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Hogarth, William, England 1697 to 1764 Oil Paintings

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William Hogarth is one of the greatest English artists and a man of remarkably individual character and thought. He is the great innovator in English art and was the first to paint themes from Shakespeare, Milton and the theater, and the founder of a wholly original genre of moral history, which was long known as Hogarthian and he investigated the aesthetic principles of his art, which resulted in his book “The Analysis of Beauty”
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Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 50

Open Landscape with Mounted Peasants 50 by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3050-KA)

An Election Entertainment

An Election Entertainment by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3052-KA)

Soliciting Votes

Soliciting Votes by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3054-KA)

The Orgy

The Orgy by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3056-KA)

The Pool of Bethesda

The Pool of Bethesda by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3058-KA)

The Fountaine Family

The Fountaine Family by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3060-KA)

Marriage a la Mode

Marriage a la Mode by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3062-KA)

Moses Brought before Pharaohs Daughter

Moses Brought before Pharaohs Daughter by  William Hogarth (Painting ID: CM-3064-KA)