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Schiele, Egon, Austria 1890 to 1918 Oil Paintings

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Egon Schiele was born in Austria and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art from 1906 to 1909. From 1909 on, his paintings were presented in many exhibitions. During this Periode Schiele became friends with Gustav Klimt, who influenced his work very much. He combined an ornamental surface with an expressive style and vivid colors. The twisted body shapes that characterize Schiele's paintings and drawings makes the artist a notable exponent of Expressionism.
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Agony by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: AF-0120-KA)

Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up

Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: AF-0121-KA)

Village with Mountains

Village with Mountains by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: LA-0890-KA)

Lower Austria

Lower Austria by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: LA-0892-KA)

Harbor of Trieste

Harbor of Trieste by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: LA-1988-KA)

Four Trees

Four Trees by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: LA-5868-KA)

Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: LA-5994-KA)


Melons by  Egon Schiele (Painting ID: SL-0217-KA)