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Twachtman, John, America 1853 to 1902 Oil Paintings

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John Henry Twachtman was born in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1853 and died in 1902. He was an American artist known for his impressionist landscapes. Art historians note that his style often changed, but it was his impressonist work that was the most vulnerable and experimental of that entire generation. For a time Twachtman was a member of "The Ten", a group of rebel artists who set themselves apart from the professional art organizations of the time, and exhibited together regularly. Twachtman studied first in Ohio and then went studied abroud at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich until 1877. Six years later, he moved to Paris to study at the famed Julian Academy, where his style shifted towards tonalism. At age 33 he finally moved back to America and settled on a farm in Connecticut. Sadly, Twachtman died suddenly of a brain annurism at age 49. Today his works can be seen in many museum collections around the world.
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View of Venice 50

View of Venice 50 by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: CI-0150-KA)

A Venetian Scene

A Venetian Scene by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2511-KA)


Branchville by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2513-KA)

Connecticut Shore, Winter

Connecticut Shore, Winter by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2515-KA)

Gloucester Harbor

Gloucester Harbor by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2517-KA)


Holland by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2519-KA)

Oyster Boats, North River

Oyster Boats, North River by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2521-KA)

Springtime 23

Springtime 23 by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2523-KA)

Windmills, Dordrecht

Windmills, Dordrecht by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2525-KA)

Winter Landscape 27

Winter Landscape 27 by  John Twachtman (Painting ID: LA-2527-KA)