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Wores, Theodore, America 1859 to 1939 Oil Paintings

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Theodore Wores was born in San Francisco, California in 1859 and died in 1939. He was an American painter who specialized in oriental subjects. He began his art eduction at the young age of twelve under the artist Joseph Harrington. There he learned about color, composition, drawing, and perspective. In 1874 he was one of the first students to enter the newly formed San Francisco School of Design. A year later he moved on to Munich, Germany and attended the Royal Academy there for six years. He traveled to Japan where he painted many genre scenes and landscapes, those paintings were later exhibited in New York and in London. He also traveled to Hawaii and Samoa painting from his experiences there as well. His most famous piece is "The Lei Maker" and is exhibited today at the Honolulu Museum of Art.
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Girl with Rhododendrons

Girl with Rhododendrons by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ED-0102-KA)

A Chinese Beauty Pouring Tea

A Chinese Beauty Pouring Tea by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0212-KA)

A Mat Weaver in Samoa

A Mat Weaver in Samoa by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0214-KA)

Chinese Market

Chinese Market by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0216-KA)

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0218-KA)

The Chinese Fishmonger

The Chinese Fishmonger by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0220-KA)

The Lei Maker

The Lei Maker by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0222-KA)

A Coconut Grove

A Coconut Grove by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2860-KA)

A Street in Ikao

A Street in Ikao by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2862-KA)

Garden Waterfall

Garden Waterfall by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2864-KA)

Hawaiian House

Hawaiian House by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2866-KA)

Lotus Pond, Shiba, Tokyo

Lotus Pond, Shiba, Tokyo by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2868-KA)

Prune Blossoms, Saratoga, California

Prune Blossoms, Saratoga, California by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2870-KA)

Samoan Landscape

Samoan Landscape by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2872-KA)

San Francisco Sand Dunes and Lake merced

San Francisco Sand Dunes and Lake merced by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2874-KA)

Sunshine and Cherry Blossoms, Nogeyama, Yokohama

Sunshine and Cherry Blossoms, Nogeyama, Yokohama by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: LA-2876-KA)