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Harvey, Harold, England 1874 to 1941 Oil Paintings

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Harold Harvey was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England in 1874 and died in 1941. He was an English painter who painted an array of subjects including landscapes and genre scenes. Harvey was the eldest of eight children. He studied painting at the Penzance School of Art under an artist and professor named Norman Garstin. Later, from 1894 to 1896, he attended the Academy Julian in Paris. Early on his style was nearly strictly impressionist but into the 1920's his painting style developed into his own distinct style. He gained command of nearly every subject and his works became clearly-defined yet expressionist. He was part of the Newlyn School group, which mostly painted Cornish scenes: fishermen, farmers, miners, landscapes, seascapes, and perhaps his most notable works are his interior scenes. Eventually he even painted religious themed paintings. In 1924, at the age 50 he partook in the Venice Biennale. He died at age 67 in 1941.
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Boys Bathing

Boys Bathing by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0861-KA)

Children Swinging on a Gate

Children Swinging on a Gate by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0863-KA)

Fishing By A Forest Stream

Fishing By A Forest Stream by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0865-KA)

Girl with a Red Hat 67

Girl with a Red Hat 67 by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0867-KA)

In the Whiting Ground

In the Whiting Ground by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0869-KA)

Picking Dafodils

Picking Dafodils by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0871-KA)

The Day

The Day by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0873-KA)

The Old Slip

The Old Slip by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0875-KA)

Turnip Gatherers

Turnip Gatherers by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0877-KA)

Woman Reading in a Garden

Woman Reading in a Garden by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: ED-0879-KA)

A View of Mousehole

A View of Mousehole by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2699-KA)

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2701-KA)

Baker Boy

Baker Boy by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2703-KA)

Blue Door

Blue Door by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2705-KA)

Early Spring

Early Spring by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2707-KA)

Near Penzance

Near Penzance by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2709-KA)

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2711-KA)

The Close of a Summer

The Close of a Summer by  Harold Harvey (Painting ID: LA-2713-KA)