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Sala, Paulo, Italy 1859 to 1924 Oil Paintings

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Paulo Sala was born in Milan, Italy in 1859 and died in 1924. He was an Italian painter of portraits, genre scenes, seascapes, and landscapes. He studied at the Milan Academy and received the Mylius award at the age of 21. He traveled around the world gathering inspiration from several places and cultures including Paris, London, and South America. He even lived in Russia for several years working at the Conservatory of Leningrad. Sala's works are impressionist in appearance, rich in color with varied, individualized brush strokes. His works increase in popularity year after year, and are exhibited in galleries around the world.
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Piazza San marco

Piazza San marco by  Paulo Sala (Painting ID: CI-0135-KA)

Capri 35

Capri 35 by  Paulo Sala (Painting ID: LA-2435-KA)

The Pretty Maid

The Pretty Maid by  Paulo Sala (Painting ID: LA-2437-KA)

Flowers and a Wall

Flowers and a Wall by  Paulo Sala (Painting ID: SL-0760-KA)