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Ufer, Walter, America 1876 to 1936 Oil Paintings

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Walter Ufer was born in the state of Kentucky in 1876 and died in 1936. He was an American painter, based in Taos, New Mexio, who focused on ethnic and native landscape and figure paintings. His parents were from Germany, so Ufer felt the need to travel Europe for a while after an lithographic apprenticeship. While in Europe he decided to stay in Germany to study in Hamburg and Dresden. Upon returning to America he worked in Chicago as a printmaker and taught at a local art school. In 1914 he finally settled in Taos, New Mexico and became one of the "Taos Ten", and associated with the Taos Society of Artists.
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A Singer

A Singer by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0176-KA)


Fantasies by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0178-KA)

Indian Playing a Drum

Indian Playing a Drum by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0180-KA)

Stringing Chili Peppers

Stringing Chili Peppers by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0182-KA)


Sunspots by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0184-KA)

Taos Indian Drinking

Taos Indian Drinking by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0186-KA)

The Red Moccasins

The Red Moccasins by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: ED-0188-KA)

Cottonwood and Wild Horses

Cottonwood and Wild Horses by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2465-KA)

December Evening

December Evening by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2467-KA)

Indian Corn Taos

Indian Corn Taos by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2469-KA)

Panoramic Landscape

Panoramic Landscape by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2471-KA)

The Gateway

The Gateway by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2473-KA)

The Red Cistern

The Red Cistern by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2475-KA)

Western Rain

Western Rain by  Walter Ufer (Painting ID: LA-2477-KA)