Sutherland, Jane, Australia 1853 to 1928 Oil Paintings

Sutherland, Jane, Australia 1853 to 1928 Oil Paintings
Jane Sutherland was born in New York (although she is considered Australian) in 1853 and died in 1928. She was a famous landscape painter, and one of the first artists to promote and advocate the plein-air art movement. At the age of 11 the Sutherland family moved to Sydney, Australia and later on to Melbourne. Her father was an artist and professor of drawing. She first learned painting at the National Gallery School of Design under a few of Australia's famous artists: Frederick McCubbin, Eugene von Guerard, and George Folingsby. At age 25 she began exhibiting at the Victorian Academy of Arts, the Australian Artists' Association, and the Victorian Artists' Society. In 1884 she joined the Buonarotti Society, becoming one of the first female members. She was also a leading member of the Melbourne painters and a pioneer for the plein-air art movement. Plein-air meaning on site, outdoor painting. Sadly in 1904 she suffered from a stroke, but continued painting as best as she could until 1911 when her brother died and was unable to help her with her work. In 1928 at the age of 75.
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