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Hughes, Arthur, England 1832 to 1915 Oil Paintings

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Arthur Hughes was born in England.He proved to be an early talent,he enrolled at the Royal Academy Antique School, and in 1850 produced his first Pre-Raphaelite works. Two years later he exhibited hi paintings the first time, with moderate success, and for more than ten years he was a fashionable painter, creating several poetical compositions, very much in demand. In 1857 he worked together with several artists for the frescoes at the Oxford Union, then in 1858 he retired with his family in London, continuing painting. Yet by 1870 he was out of fashion and his paintings found few buyers. He was also a tallented and very sought after book illustrator.
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Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight

Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2055-KA)

Hughes Arthur the Knight of the Sun

Hughes Arthur the Knight of the Sun by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2058-KA)

Hughes Arthur La Belle Dame Sans Merc

Hughes Arthur La Belle Dame Sans Merc by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2060-KA)

Sir Galahad 62

Sir Galahad 62 by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2062-KA)

The Lady of Shalott 64

The Lady of Shalott 64 by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2064-KA)

The Brave Geraint

The Brave Geraint by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2065-KA)

Home from the Sea

Home from the Sea by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2066-KA)

April Love

April Love by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2068-KA)

The Property Room

The Property Room by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2070-KA)

Asleep in the Woods

Asleep in the Woods by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2072-KA)

A Music Party

A Music Party by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2074-KA)

The Heavenly Stair

The Heavenly Stair by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2076-KA)

Ophelia 78

Ophelia 78 by  Arthur Hughes (Painting ID: CL-2078-KA)