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Wright, George, English 1860 to 1942 Oil Paintings

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George Wright was born near Leeds, West Yorkshire in 1869 and died in 1942. He was an english painter of equestrian subjects. His brothers Gilbert Scott Wright and Louise Wright were also artists. Having studied and exhibited at the Royal Academy, his work could be classified as academic. Wright is known for horse and hunting portraits, the excellent proportions and illustrative feel gave his pieces an active quality. He is said to be one of the best sporting painters of his time.
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A Coach and Four on the Open Road

A Coach and Four on the Open Road by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0223-KA)

A Fresh Team

A Fresh Team by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0225-KA)

By The Fox Inn

By The Fox Inn by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0227-KA)


Homewards by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0229-KA)

Outside of Kings Head

Outside of Kings Head by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0231-KA)

The Hunt 23

The Hunt 23 by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0233-KA)

The meet at the Crossroads

The meet at the Crossroads by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0235-KA)

Waiting for Master

Waiting for Master by  George Wright (Painting ID: AN-0327-KA)