (20"X24")
Wheat Wain, a Field (20"X24")
White and Purple Lilacs Camellia (20"X24")
White Horse in Pasture (20"X24")
White Stallion in Nevada (20"X24")
Wild Turkey (20"X24")
William Poyntz (20"X24")
Window Blind (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 27 (20"X24")
Wine and Grapes 32 (20"X24")
Wine Bottles 53 (20"X24")
Wine Bottles 53 (24"X36")
Wineglasses (20"X24")
Winter in Brookville (20"X24")
Winter Landscape 02 (20"X24")
Woman at the Well (20"X24")
Woman Brushing a Garment (20"X24")
Woman Holding a Balance (20"X24")
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (20"X24")
Woman in Peasant Dress (20"X24")
Woman with a Fan (20"X24")
Woman with Guitar 42 (20"X24")
Woodchopper in the Adirondacks (20"X24")
Wooded Landscape (20"X24")
Wooded Landscape with Cattle by a Pool (20"X24")
Woods Trail 88 (20"X24")
Yellow Pink Roses in a Glass Vase (20"X24")
Young Girl Combing Her Hair (20"X24")
Young Girl with a Flute (20"X24")
Young Man in the Costume of a Majo (20"X24")
Young Man Playing the Piano (20"X24")
Young Parisienne (20"X24")
Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar (20"X24")
Young Women Looking at Japanese Objects 61 (20"X24")
Zachary Taylor, 12th President, Painted by James Reid Lambdin (20"X24")