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Caravaggio, , Italy 1571 to 1610 Oil Paintings

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The life of Michelangelo Merisi, known to us as Caravaggio, was short and intense, characterized by bouts of brawling, time in jail, banishment, and homicide. His paintings are typified by a dramatic manipulation of light ,reliance on human models, many with multiple appearances in his paintings; by a blatant homoerotic content, direct painting without preliminary drawings, a non-sentimental approach to religious art, and an eerie "photorealism" that extends to portraiture, various objects including musical instruments, scores, and plant material. Caravaggio has left few personal records by his own hand but the interpretations of his paintings by generations of art historians, combined with recently unearthed archival information, provides a rich history of the man and his time. They include analysis of the paintings including style and technique, psychological insights into the artist and subjects in the case of portraits, historical analysis of the period based on patrons, and an analysis of religious meaning through the choice of subject matter and symbolism.
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The Musicians 20

The Musicians 20 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0620-KA)

The Cardsharps

The Cardsharps by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0622-KA)

The Fortune Teller 24

The Fortune Teller 24 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0624-KA)

Lute Player

Lute Player by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0626-KA)

The Sacrifice of Isaac 28

The Sacrifice of Isaac 28 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0628-KA)

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0630-KA)

The Calling of St Matthew

The Calling of St Matthew by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0631-KA)

Supper at Emmaus 32

Supper at Emmaus 32 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0632-KA)

Adoration of the Shepherds 34

Adoration of the Shepherds 34 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0634-KA)

Madonna del Rosario

Madonna del Rosario by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0636-KA)

Madonna di Loreto

Madonna di Loreto by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0638-KA)

Madonna with the Serpent

Madonna with the Serpent by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0640-KA)

The Conversion of Mary Magdalen

The Conversion of Mary Magdalen by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0642-KA)


Magdalene by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0644-KA)

The Entombment

The Entombment by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0646-KA)

St. John the Baptist 48

St. John the Baptist 48 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0648-KA)

St. Francis in Ecstasy

St. Francis in Ecstasy by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0650-KA)

Doubting Thomas 52

Doubting Thomas 52 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0652-KA)

Christ at the Column

Christ at the Column by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0654-KA)


Bacchus by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0656-KA)

Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0658-KA)

Narcissus 60

Narcissus 60 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0660-KA)

The Conversion of Saint Paul 64

The Conversion of Saint Paul 64 by    Caravaggio (Painting ID: CM-0664-KA)