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Collier, John, England 1850 to 1934 Oil Paintings

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John Collier was an important artist who painted portraits, dramatic themes, and landscapes. He was educated at the Eton School and studied art in Munich and Heidelberg, as well as at the Slade School under Poynter and in Paris under Laurens and also was encouraged by Millais and Alma-Tadema. He established a highly successful practice painting society portraits and exhibited 83 times at the famous Royal Academy in London. He also exhibited over 100 times at other prestigious galleries, including Suffolk Street, the Royal Hibernian Academy, and the Society of French Artists. Among his sitters were Charles Darwin, Professor Huxley, and the Dukes of Cornwall and York. His subject paintings, like those of William Orchardson, RA, catered to the psychological dramas of upper class life and his work is a fine example of Collier's painterly approach to light, color, and design.
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Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3437-KA)

The Water Nymph 38

The Water Nymph 38 by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3438-KA)

The Land Baby

The Land Baby by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3439-KA)

In the Venusberg Tannhauser

In the Venusberg Tannhauser by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3440-KA)

Horace and Lydia

Horace and Lydia by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3442-KA)

The Confession

The Confession by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3445-KA)


Lilit by  John Collier (Painting ID: CL-3447-KA)
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