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Williams, Terrick, England 1860 to 1937 Oil Paintings

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He was born in Liverpool,England.He studied art in Antwerp under Verlat and in Paris at the Académie Julian, and was an Impressionist painter. He exhibited his paintings in Paris and London, winning a silver medal at the Paris Salon in 1908 and a gold in 1911. He painted in Venice and France a good deal, but lived mostly in London and, later, at Plymouth.
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Notre Dame Paris 1914

Notre Dame Paris 1914 by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: CI-0756-KA)

Bringing home the catch

Bringing home the catch by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: CK-6050-KA)

On the Beach 52

On the Beach 52 by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: CK-6052-KA)

Fruit Market

Fruit Market by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: CL-4964-KA)

Red and Gold Brixham

Red and Gold Brixham by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: LA-1804-KA)

Lobster Fisherman

Lobster Fisherman by  Terrick Williams (Painting ID: LA-1806-KA)