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Ward, James, England 1769 to 1859 Oil Paintings

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James Ward was born in London, Englad in 1769 and died in 1859. He was a painter and an engraver. His subject matter ranged from realism to symbolism and mythology, but most of his works were of animals. His work is classified as romantic because of the sublime feeling it emits. Ward was known as one of the greatest animal painters of his time and boosted the increase of British art. Beginning as an engraver, he carried that technical skill, attention to detail, and fine tuned patience into his paintings. In 1811 he was accepted into the Royal Academy.
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A Horse Drinking at a Stream

A Horse Drinking at a Stream by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0154-KA)


Marengo by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0156-KA)

The Fall of Phaeton

The Fall of Phaeton by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0158-KA)

The Intruder

The Intruder by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0160-KA)

The Levett Children

The Levett Children by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0162-KA)

What Is It

What Is It by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0164-KA)

A Fancy Pigeon

A Fancy Pigeon by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0907-KA)

Gordale Scar

Gordale Scar by  James Ward (Painting ID: LA-0731-KA)

View in Somersetshire from Fitzhead

View in Somersetshire from Fitzhead by  James Ward (Painting ID: LA-0733-KA)