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Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, Germany 1880 to 1938 Oil Paintings

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany. After years of travel, his family settled in Chemnitz in 1890. From 1901 to 1905 he studied architecture at the Dresden Technische Hochschule, and pictorial art in Munich at the Kunsthochschule and at an experimental art school established by Wilhelm von Debschitz and Hermann Obrist. While in Munich he produced his first woodcuts; the graphic arts were to become as important to him as painting. At that time he was drawn to Neo-Impressionism as well as to the old masters.
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Yellow Bare Back

Yellow Bare Back by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: EI-1980-KA)

Street Scene in Berlin

Street Scene in Berlin by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: EI-1982-KA)

Street in Dresden

Street in Dresden by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: EI-1984-KA)

Spring 1918

Spring 1918 by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: LA-0990-KA)

Forest with Brook

Forest with Brook by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: LA-0992-KA)


Davos by  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (Painting ID: LA-0994-KA)