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North, Marianne, England 1830 to 1890 Oil Paintings

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Marianne North was born in Hastings, East Essex, England in 1830 and died in 1890. She was a naturalist painter whose subject matter mostly included birds, flowers, and fruit. She came from a wealthy, political, land-owning family. From a young age she trained as a vocalist, but when that failed she decided to pursue painting. In 1855, at the age of 25 her mother died and she began traveling with her father. In 1869 after her father's death she devoter herself to painting the botanicals of far away countries. Around age 40 she began her travels, first visiting Canada and the United States, then to Jamaica, Brazil, Japan, Borneo, Java, and Ceylon. In 1875 she began a journey around the world and spent two years painting the flowers, birds, and exotic fruit of other lands. The entire year of 1878 she stayed in India. She returned to Britain and exhibited in London. She gave her collection to the Royal Botanic Gardens and they erected a gallery to house them. In 1880 she visited Australia at the suggestion of Charles Darwin. She visited many other places including New Zealand and South Africa. In 1890, at age 69 she died in her home land in Gloucestershire.
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Caribbea Birds

Caribbea Birds by  Marianne North (Painting ID: AN-1300-KA)


Hummingbird by  Marianne North (Painting ID: AN-1302-KA)

Leaf insects and Stick Insects

Leaf insects and Stick Insects by  Marianne North (Painting ID: AN-1304-KA)

Fruit 48

Fruit 48 by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3248-KA)

Great Lily

Great Lily by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3250-KA)

Nepenthes Northiana

Nepenthes Northiana by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3252-KA)

North Beauties of the Swamps

North Beauties of the Swamps by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3254-KA)


Oleander by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3256-KA)

Palmyra Palms in Flood

Palmyra Palms in Flood by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3258-KA)

Rajput Forts

Rajput Forts by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3260-KA)

Rhododendron Falconeri

Rhododendron Falconeri by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3262-KA)

Scene in a West Australian Forest

Scene in a West Australian Forest by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3264-KA)

Wisteria Mt. Fuji

Wisteria Mt. Fuji by  Marianne North (Painting ID: LA-3266-KA)

A Selection of Flowers from Mount Wellington

A Selection of Flowers from Mount Wellington by  Marianne North (Painting ID: SL-0366-KA)

Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower

Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower by  Marianne North (Painting ID: SL-0368-KA)

Olearia Argophylla

Olearia Argophylla by  Marianne North (Painting ID: SL-0370-KA)

Rhododendron Granden

Rhododendron Granden by  Marianne North (Painting ID: SL-0372-KA)


Tamaraind by  Marianne North (Painting ID: SL-0374-KA)