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Farquharson, Joseph, Scotland 1846 to 1935 Oil Paintings

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Joseph Farquharson born in Scotland, combined a career as a painter with his inherited role as laird of Finzean. His father, the 10th laird, was a doctor with an Edinburgh practice, and a competent amateur artist who encouraged Joseph. He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy Life School and Trustees' Academy, Edinburgh. He was strongly influenced by the landscape painter Peter Graham . The watershed in his career was marked by three or four winters spent from 1880 onwards in Paris in the studio of Carolus-Duran. An admirer of Velázquez, Carolus-Duran taught his students to use the brush straight away and think in terms of form and color. As a result Farquharson's work was always characterized by richly handled paint. Landscape was not taught, but Farquharson would have been aware of the Barbizon painters. Back at Finzean he adapted French plein-air techniques to the Scottish climate. He designed a painting hut on wheels, fitted with large windows and a stove. From this hut he painted the great wooded landscapes on which his reputation rested. Autumn Gold is a good example of his mature style. He exhibited his paintings at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, the Royal Academy and the Royal Institution, London. There are a large number of prints after his work, which increased his popularity. Many of his winter snow scenes are still produced today as Christmas cards. Today he is best known for his Scottish wooded landscape paintings in different seasons. Paintings by Farquharson are in museum collections in Aberdeen, Leeds, Liverpool and the National Gallery London.
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Down to the Ferry

Down to the Ferry by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-0997-KA)

Sheep Feeding

Sheep Feeding by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-0998-KA)

Winters Day

Winters Day by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-0999-KA)

Through Calm and Frosty Air

Through Calm and Frosty Air by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-1000-KA)

Through the Crisp Air

Through the Crisp Air by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-1001-KA)

When Snow The Pasture Sheets

When Snow The Pasture Sheets by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-1002-KA)

Sunlight and Shadow

Sunlight and Shadow by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-1003-KA)

Snowy Garb of Sleeping Earth

Snowy Garb of Sleeping Earth by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-1004-KA)

In Cairo

In Cairo by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: AN-3250-KA)

End of Day

End of Day by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: CM-1076-KA)


Homeward by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: LA-5942-KA)

Winter 43

Winter 43 by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: LA-5943-KA)

Where Winter Holds its Sway

Where Winter Holds its Sway by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: LA-5944-KA)


Summertime by  Joseph Farquharson (Painting ID: MO-1080-KA)