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Symbolism Oil Paintings

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Symbolism is a 19th-century movement in which art became infused with exaggerated sensitivity and a spooky mysticism.Symbolism depicts mythology and dream imagery for a visual language of the soul.More a philosophical approach than an actual style of art, and a continuation of the Romantic tradition.Most know artists are John Henry Fuseli and Caspar David Friedrich,Gustave Moreau, Puvis de Chavannes, and Odilon Redon.
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Wild Goats Dance

Wild Goats Dance by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AB-0764-KA)

The Mountaineers

The Mountaineers by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AB-0766-KA)


Dances by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AB-0768-KA)

Spring 70

Spring 70 by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AL-0370-KA)

The Tiger

The Tiger by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AN-2242-KA)


Apollo by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0022-KA)

Christ and His Desciples

Christ and His Desciples by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0032-KA)


Cyclops by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0038-KA)

Deux Jeunes

Deux Jeunes by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0040-KA)

Muse auf Pegasus

Muse auf Pegasus by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0050-KA)

Mystery 52

Mystery 52 by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0052-KA)

Ophelia 54

Ophelia 54 by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0054-KA)


Panel by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0056-KA)


Pegasus by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0060-KA)

Profile Flowers

Profile Flowers by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0062-KA)

Red Sphinx

Red Sphinx by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0066-KA)


Sita by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0068-KA)

Head of Minerva

Head of Minerva by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0800-KA)

Sibilia Cumaea

Sibilia Cumaea by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0802-KA)

The Sorrowing Soul between Doubt and Faith

The Sorrowing Soul between Doubt and Faith by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0804-KA)

The Pleiades

The Pleiades by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0810-KA)

The cup of Death

The cup of Death by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0812-KA)

The Last Man

The Last Man by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0814-KA)

The Water Nymph 16

The Water Nymph 16 by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0816-KA)

Roman Model Posing

Roman Model Posing by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0818-KA)

The Venetian Model

The Venetian Model by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0820-KA)

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0822-KA)

Dancing Girl 24

Dancing Girl 24 by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0824-KA)

Etruscan Girl with Turtle

Etruscan Girl with Turtle by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0826-KA)


Memory by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0828-KA)

Marsyas Enchanting the Hares

Marsyas Enchanting the Hares by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0830-KA)

Greek Girls Bathing

Greek Girls Bathing by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0832-KA)

Fisherman and Mermaid 34

Fisherman and Mermaid 34 by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0834-KA)

Fisherman and Mermaid 36

Fisherman and Mermaid 36 by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0836-KA)

The Sphinx of the Seashore

The Sphinx of the Seashore by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0838-KA)

The Music Party 40

The Music Party 40 by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0840-KA)

The Cumaean Sibyl

The Cumaean Sibyl by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0842-KA)


Dominicans by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0844-KA)

Coming Storm

Coming Storm by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0846-KA)

The Old Well, Bordighera

The Old Well, Bordighera by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0848-KA)

Lair of the Sea Serpent

Lair of the Sea Serpent by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0852-KA)

Egyptian Nile

Egyptian Nile by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0854-KA)

Cliffs of Volterra

Cliffs of Volterra by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0856-KA)

Bordighera, Italy

Bordighera, Italy by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0858-KA)

Soul in Bondage

Soul in Bondage by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0880-KA)

The Fates Gathering in the Stars

The Fates Gathering in the Stars by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0886-KA)


Fortuna by  Elihu Vedder (Painting ID: CL-0888-KA)

Geraldine Russell

Geraldine Russell by  John White Alexander (Painting ID: CL-1050-KA)

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