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Moreau, Adrien, France 1843 to 1906 Oil Paintings

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Adrien Moreau was born in Troyes, France in 1843 and died in 1906. He was a famous genre and historical painter, illustrator, and sculptor. At a young age he became a glassmaker, but eventually left that apprenticeship to move to Paris. In Paris he studied at the renowned Ecole des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts) with Cogniet and Pils as his professors. At age 25 in 1968 he had his first exhibition in the Paris Salon, where his work was highly praised. After his return from the Franco-Prussian war in 1873 his piece titled "Concert d'Amateurs dans un Atelier d'Artiste" (Amateur Artist in a Workshop"), catapulted him into the public eye making him a high demand artist. He continued to exhibit at the salon and won many awards until his death in 1906. He was remembered as one of the "greatest painters of contemporary genre."
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Toast to the Heir Presumptive

Toast to the Heir Presumptive by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0191-KA)

A Day of Sporting

A Day of Sporting by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0193-KA)

A Special Prize

A Special Prize by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0195-KA)

At The Ferry

At The Ferry by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0197-KA)

Le Bac

Le Bac by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0199-KA)

May Day

May Day by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0201-KA)

The Carnival Procession

The Carnival Procession by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0203-KA)

The Courtship 05

The Courtship 05 by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0205-KA)

The Favorite Bird

The Favorite Bird by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0207-KA)

The Ferry

The Ferry by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0209-KA)

The Wedding 11

The Wedding 11 by  Adrien Moreau (Painting ID: ED-0211-KA)