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Cachoud, Francois, France 1866 to 1943 Oil Paintings

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Francois Cachoud was born in Chambery, France in 1866 and died in 1943. He was a landscape painter known for his impressionist (more similar to the Barbizon School) hand and chiaroscuro effects. His studies started at the Benoit Molin School of Painting in Chambery at age 17. His work depicts a majority of night landscapes, but also some still life paintings and intimate portraits. It was his portrayal of light and dark tones, brightness and shadow that made his work famous, in fact, he wont the prize of the Foundation Guy in 1889. At age 25 he started exhibiting at the Salon of French artists, received an exceeding amount of awards and an honorable mention.
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Snow and Fog on the Grand Canal

Snow and Fog on the Grand Canal by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: CI-0165-KA)

Treeline at Dusk

Treeline at Dusk by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2542-KA)

A Starry Night

A Starry Night by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2544-KA)

Lune Magique

Lune Magique by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2546-KA)

Claire De Lune

Claire De Lune by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2548-KA)

Farm House in Moonlight

Farm House in Moonlight by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2550-KA)

The Path of Charmettes

The Path of Charmettes by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2552-KA)

River Scene

River Scene by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2554-KA)

Heading Home

Heading Home by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2556-KA)

Moonlit Road

Moonlit Road by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2558-KA)

Starry Night Village

Starry Night Village by  Francois Cachoud (Painting ID: LA-2560-KA)