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Pether, Henry, England 1828 to 1865 Oil Paintings

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Henry Pether was an English landscape painter, whose subject matter was consistently landscapes and cityscapes, especially featuring night scenes. It is supposed that he is the son of Sebastian Pether, who was also an artist. Henry Pether exhibited at the Royal Academy from an early age and continued exhibiting there until just before his death. During his lifetime he also exhibited at the British Institution and Suffolk Street Gallery.
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Moonlight in Venice

Moonlight in Venice by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: CI-0398-KA)

Trafalgar Square by Moonlight

Trafalgar Square by Moonlight by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: CI-0400-KA)

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: CI-0402-KA)

Night Eruption of Vesuvius

Night Eruption of Vesuvius by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: LA-3534-KA)

Marlow on the Thames

Marlow on the Thames by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: LA-3536-KA)

The Thames at Midnight, Twickenham

The Thames at Midnight, Twickenham by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: LA-3538-KA)

York Watergate

York Watergate by  Henry Pether (Painting ID: LA-3540-KA)