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Livni, Dan, Israel born 1945. Oil Paintings

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Born in Kibbutz Maoz-Haim, Israel. Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Member of The Israel Painters & Sculptures Association, Sabbatical study at St. Martin Academy, London 1970-1971. International Summer Seminars at Reichenau Austria 1980 and 1981. Post graduate studies at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston 1986-1987. First prize at the Young Artists Exhibition in Tel-Aviv - 1964. First Prize at the Beer-Sheva Art Exhibition - 1965. Scholarship from American-Israel Culture Fund and Sharet Fund for young artists - 1970. Received the Haifa Municipality Lifetime Achievemet Award in Art Education. Presented in dozens of one man exhibitions in Israel, England, Germany, and the Unites-States. Dan Livni's works include different aspects of Nature, space and human elements, the metamorphosis in his works involves motifs from the artist's inner world that merge and turn into a work of art with fantastic and surrealistic outlines. Dan's paintings express the ongoing search for identity, and its relevance to the essence of space and time, embracing internal contradictions. He uses human and structural motifs which express culture and creation as they connect to elements in the universe, such as Nature forces – which together create an interaction of conflict, construction and destruction, struggle and harmony – very much like the inner existential essence of the human being.
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Ascend to Jerusalem 1

Ascend to Jerusalem 1 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0301-KA)

Ascend to Jerusalem 2

Ascend to Jerusalem 2 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0303-KA)

The Walls of Jerusalem

The Walls of Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0308-KA)

Suburb of Jerusalem

Suburb of Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0310-KA)

Mount Zion Jerusalem

Mount Zion Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0312-KA)

Souring City

Souring City by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0313-KA)

A Village in Judean Hills

A Village in Judean Hills by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0314-KA)

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0316-KA)

Road to Jerusalem

Road to Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0319-KA)

A Village in Galilee Hills

A Village in Galilee Hills by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0320-KA)

At the Foot of Mount Hermon

At the Foot of Mount Hermon by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0321-KA)

Rocks Among the Houses

Rocks Among the Houses by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0322-KA)

Balance of Powers

Balance of Powers by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0328-KA)

Pink Sunset

Pink Sunset by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0329-KA)

City in the Clouds

City in the Clouds by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0333-KA)

Human Nature and Technology

Human Nature and Technology by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0334-KA)

The City in White

The City in White by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0335-KA)

Floating Islands

Floating Islands by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0336-KA)

Motion in Space

Motion in Space by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0338-KA)

The Awakening Desert

The Awakening Desert by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0344-KA)

The Sea Nymph

The Sea Nymph by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0351-KA)

Mother Nature

Mother Nature by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0355-KA)

Mother Earth

Mother Earth by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0357-KA)


Deliverance by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0359-KA)

Cubes in the Canyon

Cubes in the Canyon by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0360-KA)

The Treasury Canyon

The Treasury Canyon by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0362-KA)

Memorial 1

Memorial 1 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0364-KA)

Memorial 2

Memorial 2 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0368-KA)

Simchat Torah (Jewish ritual)

Simchat Torah (Jewish ritual) by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: GA-0301-KA)

The Torah Scroll

The Torah Scroll by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: GA-0303-KA)