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Duveneck, Frank, America 1848 to 1919 Oil Paintings

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Frank Duveneck was born in Covington, Kentucky. He adopted his stepfather's name and studied at the Royal Academy in Munich, Germany . His painting style consisted of broad brushstrokes, sombre brown backgrounds, and an energetic approach, as seen in ‘Whistling Boy' . Beginning in 1900, he taught at the Cincinnati Art Academy for many years.
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Girl with Rake

Girl with Rake by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: CL-4570-KA)

Florentine Flower Gir

Florentine Flower Gir by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: CL-4572-KA)

The Florentine Girl

The Florentine Girl by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: CL-4574-KA)

Italian Courtyard

Italian Courtyard by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: ED-1486-KA)

Water Carriers Venice

Water Carriers Venice by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: ER-0096-KA)

Venetian Fruit Market

Venetian Fruit Market by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: ER-0097-KA)

Beachwoods at Polling

Beachwoods at Polling by  Frank Duveneck (Painting ID: LA-5989-KA)