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Naive Oil Paintings

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Naïve art is characterized by a childlike simplicity.It is a gross oversimplification to assume that Naïve art is created by people with little or no formal art training.naïve oil paintings presumes the existence of an academy and of a generally accepted educated manner of art creation. In practice there are schools of naïve artists.And Over time ,it has become an acceptable style. Moslty characterized by an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting; as difficulties with drawing and perspective that result in a charmingly awkward and often refreshing vision; and a strong use of pattern, unrefined color, and simplicity rather than subtlety.It has become a popular and recognisable style .
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Landscape at the Tegersee

Landscape at the Tegersee by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0308-KA)

Croatian Woman

Croatian Woman  (Painting ID: GE-0010-KA)

Mother and Child 54

Mother and Child 54  (Painting ID: GE-0054-KA)

African Sisters

African Sisters  (Painting ID: GE-0059-KA)

African Queen

African Queen  (Painting ID: GE-0060-A)
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Beauty with Butterflies

Beauty with Butterflies  (Painting ID: GE-0062-KA)

African Beauty

African Beauty  (Painting ID: GE-0063-KA)

Lady with a Hat

Lady with a Hat  (Painting ID: GE-0069-KA)


Buddies  (Painting ID: GE-0075-KA)

African Scene

African Scene  (Painting ID: GE-0084-KA)

The Model 85

The Model 85  (Painting ID: GE-0085-KA)

African Dress

African Dress  (Painting ID: GE-0086-KA)

The Bride

The Bride  (Painting ID: GE-0087-KA)

Baptizing in the Jordan River

Baptizing in the Jordan River  (Painting ID: GE-0780-KA)

First Touch

First Touch  (Painting ID: GE-0782-KA)
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Calla Lilly Vendors

Calla Lilly Vendors  (Painting ID: GE-1131-KA)

Jungle Queen

Jungle Queen  (Painting ID: GE-1592-KA)


Geisha  (Painting ID: GE-1593-KA)

Sun God

Sun God  (Painting ID: GE-2110-KA)

Tutankhamun Boy King of Egypt

Tutankhamun Boy King of Egypt  (Painting ID: GE-2352-A)
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Tut and Goddess Iris

Tut and Goddess Iris  (Painting ID: GE-2354-A)
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