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Cezanne, Paul, France 1839 to 1906 Oil Paintings

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Paul Cezanne was born into a family of Italian origin in Cesana Forinese, Italy.He studied law at Aix and worked in his father's bank.His father finally yielded to Cezanne's desire to make a career in art allowing him to go to Paris to study at the Academie Suisse. When Cezanne moved to Paris from Aix-en-Provence in 1862, his art was strongly influenced by Eugene Delacroix and Gustave Courbet. He used thick slabs of paint to give his early works a sculptural presence and intensity. He met the Impressionists and exhibited with them three times to scarring reviews, after which he stopped exhibiting for thirteen years. After his father's death , the painter secluded himself at the family home in Aix, supported by an independent income. Still lifes paintins, landscape paintings, portraits, and bathers became his preferred subjects. His paintings underwent continual adjustment; many required such prolonged reworking that he never considered them finished.
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A Modern Olimpia

A Modern Olimpia by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: EI-0610-KA)
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The Bather 00

The Bather 00 by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: EI-1100-KA)

A Lunch on Grass

A Lunch on Grass by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: EI-1480-KA)

Women Bathing

Women  Bathing by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: EI-1481-KA)

The Pool

The Pool by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1481-KA)

Moun Sainte Victire Seen from Bellevue

Moun Sainte Victire Seen from Bellevue by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1482-KA)

Poplar Trees

Poplar Trees by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1483-KA)

The Bridge of Maincy Near Melun

The Bridge of Maincy Near Melun by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1484-KA)

Trees in Park

Trees in Park by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1485-KA)

View of Auvers

View of Auvers by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: MO-1486-KA)

Seville Still Life

Seville Still Life by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2122-KA)

Still Life with Apples

Still Life with Apples by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2123-KA)

Still Life with Fruit

Still Life with Fruit by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2124-KA)

Still Life with Peaches and Pears

Still Life with Peaches and Pears by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2125-KA)

The Kichen Table

The Kichen Table by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2126-KA)

The Black Clock

The Black Clock by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2127-KA)

Still Life 8

Still Life 8 by  Paul Cezanne (Painting ID: SL-2128-KA)