Fantin Latour, Henri, France 1836 to 1904 Oil Paintings

Fantin Latour, Henri, France 1836 to 1904 Oil Paintings
Henri Fantin-Latour was born in Grenoble into Theodore Fantin-Latour, a representation painter and instructor of drawing and a Russian mother. When his family moved to Paris, he was instructed by his dad at an early age, and from 1850 through 1854 contemplated painting at the school of Lecoq de Boisbaudran. After a brief period at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, he worked at Courbet's studio. From 1853 onwards, he routinely replicated works by the old bosses in the Louver, just as Delacroix's paintings in the Musee du Luxembourg, and for a very long time lived mainly by copying. He met Degas in the Louver in 1855, Manet in 1857, and Berthe Morisot in 1858.

In 1858, Henri Fantin-Latour became companions with Whistler, and the two craftsmen, alongside Alphonse Legros, shaped the Sociãtãe des Trois. In 1859, Whistler invited him to visit London, where Alphonse Legros and the novice, etc. Edwin Edwards got related to the English capital's creative milieu, and in 1864 displayed at the Royal Academy. In London, he was exceptionally mainstream for his blossom paintings, which he started to paint in the same year.
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