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Lorenzetti, Pietro, Italy 1280 to 1348 Oil Paintings

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Pietro Lorenzetti was born in Siena, Italy in 1208, and died in the year 1348. He was an older brother to Ambrogio Lorenzetti, both italian painters. Pietro brought naturalism into being by the, never-before-seen, three-dimensional quality of his works. He was able to capture tangibility by the eye contact made with his painted figures, acute detail, positive and negative space, and depth of background. It is said that Lorenzetti was a foreshadow to the Renaissance era, and a prodigal of his time. Most of his works were commissioned by the church, and of his most famous pieces was a triptych dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin.
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Good Government 01

Good Government 01 by  Pietro Lorenzetti (Painting ID: DA-0001-KA)

Good Government 03

Good Government 03 by  Pietro Lorenzetti (Painting ID: DA-0003-KA)

Good Government 05

Good Government 05 by  Pietro Lorenzetti (Painting ID: DA-0005-KA)