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Tucker, Alan, America 1866 to 1939 Oil Paintings

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Allen Tucker was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1866 and died in 1939. He was an architect and painter, often called the "Vincent of America" because of his strong affinity for the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. In 1887 he graduated from Columbia University with a degree in architecture. Tucker's work was unique in that it was not categorized into any particular art style but was influenced by many.
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Josie Collines in the Follies

Josie Collines in the Follies by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: AB-1200-KA)

Snow in Madison Square

Snow in Madison Square by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: CI-0045-KA)


Bizarre by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: ED-0700-KA)

Winter At Portland

Winter At Portland by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2965-KA)

Fir Tree Shadows on a Snowy Bank

Fir Tree Shadows on a Snowy Bank by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2967-KA)

Green Mountain, Mount Desert

Green Mountain, Mount Desert by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2969-KA)

Red Barns

Red Barns by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2971-KA)

The Rise

The Rise by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2973-KA)

Untitled 75

Untitled 75 by  Alan Tucker (Painting ID: LA-2975-KA)