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Demuth, Charles, America 1883 to 1935 Oil Paintings

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Charles Demuth wasborn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1883. A versatile artist,he was acclaimed for his cubist-derived paintings of American cityscapes as well as his sensuous, richly colored watercolors of still lifes and figure groups. Charles Demuth studied at the Drexel Institute of Art and later at the Pennsylvania Institute of Art and Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. A virtuoso with water color of the most delicious clarity and the subtlest nuance of pearly tones…Demuth turned to Cubism. Its use of planes, describing boundaries and direction of forms in space, gave him his chance to make out of geometry and its meaning for art something personal, by combining its austerity of ruled lines, its interpenetrating planes and angles, with his own special gift for flowing fascinating color. He knows also the value of suggestion and isolates fragments which suggest how the rest of the big world could be seen after the same fashion.”
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Incense of a New Church

Incense of a New Church by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AB-0352-KA)

My Egypt

My Egypt by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AB-0354-KA)

Chimney and Watertower

Chimney and Watertower by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AB-0356-KA)

Aucassiu and Nicolette

Aucassiu and Nicolette by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AB-0358-KA)


Buildings by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AB-0362-KA)

The Jazz Singer 22

The Jazz Singer 22 by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AF-0122-KA)

Turkish Bath with Self Portrait

Turkish Bath with Self Portrait by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AF-0124-KA)

Trees and Barns Bermuda

Trees and Barns Bermuda by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AL-0350-KA)

Buildings Lancaster

Buildings Lancaster by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AL-0360-KA)

Spring 70

Spring 70 by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AL-0370-KA)

Poppies 66

Poppies 66 by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: SL-0266-KA)

Wild Orchids

Wild Orchids by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: SL-0268-KA)