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Hardy, Heywood, England 1842 to 1933 Oil Paintings

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Heywood Hardy was born in Chichester,England.He was educated in the Beaux Arts School in Paris. He exhibited his paintings at the Royal Academy, British Institution, Society of British Artists, Old Watercolor Society and the Royal Institute of Portrait Painters.And also illustrated for magazines such as 'The Graphic' and 'Illustrated London News'. Hardy became best known for his portraits, sporting pictures and animal paintings. He was a friend of John Singer Sargent and James MacNeill Whistler and shared with that circle ideas that changed the literal naturalism that had previously been the dominant style in Victorian painting.
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The Aviary

The Aviary by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-0915-KA)

The Awaited Letter

The Awaited Letter by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2225-KA)

Full Cry 30

Full Cry 30 by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2230-KA)

Gone To Earth

Gone To Earth by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2231-KA)

A Hunting Morn

A Hunting Morn by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2232-KA)

A Chat with His Lordship

A Chat with His Lordship by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2233-KA)

A Meeting By The Stile

A Meeting By The Stile by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2235-KA)

The Loose Shoe

The Loose Shoe by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2236-KA)

The Morning Ride

The Morning Ride  by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2237-KA)

The Grouse Shoot

The Grouse Shoot by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: AN-2250-KA)

Noonday taking a Horse to Water

Noonday taking a Horse to Water by  Heywood Hardy (Painting ID: CM-1075-KA)