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Salentin, Hubert, German 1822 to 1910 Oil Paintings

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Hubert Salentin, also known as Johann Hubert Salentin, was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1822 and died in Zulpich in 1910. Salentin was a German figurative painter, but didn't start his career in the arts until 1850 at the age of almost 30. For 14 years he worked as a blacksmith, but then enrolled in the Dusseldorf Academy to study fine art. Salentin's work depicted fond and warm genre scenes from the rural countryside. His palette usually remained warm and inviting, using an array of golden beige and deep olive greens. He died at the age of 88.
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The Ecclesiastical Transition

The Ecclesiastical Transition by  Hubert Salentin (Painting ID: ED-0378-KA)

Good News 80

Good News 80 by  Hubert Salentin (Painting ID: ED-0380-KA)

Homeward Bound 82

Homeward Bound 82 by  Hubert Salentin (Painting ID: ED-0382-KA)

The Young Sheep Tenders

The Young Sheep Tenders by  Hubert Salentin (Painting ID: ED-0384-KA)